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  1. Wasn't sure if this should go in the Caturday thread or not....
  2. They've been trying to do this to street names in Glasgow for a few years, even going so far as activists renaming Buchanan Street to George Floyd Street. I kid you not (please excuse the ad-infested link of the Daily Record). They'll be very busy if they want to completely erase the history of the city.
  3. I mean a tracker that the thieves have put on the car without the owner knowing about it, they'll know where the car is and may try again to nick it.
  4. Pete, that is a really horrible thing for the neighbour to go through and that the world is coming to this. Tell your friend to check for a tracking device on his car (apple airtag kinda thing) as a precaution.
  5. Grab a cuppa or your fav beverage because this is a long one but I really enjoyed it. I remember having a 6 foot horizontal picture of a white Countach on my bedroom wall when I was younger. Ignited the passion for supercars in general.
  6. So if the rumours are true the TV licence will be scrapped in 2027 - may as well cancel it now and save the £800 or so between now and then. Although I have a suspicion that it'll just be added to every home's council tax bill where it can't be avoided. We don't watch much (if any) of the BBC nowadays. If I were to disconnect the aerial and block the BBC web address in the router I don't think anybody in the house would notice.
  7. @Sparky, it's been some time since you built your Millennium Falcon, did anything ever compare? I'm building one now after the sadistic other half got me one for Christmas. Probably about half way through now (step 684 of 1,379), but I've stalled a bit with other stuff going on. The images don't do justice to just how big this thing is!
  8. That looks great @100th_Idiot I didn't know such a thing existed!
  9. My daily driver for the past 7 years and struggling to think what to replace it with. Perhaps another but newer 640d or the GC version.
  10. Mysterae


    This one @andydclements has that kill switch in it's belly! It taunts you as you can see but don't be fooled, it'll rip you to shreds!
  11. Mysterae


    I don't remember this part being in the assembly instructions!
  12. Please excuse the thread bump! Being the typical dad and Lotus owner I have of course instilled the life of James Bond's Esprit to my lad. We have replayed that famous scene from The Spy Who Loved Me and thought it was time for an upgrade at Christmas. So from his existing battle-scarred mini Esprit submarine to a bit bigger in scale. If you're a collector you may want to look away! It's not brand new in the box any more and is where it belongs - in the bath! The old one needs a respray. I didn't photograph it like that on purpose. Honestly!
  13. C8RKH, you can really find the dark in anything can't you . Respect to Mr Fayed, he restored the castle when it fell in to disrepair from being unoccupied, tax dodge or not.
  14. All I can find is that Balnagown Castle is near by, in fact I could see if from upstairs if it wasn't for all the trees between. It's owned by Mohamed Al-Fayed and when he owned Harrods he would fly in on his Harrods helicopter. The village is probably more known for Ken's Garage, a popular pit-stop for those doing the NC500! You lot can keep your murderers, plagues and urban expansion!
  15. I remember a few years ago I posted about when I was working underneath my Esprit on my driveway and a teenage girl crashed in to my other (parked) car. She was to busy checking Fudbook or whatever to watch the road. If she was just a few seconds earlier she would have missed the parked car and hit the Esprit instead, knocking it off it's four stands and landing on top of me. That was a "lucky" one for sure. I've said this before, a defensive driving course taught me one thing - treat EVERY SINGLE DRIVER as an utter moron because when they do something stupid you won't be surprised and can be prepared. It's exhausting though and that course ruined driving for quite a long time!
  16. Done. Got to think is more about the electric car and the things the government want to enforce.
  17. I was gobsmacked at the price for the interior refurb. It's definitely nice, but not £16,000 nice.
  18. I was surprised they buried them too.
  19. Hybrids have been described to me as a bit like that adaptor that allowed you to play a Betamax tape in a VHS player.
  20. For once I'm too young, too old, too late and the wrong sex for something!
  21. This is my latest YouTube subscription. Her knowledge and passion for singing is wonderful, plus imagine hearing Ronnie James Dio sing for the first time! And another poignant video with an important message.
  22. So if you wanted to convert an ICE car in to electric that would be illegal under the new proposal. Also note the "and include requirements to provide relevant information on the quantities of products sold", i.e. they want the personal details of who bought the offending equipment or part. Perhaps they are scared of the modding scene of future electric cars but more likely worried about the possibility of anybody defeating any tracking or metering device that is installed. That would ruin the gov's future taxation plans.
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