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  2. Cheers guys, I look forward to my Lotus education. Sorry, didnt know you could add pics here. This is the best I have so far but there will be hundreds in the future so will keep you guys up to date. Ryan
  3. Good Morning All, Just like to introduce myself. - Ryan, an Engineer in Aberdeen, Scotland and a new member of the lotus family with my beloved elise s2 111R. Been a long time admirer of all things Lotus since I caught the bug from a colleague when he gave me a drive of his 340R. Mainly interested in weekend road runs rather than track days at the moment. Some of the appeal of getting the Lotus was trying to fix/upgrade things myself so hoping the vast knowledge on these forums will provide useful. Ryan
  4. Much appreciated Thank you, Looking into them at the moment but just a shame I wont have the car out much over the winter so taking my time to make sure I get the best option. Ryan
  5. The knob on the inside turns but the flap in the front does not change. If this is a cable set up like you suggest then the cable must be off/broken at some point.
  6. Heard that the stage 2 actually decreases the power of a stock toyota VVTi, and that you should only use a stage 2 once SC? Like the look of the hangar111 twin signature but not sure if I should just get the cat-back or go full system?
  7. I have a stock elise s2, 111R with the toyota vvti engine. Absolutely love the car but looking to get a bit more sound from it. Whats everyones suggestions? Intake system, exhaust, decat? Dont have that big of a budget for this so hoping to the work myself. Also new to the forum and couldnt find a similar feed but sure there is so links would be helpful too. Ryan
  8. Gentlemen/ladies, i am currently looking at the heater flap and quite rightly it was stiff with lack of use. I have loosened this off yet when i tried moving the dial inside the car, it still only produces hot air? What moves that control flap and how can i test that?
  9. Thanks, Some of the reason I bought the car was to try and look into most problems myself. How would you check this control flap? The guy I purchased this from did around 1000miles pa so things like this are a possibility now its getting used daily. I also noticed some steam from the radiator this morning on route to work. It was raining and I plan on checking my water level before heading home. Is steam from the radiator a known issue? Thanks
  10. Good Morning All, Recently purchased a 2004 elise 111R, with the toyota engine, and been using it as a daily commute to work and back. Have noticed that when the roof is on (not very often), the cabin gets very warm and that when the fan is turned to cold, hot air still comes out. My options seems to be either cook inside the car or open the window and get wet. I have read that some of the toyota engine models come with air con but i assume mine did not. Any ideas why the heaters do not run cold? Thanks, Ryan
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