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  1. Is the clutch release fork mounted on the same side on LHD and RHD cars? I have an S1 Elite with a 5 speed gearbox. .
  2. I tnink that these where the worst bolts that I ever have removed.
  3. Can somebody please inform me where the hidden bolts for the HVAC unit are? Are they below the small steel plate above the unit? The screews for this plate are hard to access with the windscreen in place, so I want to be more certain before tryiing to remove it.
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    B Unell

  5. Mine was fixed with a rivet. But it was fairly easy to remove. Well I had to remove the whole locking mechanism in order to get a good grip. Unfortunately I need more help, Is it possible to remove one cable from the inside of the fuse box. It must have been a short circuit on cabling for the rear washer (or brake light...). The existing stump is a little bit to damaged (melted) to be reused.
  6. I need to replace my ignition switch, the electrical part, but I can't remove the old switch. Help needed, how is it fixed to the key mechanism?
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