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  1. I'm LauraLotus, I don't have a huge data allowance on my phone, I assume this app will eat it up when streaming video? I can't find a setting to turn the sound off, even though my phone is turned to silent it's blipping an playing music is the globe screen. Great app though, really like the idea
  2. We'll have spares of those too, find me or one of the marshals and we'll sort it out
  3. Hi Dennis, this print off is to help the Marshals get you to the right parking place in the morning and a way to contact you during the day should we need to when you wander away from your car. There will be some spares on the day, if you could just make it very clear to the marshals when you arrive you are part of the concourse that would be great. Thanks
  4. Thanks Jim, very kind and appreciated
  5. Donating is donating, matters not to who - its all going to the same cause. Good luck to your wife
  6. John, you are very kind and generous. Thank you
  7. Thanks Ian, Pilko & Al for your kind donations. And finish line selfies will probably see my face blend in with my t-shirt!
  8. Thanks Obione for your generous donation.
  9. Thanks Bibs for putting up this post, I'm starting the 9 week 'couch to 5k' programme tomorrow and this is in 10 weeks so I'm sure I'll be just fine! Like many, many people who have been touched by the effects of cancer it's a charity close to lots of people's hearts. Good luck to all the other women, and those that have wives, daughters, mothers, sisters and friends that are taking part in all the hundreds of race for life events up and down the country. As well as donating through the link in Bibs' post you can also donate by sending a text. Text BPLC88 followed by £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 to 70070
  10. Any free tickets given out to members have to be purchased by TLF. We may do the same again this year but haven't made plans of who/what will be on any stand yet so if you want to guarantee entry to the show buying your own ticket is the best way to go!
  11. Nothing makes me feel more pride in England than a Greek man born in Palestine slaying an imaginary animal in the name of an imaginary deity... Oh, wait...
  12. I do catch your point and I'm answering it with the knowledge that Royal Mail is a great domestic service but if you want an international service use a courier :-)
  13. I hope TLF isn't representative of the entire population!
  14. They're not a next day courier service mate, they're primarily a domestic delivery service for letterbox deliveries. There are plenty of other courier parcel services you can use that will offer a better service at a cheaper price.
  15. Thanks guys. Special thanks too for the beautiful flowers from a special man in my life... Cliff
  16. Laura


    I rarely have to pay for dinner
  17. Laura


    I think the way to look at it is if 5 people from TLF were thinking of buying tickets and going anyway why not apply, put your ticket money in to the cost of the club stand. That way you'd enjoy the show, show off your car and be guaranteed a decent parking space whilst you were there.
  18. I can't see the confusion myself but why do they put the daffs next to the veg? I noticed this is Tesco the other night, front of the shop, cut flowers, potted plants, bulb growing kits but the daffodils are with the vegetables next to the onions. Not saying they are easy to mix up but it doesn't seem like the obvious place to put them.
  19. To save this from becoming a mammoth thread of copy & pasted lists to add yourself to the list just add the latest number, your name then your car. We'll keep the main list on the first post updated from time to time
  20. 'Fabric' is probably the word that would best suit searches. Are you looking to purchase online on visit a shop on a trip over?
  21. I love that the stop smoking and drinking thread got 6 replies and is slipping down the page but this one is already on page 2!
  22. Given we never did get the numbers for this we're off to a rum festival on the 11th Oct, Mmmmmmm
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