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  1. Sorry for bad picture...
  2. Hi, here's picture while idling and vacuum connected to distributor. You can just see, if you look carefully, timing mark in cam pulley (timing light on). Is it in 10deg mark or 20deg mark?
  3. Ok. Then I understand this loose tube. Mine works nice with one valve
  4. Is there only one relay (nr 9)?
  5. I have relay, that operates vacuum pod, only in left side. From where vacuum tube is chained to right side. So one relay operates both lights. Should it be like that way? Where to find vacuum diagram? Not in repair manual..
  6. Both lights are now behind same line (connected together with blue line). Working. Heater adjusts are not working at all, is this loose line end reason for that?
  7. One loose tube in right side light Vacuum unit. Going where?
  8. Thanks! Then all is ok.
  9. Question was right or left...not rich or left..
  10. Hi, If I am looking from top of the engine is nr 1 cylinder rich or left? Engine idles fine but it has 20 deg advance when vacuum connected. With out vacuum 10 deg. Revs nice. Something is not right but don't figure it out..
  11. Easy, just put it there ;). Have not checked timing with lamp but just folowed instructions. To be seen if it is oil tight inside....
  12. Test drive done. Works perfect!
  13. Fitting 123 electronic distributor to Elite. Mechanically it fits but lets see how it works. Anyone done this?
  14. Good to have this kind of places where to ask ? Is the difference between 2.0 and 2.2 so big? Never driven 2.2.
  15. Thanks, I backed from that buy. Inlet manifold was there and exhaust manifold. It looks like never been opened, purchased 10 years ago from England. It turns. Seller asked 1575€ and 575€ for 2.2l crankshaft. Bit pricey...
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