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  1. Alright, own up! Who's hacked @C8RKH account?
  2. You'd think so right?! I was just happy the other work was done and the paperwork was all stapled together so a verbal confirmation was enough for me. Learned a few lessons that day; always check the paperwork and that even main dealers can be a bit shit.
  3. It does happen and sometimes it's no fault of the owner. For example my BMW (pure coincidence, honest!) was in for a service and MOT and at the paying and handing back part I asked if it had passed okay with no problems. The muppet with the suit on said it was all okay, so I paid and left. 6 months later when it came time to tax it I discovered it had no MOT, the imbeciles at the BMW main dealer didn't do the MOT at all. I had been driving up and down the country blissfully aware, until I wasn't.
  4. Slammed cars always remind me of dogs who's hind legs have given up.
  5. It's a long way from the email system of yesteryear! And people said the forum format would never catch on.....
  6. I agree, they are very nice biscuits
  7. I'm not much of a royalist at all but I watched most of the ceremony yesterday and I believe no other country could put on such a display. The country should be proud despite some of the population's attempts are fubar'ing it. The Lone Piper slowly fading away was so poignant and I think it nearly broke Charles.
  8. Decided to SORN my Esprit today having only been taxed a few months. I just wasn't getting the time to work on it or drive it with so much other stuff happening.
  9. Yes Barry, and they can switch you to prepayment mode if you decide not to pay your bill.
  10. Rumours are that it'll be 75p per kWh by January.
  11. It's all in it's infancy right now, when the metaverse (god I hate that term) is fully adopted it'll become more relevant to people but not to old farts like us, perhaps not even to younger farts less than 30 years old. You don't need to know how the microchips and electronics work in a mobile phone in order to use one.
  12. Have you replaced the internal rubber seal? I've a slightly used one going spare.
  13. I'm very much pro-crypto and I've looked in to NFTs but they aren't for me at this current time. Maybe this will clarify what they are for some people:
  14. Of course not, just saying it's a nice Lego present for someone. If the news beats you up so bad @C8RKH, stop reading it. It's a bit like feeding trolls, they want you to react with the sensationalist bollocks they write.
  15. I bought my other half that exact Lego bouquet, it's very nice with added aftermarket LEDs fitted. She and the lad had fun putting it together.
  16. I did watch a video once of a mass motorboating incident, let me see if I can find it....
  17. According to the forecast for the Highlands it's going to be 23c on Monday and 27c on Tuesday, a far cry from the 40c predicted for London and the south. I'd be concerned about wildfires with it being so hot and dry, people forget how easy they start.
  18. I am wanting to upgrade the brakes for sure, I don't have the budget at the moment to do it right now. I haven't seen an upgrade kit for the rears anywhere, or have it missed it?! I called SJ's a week ago and they didn't have a N/S rear caliper for a direct swap and it was 6 to 7 week lead time for a refurb of my own caliper. PNM was the same but a shorter lead time. Thought I'd just do it myself but I should have replaced the seal the first time.
  19. All those star systems and galaxies, there's got to be life out there. Not that we'll ever visit it in our lifetime and they sure as hell aren't visiting us with the current state of humanity.
  20. My 640d has the connectivity feature and it was free for 3 years as the PO didn't use it. After that it was over £100 a year if I remember rightly. Lock and unlock and more from a smart phone; heat and ventilate at a pre-set time (was great when at the airport when being away and the car was sitting for over a week), track it's location (I once "lost it" in the car park of the Birmingham NEC!) and upload preprogramed routes to the satnav for my journeys for the week, send meeting notes and contacts to the dash and stuff. It was great and I found it all useful until I tried to renew one year and they said my car was too old and it was no longer supported! Sounds familiar. If the article is true then all cars should come with all the hardware already installed which means it'll be a matter of time before it's hacked to enable the features later which will be great. It'll be against law though with the new legislation...
  21. Awesome stuff John. Wish I could have made it but I was working and having a few teething issues with my car I'm sorting out. Next year hopefully!
  22. Stopped off on the way home for a wee picture...
  23. I think what I noticed above may be a red herring; the groove in the bore is slightly angled (next time I have the piston out I'll shape it with some of the kid's plasticine as I can't get feeler gauges in there) and I think the seal is just worn having been sat in the cylinder so long and also heat cycled far higher than it ever should. I considered getting the caliper reconditioned but all they will do is what I have already done except from the hand brake mech which is operating fine. I've driven the car today and although the caliper and disc still get hot it's no where as hot as before. I'm pretty confident a new seal will fix it although I think it's prudent to replace the lines while I'm there.
  24. I so fitted some new EBC brake pads to the rear brakes both sides and I could tell without driving it that the offending caliper was still catching and not releasing. Took the caliper apart once again to inspect the internal seal to see if it was fitted correctly as suggested by @Roy Lewington. I'm pretty certain the groove in the caliper has a slight bias as well (unless I'm imagining it) as I'm sure I can feel a very slight difference depending on which orientation the seal is fitted to. It's difficult to explain so here's a wee image. The red line is the face of the seal and is exaggerated to make the point. The numbers are not in any units, they are there to illustrate the protrusion of the seal and how it differs between which way it's fitted. For example in a) it feels like it protrudes more at the top compared to when the seal is flipped as in b). The bottom of the seal in a) feels like it protrudes less that it does when flipped as in b). I swear I'm not imagining it! Which way is correct or does it even matter?! The internal seal is important as not only does it stop brake fluid from leaking but it also provides some force to retract the piston ever so slightly. Here's a quote from a Bendix Brake Representative that I found on this post on a MG forum: TL;DR - I'm going to replace the internal seal of the caliper, I think it got cooked and is no longer providing enough force to retract the piston the fraction of a bawhair required.
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