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  1. Tim, there's a public car park for any non-Lotus driver who want to come along. Jon, no plans for tickets just someone (probably me) on the gate checking people in as they arrive.
  2. Thank you all very much, don't worry Bibs is taking me out for a no doubt very lovely meal and always spoils me! Cliff - thanks to you and Caroline for the beautiful bouquet, you're very kind. Punky, is that you on the left? Looking good! You're funny a funny guy Adv, I like you. That's why I'll kill you last.
  3. Sorry, didn't see your earlier post Jamie, reserve list stands as posted above by Tom & you have the 36 slot.
  4. As far as I can see it the reserve list stands as so: Reserve list Steve Weller - Elan Plus 2 130/5 MPx - 86 Turbo Esprit Warner - Excel grayp77 - S1 Esprit G UK - Elan M100 Thanks for letting us know John.
  5. It went well thanks all for asking. Bibs is resting up now but had some improved vision straight away. He even managed to look after me as I (for no apparent reason) almost passed out in the waiting room when I was supposed to be caring for him and driving home!
  6. Mine's an anagram of Aluar because I'm a big fan of aluminium smelting
  7. Laura

    The Musketeers

    I think Alexandre Dumas may have come up with the idea before the BBC's team of writers though! I enjoyed it, I think it's got potential to get good now we've had The scene setting and character backgrounds first episode.
  8. How very dare you! Don't go taring me with your brush mister! Although I will concede I have the back of an 80 year old and comfort is probably not much of a consideration to her. In all seriousness I took an instant dislike to the car, after being a passenger for an hour and driving it for an hour there was nothing I liked about that car, although it's kinda pretty I guess. The ds3 was on my list too, I never drove one though as I couldn't get past just how fugly it is (yes yes, maybe I am old)
  9. What makes you think your son is the only child to be taught about healthy eating from a young age? It is commonplace from preschool but doesn't seem to be doing to trick. Educating a young child doesn't count for anything when mum and dad make the choices on what he/she eats and junk is more affordable and convienent than healthy meals
  10. Tesco Apple & Grapes Snack Pack - 45p Tesco pack of crisps 5p
  11. I'm going to try and give up brussels sprouts again this year. I tried last year & lasted a full 50 weeks before I slipped so it's back on the sprouts wagon for me again.
  12. Wasn't there a report that said the gun(s) wasn't loaded, they brought it along to ensure they were shot themselves in an attempt at martyrdom?
  13. I found a handy flow chart to help you work out if your house is haunted:
  14. Or better still in the UK if you catch a grey squirrel I believe it's an offence to release it back in to the wild, it has to be killed humanely.
  15. Same way you do now, check online, the facility's been available for years:
  16. Funnily enough I was just thinking of the film 'Moon' or for anyone that has read 'The Long Earth' or it's sequel 'The Long War' the character of Lobsang.
  17. It has been good to have a year off from the stress, expense and increasing politics of the show. We'll be applying for a stand next year and we'll be raring to go if both us and the organisers are happy. Our first year at the NEC saw us in a difficult position and close enough to the sporting bears to be cold and full of fumes and it wasn't fun. TLF fully supports the sporting bears and what they do but unfortuantly when it comes to taking time off our paid jobs, spending a fair amount of money to have a stand and ask several members to do the same we want it to be enjoyable and to show of
  18. Perhaps breakfast at the premier inn would be a better idea? If the majority is staying there it may be easier for the minority to travel and the cafe we went to last year struggles to cater for more than 4/5 people at a time
  19. Is most news not repeated on every bulletin throughout the day?
  20. I don't buy newspapers, watch the TV/listen to the radio all day or watch the news at all so I've not felt the mass media coverage but I did find myself checking online news several times that day and evening to see if there was any update! It is a major event, someone said Prince George is only third in line but that does mean that he will be king one day, it's not like Beatrice being 6th in line that would take a tragic series of events for her to reach the throne. I was only a year old when Prince William was born so I've no idea what the media coverage was like then but I expect it's c
  21. Relatively, it's hot! You've lived in Oz for a long time, a few days of weather hotter than we're used to isn't long enough to adjust. I have to admit I threw in the towel today when it hit 35 in my windowless office (well, no opening windows) I had to give up and go home it just had me feeling sick and sleepy. Kimbers, let me get this straight, you're moaning about people moaning. You know that makes you just as bad!
  22. Not sure why this fella needed three spaces outside the supermarket. It's not a particularly big car park either.
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