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  1. I have had a call from customer care and email with confirmed spec in full plus the above email which is worded much better than the early ones. It does seem like they have more focus on this now. Time to just sit and wait. Hopefully we will get a production car road test in the near future.
  2. Think yourself lucky My deposit was well before the launch in April and I am now August………..
  3. It’s not exactly an honest email is it. We know the world is in a bit of a mess but to try and say its still June but ‘delivery ‘ in July is just obviscating the reality that its slipped another month. I wouldn't change any plans based on a lotus delivery schedule, they have a mind of there own. I was told yesterday that my initial deposit date hadn’t been logged properly so I had slipped another month…… My Elise was due in a November and it turned up 4 months early - the dealer was as surprised as I was.
  4. Had an email from Lotus today. Despite putting down a very early dealer deposit and checking as soon as the car was announced that the dealer deposits would be taken in strict time order, it appears that this wasnt done so my build was July and as per the emails coming out over the last few days, there is a further month delay, so I no believe I am now probably an August build (assuming they dont shut down ) and maybe that would mean a September delivery……… I hope they can build the car better than they are handling customers!
  5. I had a call from someone who is Lotus through and through at the factory. Clearly lots of feedback has happened on comms and a new person has been employed and more will be coming soon, but I am not sure customer comms is near the top of the list for those in charge. Also sound like June is now July.
  6. I have owned many performance cars and a have a long history of Lotus cars. I currently have a lovely Elise in my garage so I am used to the ‘quirks’ that can accompany a Lotus life. However, When I put my Emira deposit down with my great dealership well before we even knew what it was called or looked like, it was a leap of faith (again), but you only live once. Now we all know that Lotus has a lot going on, but the Emira remains a very important launch for the company if it is ever going to be toe to toe with Porsche. Since my order communication has either been non existent or all over the place and whilst the car looks fantastic, I am one of a few that I know who are going a little luke warm on their orders. The process itself seems to have changed a number of times - did we pay one two or even three deposits? Despite being a very early customer, I read about many people being called last year and only got a call back after phoning up myself several months after the calls began - ‘Oh you should have been called’ was the response. The calls we got could not even tell us what was included on the car and what was not. Even today I have no idea whether the v6 FE’s are lumbered with the ‘driver aids’ or not or whether a reversing camera is on UK spec (I hope it is). I was told I would be contacted in January for my final spec and would be able to change anything up to that point, no call came, the weeks went by so in early February I contacted Customer support - “oh you should have been called’ (again) - your spec is now locked in….. After much huffing I was able to change the colour having driven all the way to Norfolk to see some of the VP cars and insist on the change. I was told that was ok, spec was locked in and was scheduled for the first batch June delivery. After that nothing, silence, no confirmation of spec, no order sheet with the spec set out with allocated chassis number - nothing…. Zilch. So we are now in April, a VP car has been in the mags and on YouTube with lots of caveats and Gav saying oh we are 4-5 months on from this ! Why on earth give a Journo a car that is entering ‘production’ the month the youtube reviews went out and let them drive a outdated spec - argh. The reviews are positive but not exactly euphoric, there are no full tests, one journalist saying how his drive back in a 911 put the Emira in context showing its weaknesses. How difficult is it to run a press launch with final spec cars to quality Journalists? The V6 sound seems to have been dialled way down from the Evora so I hope they will turn it back up a bit as it was a bit puny- there was nothing wrong with the evora. I saw one post this week about a very recent factory tour where engineers on the production line were overheard talking about experimenting with different adhesives and this is meant to be in production…. So, today, on the faint premise that (if they find my phone number) I am going to be asked for the best part of £80k in the next month or so, I phoned my excellent Lotus dealer, to see if he knew more than I had gleaned. Very sadly he knew absolutely nothing about orders or where the car was in development or production. Lotus with their new factory direct model (in principle its OK) seem to have cut off virtually all communication with the dealerships until the point where they notify them a car is being delivered. I don’t think its unfair to say he was very uncomfortable with this, but the dealers now appear to be completely neutered - this is neither smart when you have customers with 20-30 year relationships nor actually like the agency model works with other brands. So today I phoned Customer support who were as usual welcoming and polite and after a minute or so they found my order. Now I think you probably know what is coming next…. ‘Oh you should have been called with your delivery slot’ after I stopped laughing I was then told that mine was a July delivery. Well its a messed up world so whilst it would be nice to have had it for June I assumed that supply delays were pushing production back, but no I was assured production is on schedule mine has just been put back to July. I was in the first 20 UK deposits I believe, so I asked why this was - they did not know, but would investigate and I have had an email to that effect. I would like to be clear about a few points . I am a lotus person through and through and have owned a number since my first S4 SE Elan, I love the brand, fully understand why they need to do SUV’s etc and will defend the brand to my core. The dealers are a real asset not to be discarded and can be used better under the new model. I can safely say that if my dealer moved to Mclaren, Porsche et al he would pull a lot of customers so Lotus please start talking to your dealers. Customer services are always charming to speak to and are doing their very best but they have not had clear consistent instruction, a clear schedule to work to, nor the tools to generate the paperwork needed - its not their fault. Having spoken to them today they are getting this sort of dissatisfied response every single day right now - I feel very sorry for them. It would be easy to say change the PR manger, Change the customer support manager, but having spoken with a very senior person in Lotus, they to were in the dark regarding final specs on the cars, so clearly the issues are further up, perhaps not even in the UK. I hope above all things that the car is great and the quality is good enough to threaten Porsche, albeit there is a hill to climb. Lotus has so many brilliant engineers and people and has had a lot of investment but I cant help thinking the verdict is still out. One thing that would be very positive would be for Matt WIndle to come on social media and send an email to all deposit holders and just give a full update, say what is happening on Comms, if production is on track and how they are ensuring quality etc. I am sure most on this Forum really want this car to be a great success and to be confident in spending our money but it really needs to clear definitive communication at this point.
  7. I was early April via B&C and got a call today. Very little room for spec change to keep a June slot.
  8. Back to topic but I put my deposit down in March and no call from lotus yet! Also picked up my fe elise 6 weeks ago, still no soft top and passenger door handle wasnt attached so wouldnt open!. Just laughed as I have had lotuses before, but they have 6 months to reach porsche quality… really hope that is possible..
  9. Still strange to dial back power on the prior model. I was told at Goodwood and then at the dealers that it would be 418 so slightly surprised as to why they would detune it, but maybe its cooling.
  10. I am being offered PPF options of nose, spoiler a few front bumper or full front clam. My concern is that the former doesn’t cover the front ‘bonnet’ below the black vent grills. Being low I assume that’s quite prone to stone chips?
  11. Hmm, will only go into mine with 2” either side with the mirrors folded! Bit of a pain, but good job it’s a double garage or I would never be able to get out😄
  12. Well mine was a week 47 November build and it arrived at the dealer on Thursday!! Was a bit of a surprise, but a nice one😀. As has been said elsewhere Lotus have no soft tops, so supplied with a Matt black FOC Hardtop with the soft top to follow. I may see if I can get the Hard top sprayed but as I wasnt going to get one perhaps not - Now considering PPF and ceramic. Not an area I know much about. Apparently Lotus PPF the rear clam? If the whole car is PPF covered is there any point in having a ceramic coating?
  13. Its an unusual launch this and they have created a bit of a Frenzy, so undoubtedly plenty of people will have put down a deposit as its fully refundable. I think some will go off the idea so sure there will be drop outs, but I think you would be pretty daft to expect a V6 for under 60k, they didn’t say that. At launch the I4 is stated as the lower model and it starts at under £60k, but anyone who has bought a sports car in the last ten years knows that you can add a minimum of £5k on at this level. The V6 FE will be £75 ish for an 80k ish car. That’s cheaper than an Evora. Most people will expect those sorts of pricing. It still looks decent value.
  14. No comments? surely someone on here is running a Toyota engined car?
  15. What are Forum members experiences on the reliability of more recent Toyota engined Elise’s. I know Evora’s have had some reliability issues. Is the Elise so sorted that recent ones shouldn’t be of concern?
  16. Like all configurators colours are not true. The red on the configurator has a a lot of orange and some pink in it. Having seen the grey and the blue, they are different to the screen colours so I hope they will get some paint samples to dealers by September . The grey looked very flat out of the light and didn’t accentuate the shape and form. Once light hit it it was much better. They have a fancy new paint shop so I had hoped for a few more colours which I guess now may happen given the volumes. Pricing was expected straight after launch, so the fact that it’s not in black and white yet suggests there may be some movement and rethinking, but impressions have been given so they won’t want to annoy people and lose momentum.
  17. I understand 1100 UK orders already…..
  18. I can understand the I4 with DCT if its an everyday driver and you drive in the city a lot. In those circumstances I would probably do the same. But I am treating this a a 2nd Car, last of the analogue cars. Manuals will disappear completely soon so I will stick with the manual for the involvement. The V6 Launch is expected to be £75k ish, so market competitive. I have no doubt that there will be lightened , harder cars in future, but at the moment they have their hands full. They won't really know numbers until sales orders start being locked in from September.
  19. First edition will be v6 loaded at around 75k
  20. B Well funnily enough I am waiting my Elise 240fe and I have an early deposit on an Emira so I guess I have hit the bullseye. Told the wife I had order “a” Lotus 🤥 However, went to FOS and she saw the Emira and provided I can sell a couple of cars game on!
  21. Woodman

    Lotus Emira

    Interesting, they kept the blue one on the stand locked and you were not allowed to sit in it today, car was kept locked. Boot looks quite small, not much different to an Elise. Did they give you area?
  22. Woodman

    Lotus Emira

    They haven't shown an open boot yet and were keeping the tailgates shut. I was told it was bit larger. the photo just shows the space behind the seats. I think the Seat was fully back. The configurator shows the red as a more orangey Pink, so will need to see the colours in real life.
  23. Woodman

    Lotus Emira

    Saw the car at Goodwood today and it looks really good in the flesh, hard to find a poor angle. Space behind the seats is a fair bit narrower than the Evora but as they say, a couple of flight cases and rear boot is slightly larger although we couldn’t see it. The tub is not an Evoras, significantly different. Now building cars development and type approval cars weekly. April 22 availability. Impressive so far.
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