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  1. As others have said it's a case of acclimatising of course people are going to feel hit when we're not used to this kind of weather. We're not falling apart but when we have the coldest winter ever, the driest summer ever, the wettest spring ever, the hottest summer ever of course we'll be unprepared for something that's never happened before! When the weather in the UK is generally variations of damp and cool businesses and LA's aren't going to fork out for aircon in every building, cool centres, water fountains as much as they're not going to fork out for loads of snow ploughs for weather
  2. Plus some of us left school more recently than you and GCSEs and have done vocational qualifications!
  3. I can't access the questions on this device but I expect I'd not do well! I was flicking through the citizenship test book for the UK and I couldn't answer half the question!
  4. This may have been started to provoke thoughts and discussion but this topic is not constructive, it's not producing thoughtful insights or well thought out arguments. I'm not going to censor it by deleting it but I am going to close it before it descends any further or offends any more.
  5. To be fair is someone surveyed me to ask how much I 'wanted' to be paid I'd probably ask for 50% extra! What some MP's want and what they'll get are different anyway and the proposed 11% rise does come with a a cut to other areas of the package. I found this interesting:
  6. Did anyone else notice the sound as the noise from the shots hit the trees? I really liked that.
  7. I had a similar problem a few years ago after I received a fine for not taxing my a car that had been stolen and written off a few months earlier. My insurance company told me to send the V5 to them and they'd notify the DVLA (I presume they didn't!). A quick call to the DVLA to explain sorted it all out with no hassle at all.
  8. I don't know but I've seen Alex's CV and I know what ever he says on the subject on toxins is correct! I think the problem with just sticking an age limit on something does nothing without licencing it's distribution.
  9. Laura

    Sky TV

    Whilst the TV channels are back, the catch up options aren't available (yet?) so we can't catch up on anything we've missed due to the issues all week.
  10. If cheese doesn't grow on plants explain this: Ha!!
  11. Thems fighting words Nick, sounds like a chap off is in order: Although I think they're friends really:
  12. He knows nothing, it's a great film!
  13. Love Mr B the gentleman rhymer! Here's a recording from my home town (unfortunately I wasn't there)
  14. Wouldn't be a UFO if it were explained no? Just because something is unidentified doesn't mean it's extra terrestrial. If there were intelligent life out there the intelligent thing to do would not be having near misses from planes, hovering randomly over trees.
  15. We've just watched the penultimate episode and whilst I've enjoyed it I wish they'd wrap it up and don't try to drag it out to anther series and ruin the story (although I believe it has been renewed for a second series).
  16. Assuming it keeps getting renewed there's quite a lot of story to be told in the books they are based on. There are currently 5 books with two more planned and series three apparently runs to about half way through the third book.
  17. I was really too young to have any interest in politics for the majority of the time she was in power and really don't have any strong feelings either way for her but I am saddened by those who are pleased she is dead. A colleague actually cheered when she heard the news, there are many acquaintances and public figures I dislike but I do not wish death on them. Besides anything else she was still a mother and a grandmother and I for one would be deeply offended if someone cheered at the passing of my mother or grandmother no matter what their occupation in life.
  18. That's how joint rankings work, if two people are equally joint in first place the next person is third as there are still two higher scores so they are the third best score To explain fully: "In competition ranking, items that compare equal receive the same ranking number, and then a gap is left in the ranking numbers. The number of ranking numbers that are left out in this gap is one less than the number of items that compared equal. Equivalently, each item's ranking number is 1 plus the number of items ranked above it. This ranking strategy is frequently adopted for competitions, as it
  19. Is it any wonder:
  20. Diana Rigg should be in the upcoming s3 as Olenna Tyrell. I'm hoping Ayra is the last man (girl) standing, I've a few favourites but I suspect this is the kind of story that doesn't really care for favourites or good guys! George R.R. Martin certainly is king of the nerds and knows how to spin a good yarn.
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