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  1. Is that Solid Yellow? Great to see Alex Goy back in an Elise, he and Henry Catchpole are such great motoring journalists and Alex was always a Lotus fan. I hadn't driven an Elise for 20 years so drove the 220 this week. Car is the same but so different in the key areas for me of build quality, lack of squeaks and rattles etc. Soundproofing and the twin roof make the car very drivable - would happily do 300 miles in it. Gearchange is as good if not better than the best I have driven so slick and quick. Suspension has that crazy Lotus witchcraft - just flows over rough roads that upset
  2. It says a famous engine manufacturer - Cosworth? Although strange to think they might develop a bespoke engine when electric is going to dominate in a few years time.
  3. I have picked up somewhere that some of the carbon 'bits actually way the same as the standard panels. I was thinking of maybe adding the carbon trunk lid, but is it light at all or is it just aesthetics?
  4. Strange, I would have thought carbon weave and gelcoat would be thicker than leather etc. Interesting to here from anyone who has picked up a 240.
  5. Yes still works in orange without black pack, in fact I think I prefer it. Mine will be close to the end in November so I still have a little while to vacillate between Orange and Azure Blue. I have an Azure Blue Caterham and sometimes think a brighter colour would be more noticeable to other traffic so leaning towards Orange... until tomorrow :-).
  6. Trying to decide between the Magnetic Orange or the Azure blue. One subtle one in your face..... Haven't seen an orange Elise without black pack, perhaps that's essential to break up the orange - difficult to work out but nice problem! Not many slots left and not many small car companies that have just sold 200 cars in a few weeks..
  7. Woodman


  8. I'm still waiting. I loved the Evora 400 but would really like a roadster and its a one off purchase for me. I so nearly bought a 400, but am waiting until we know about the roadster. PM's with info welcome from anyone in the know ;-)). In the meantime I am enjoying a caterham 7... I will be back ..
  9. Given that the flap in the exhaust opens at 4500 rpm, surely a lotus should do a software upgrade so a combination of buttons keeps it under track limits? The Exige will do this. Its a bit odd that the oh so capable evora is effectively track banned!!
  10. Can an Evora 400 make track day sound limits?
  11. Has anyone had one of these delivered yet. There is the blue one at B&C, but is that the only one 'out in the wild'? Has pricing increased? Jamie has the blue one up at £62k.
  12. Yes, difficult to believe that the ones under the 'tent' are the same as phils. Bibs would you know?
  13. That's not the 'normal' ardent red?
  14. I am getting fed up with this Evora colour game.... keep thinking red, then you see the latest blue, but in the showroom its stunning in black and then in the meet photos the orange looks amazing........... arghhh.
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