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  1. That's a great video, I love the way his bed is covered in scratch marks & the room just looks full of toys & scratches. Thankfully out cats aren't as bad as that. One of them starts meowing at me the minute my alarm goes off, all the way down the stairs and until his food is in the bowl. If I sleep in at the weekends (which I usually do) sometimes he'll start to claw at my feet until I get up & feed him. I thin Paul & Vicki have the worst stories of cat violence, by all accounts he's a bit of a wild one.
  3. A mere 64% for me. I wasn't doing too bad with the gears, pulleys and circuits but my maths let me down towards the end
  4. Well done Caroline, I know how long & how hard you've been working on this it'll be great to see it take off, not to mention make you loadsa money
  5. Is there something you want to share?
  6. Laura

    LEF Summer Ball 2008

    Although a central location would be ideal Goodwood just seems a very fitting place to go. It's not 100% yet but they have all the facilities we need, a great location and hopefully we can work out a good price. Watch this space.
  7. Laura

    LEF Summer Ball 2008

    Don't worry about it, we'll make sure all you single folk are sitting on a table together... in a dark corner somewhere! Seriously though I don't think it matters if you're part of a couple or going alone, it's not like you wont be amongst friends and once dinner is over it'll all be mingling & fun. It wont matter who you're with << as long as you don't try to nick my date Simon
  8. Laura

    LEF Summer Ball 2008

    Venue wise we'll try to find somewhere central to the UK and close to an airport so our international friends can join in the fun. A hotel capable of of accommodating us all, our plans & suitable parking are the main criteria. I'm not sure if we can guarantee a grand staircase but obviously we'll try to find all of that in a nice location. Get voting in the poll people and we can soon start organising! Bibs & I have got a lot of ideas together already, obviously we can't please all the people all the time but we're both keen to make this an unforgettable night that everyone will enj
  9. have you had a look on their website? There's a fair few ideas on there on ways to help including details of any events that are going on locally, might give you some inspiration if nothing else.
  10. Laura

    LEF Summer Ball 2008

    Don't worry, we'll make sure the weekend doesn't clash with anything important dates in the motoring calender. We're nowhere near working out the finer points but we'll raise some cash for charity with an auction, through the casino night (eg you buy chips & the money goes to charity then the one with the most chips at the end of the night gets a prize or such like), both or some other idea. Louise - why do you think I'm so keen on organising it... chance for a new frock! Here's a pic from a local magazine of Bibs & I (and others of course) at the Summer Ball I helped organis
  11. Laura

    LEF Summer Ball 2008

    Once we've decided it's a goer (which looks likely) we'll look in to a central venue, costs & the number of tickets we can make available. Once that's decided we'll start making invitations but anyone connected to LEF will be more than welcome
  12. She was hot, classy & remained so throughout her career. RIP
  13. Well done Tony, about bloody time too!
  14. I'm still very tired after our long journey back, courtesy of the recovery truck, but it was a fantastic weekend and lovely to see everyone again. I just wanted to echo Bibs' thanks. It was so kind and generous of you to put together a collection for us. As ever these events are a labour of love and it's thanks enough to see everyone enjoying themselves. For you all to go that bit further to show your appreciation really means a lot to both of us and, as Bibs said, very much helped when it came to settling the bill, in fact it almost covered our drinks tab
  15. They've just arrived and look really good If anyone's got a travel iron I'd suggest bringing it along! The polo's are all fine but the shirts are a little creased & despite being told otherwise I'm not staying up all night ironing them!
  16. We've got a powerpoint presentation sorted out which incorporates the presentation Splashout done for us last year (sorry mate, I've butchered it a bit to update it... hope you don't mind) and the BigSi handover book (so if you don't want your book thumbed Si it'll be on a loop on the projector)
  17. Iain, the site looks really good. I like the layout and design it seems really easy to use as well. Not paid for the videos but it looks like you're on to a winner. The intermediate, advance & pro guitar pages seem to be blank when I view them as well. It'd be nice to see an acoustic option in there as well. I learnt acoustic rather than electric and there are lots of site based around learning to rock out on an electric but not for us sheet music and scales loving types
  18. I just saw the Marmite ad... it's just not right
  19. Marmite advert... but Paddington eats marmalade sandwiches ??
  20. Very sad indeed, I couldn't believe it when the Sky news flashed up. RIP
  21. I think it's horses for courses. Personally if my little Corsa needs work doing cost is all that matters, I don't care what type of garage it goes to, courtesy cars, wash & valet, collection/drop off really and so on really don't matter to me. If I didn't have the use of two cars and a very helpful boyfriend to help me out I might think differently of course. Again, when I bought my car it was the first time I'd ever visited a dealership and to be honest I didn't spend more than 15 mins inside the actual dealership. My time was spent outside looking at the cars and discussing prices, th
  22. Laura

    Odd Dog

    I'm not sure if that's cute or scary
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