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  1. 'Fabric' is probably the word that would best suit searches. Are you looking to purchase online on visit a shop on a trip over?
  2. I love that the stop smoking and drinking thread got 6 replies and is slipping down the page but this one is already on page 2!
  3. Given we never did get the numbers for this we're off to a rum festival on the 11th Oct, Mmmmmmm
  4. Or just a fine, or suspended sentence. Madness
  5. Is there an additional ladies category for doing it with a knee length skirt and still maintaining your dignity? I'm not sure it can even be done, let alone in sub 15 minutes!
  6. Laura


    Cook your meat on a veg trivet, when it's cooked add your stock, mash up all the veggies and burnt bits add appropriate secret ingredients depending on said meat and thicken until the spoon can stand up in it. Mmmmmmn gravy
  7. Tried to have a race off the lights but it seems the tamer driver was behind the wheel on London road today, hi Sarah!
  8. BBC couldn't get the rights to screen this one but the next one will be shown to the whole UK. From the report I read on the beeb neither one of them said anything useful that hasn't already been said
  9. Hi Geoff, don't get up early on Saturday the festival is on Sunday 17th!
  10. Lawn bowls... Sounds about right!
  11. Thanks, aren't you already down for the timeline display?
  12. It always is Mike, enough emails have gone out to advertise the festival and club stands. Unfortuantly it is always the same when it comes to asking members to get involved, it's only every the same >10% that want to get involved. We are ever grateful to those that do want to take part and help make TLF a better club.
  13. I had hoped for a little more enthusiasm inside a week, does nobody else want to show off their car for TLF at the festival?
  14. Bumped as a second attempt to garner some interest in this. We'd need to get about 30 people signed up to account for the inevitable drop outs! It's a great day out and I'd highly recommend it.
  15. Nice of you to offer but jobs on the day are very limited, I think Bibs was asking if you wanna sort out a display.
  16. If you're coming along to the Lotus Festival and would like to be one if the 8 cars on the club stand please speak up. There's no theme or particular standard but there will be a limit to the number of each model so if we have several volunteers for each model it will be names out of a hat (although bias will be given to full forum members) You will need to be on the stand by 9am and stay until 5pm. Being on the stand will grant you parking on the club stand but does not include your entry ticket(s), you will need to purchase your own ticket in order to enter the show. Names below befo
  17. Hmmmm... I'm getting an idea...
  18. Roger, are you really trying to say it wasn't all that bad? There's not many (any?) countries that don't have their fair share of attrocities in their history but to put it down to propoganda is never going to help. The whole Clarkson thing is not about if that kind of language is acceptable, only about if it said it. It's never acceptable.
  19. Spotted you today just past Bluebell Hill going on to Lord Lees roundabout
  20. I've added you to the list Steve, we've had another drop out at no. 59. Just as a reminder to everyone, please check the Attendance list and make sure you know what number you are on the list, I'll be checking people in at the gate and it'll save a lot of time and queueing if you've got your number to hand
  21. Met office is forecasting a cloudy but dry day, have some faith people!
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