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  1. Woodman


  2. I'm still waiting. I loved the Evora 400 but would really like a roadster and its a one off purchase for me. I so nearly bought a 400, but am waiting until we know about the roadster. PM's with info welcome from anyone in the know ;-)). In the meantime I am enjoying a caterham 7... I will be back ..
  3. Given that the flap in the exhaust opens at 4500 rpm, surely a lotus should do a software upgrade so a combination of buttons keeps it under track limits? The Exige will do this. Its a bit odd that the oh so capable evora is effectively track banned!!
  4. Can an Evora 400 make track day sound limits?
  5. Has anyone had one of these delivered yet. There is the blue one at B&C, but is that the only one 'out in the wild'? Has pricing increased? Jamie has the blue one up at £62k.
  6. Yes, difficult to believe that the ones under the 'tent' are the same as phils. Bibs would you know?
  7. That's not the 'normal' ardent red?
  8. I am getting fed up with this Evora colour game.... keep thinking red, then you see the latest blue, but in the showroom its stunning in black and then in the meet photos the orange looks amazing........... arghhh.
  9. I wonder if a Lotus attracts as much animosity as a ferrari or lamborghini. I fancied a 458, but just knew I wouldn't be able to leave it anywhere without the nasty British jealousy trait would end up with it being keyed. I am hoping a lotus doesn't experience the same bile, but what are peoples own experiences?
  10. Phil I mean its just such a huge disappointment, you should cancel immediately and get them to call me.......;-) Its a great choice, I do think the silver wheels make the car look classy. Is it the same colour as the one in Bravo73's post, looks a side or two lighter? Fantastic looking thing. I found myself back in the lotus showroom this morning....again I think I should see a doctor I can't shake the Lotus virus right now and your car is NOT a help ........
  11. Aston reliability is not great. Three friends Astons always seem to be in the garage. Both Vantage owners have had new gearboxes - one lasted only 8k! lots of alarm immobiliser problems, electric windows not closing etc. They are still a beautiful design - much better than that db10 bond car . Two friends with popped main rear seals on Porkers. The point being that being expensive doesn't necessarily mean reliable. Buy a Honda if you want reliability. The concept we all have of German reliability doesn't stand scrutiny now. BMW are finishing near the bottom of surveys....
  12. Astons are pretty and sound nice, but reliability is a weakness. Interiors are a bit dated now and i hate all that stick a glass block in the dash - power and passion bol***ks. Original V8s are not quick and ride is rock hard. Had two 997's and I wouldn't go back in a hurry. I scratched the childhood 911 itch but never quite worked out why I bought the second one having not been bowled over by the first one! Sold it pretty quickly. For an every day car the Evora is better sounding and much nicer to drive. I am waiting for the roadster but thinking about an elise s or V6 s /roadster in th
  13. OK, so if you look in the boot and are actually looking at the inside of the rear clamshell on the side of the car its normal for it to be bare fibreglass?
  14. I was looking at a standard brand new Elise S last week and if you look in the boot towards the right its bare fibreglass is that normal or do you think its been left off?
  15. There is an inevitable logic to all the replies thank you. Perhaps the conclusion is that all cars are perfectly capable and if I were to be looking for a 'boy's trip' car then my preference would be the exige roadster, but having driven one with my wife, I know it would be a struggle to get her to enjoy it. She is short so looks through the wiper and doesn't see it as a proper car. However if I want to do some road trips, she doesn't really 'get' the point - i.e if you drive to Wales, we should take the dog and go walking..... whereas I want to drive and do the EVO triangle etc. SO if i
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