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  1. There's only leave or stay as an option, no we should stay or no we should go?
  2. I hate to say it but reviews have the film as being good but a long way from the book.
  3. Laura

    TLF Christmas party

    Please could those who haven't already confirm their full menu choices. Thanks
  4. Bibs is current wizzing around Snetterton but I can confirm all is good at TLF HQ, I'm sure he'll look into it later.
  5. I remember the days when you used to have to pass on LEFty within two weeks, now it's two years! People on the end of the list will have died of old age by the time he arrives!
  6. Better still, for those that are helping out on the stand if you arrive between 8am & 9am exhibitors get brekkie for half price... see, now you all wish you volunteered didn't you!
  7. Ah, that's where I was going wrong. Not being a big fan of milk I've been drinking honey and brandy... hic!
  8. 1. Steve - Esprit V8 SE - Blue 2. Dave - Esprit SE - Red 3. Cliff - Esprit S4S - White 4. Chris - Esprit - Esprit S2 - White 5. Mike - Esprit S2 - Red 6. 7. 8. Reserve: Mike - Lionel - White Still three more places going, would be nice to have some variety from just Esprits and another one or two more blue cars to balance up the colour scheme?
  9. We're staying in the Ibis at the airport but I think folks will be all over the show as the closest hotels book up fast.
  10. Shame, would have made a nice addition. Anyone else that wants to put their car forward to be adored by tens of thousands of people?
  11. No more volunteers to show their cars? Surely we have more red white & blues out there? I can think of a couple of Essex lovelies that would be great additions to the stand for a start...?
  12. Alex, Friday would be good. Whilst it isn't a busy show day it's the day we have the least amount of volunteers.
  13. Would you be able to bring one of your beauties Cliff (depending on which colour we're short of!)? As you're going to be there anyway at least it saves on parking!
  14. You're in! 1. Steve - Esprit V8 SE - Blue Reserve: Mike - Lionel - White
  15. The Classic Motor Show at the NEC Birmingham is fast approaching us again and TLF have been given a sizeable stand this year, we hope to have 6 - 8 cars on display. As we've had a very patriotic year with the Queen's jubilee and London 2012 Olympics we've decided to show off the best of British cars at this years show so we are looking for some red, white and blue classic Lotuses to show off. So, if you have a classic Lotus that is: 1. available to show on the 16th, 17th & 18th of November (it would need to be there from midday on Thursday 15th and can not be moved until the evening of the 18th). 2. Red, white or Blue & 3. Will stand up to the scrutiny of thousands of admiring eyes Please let us know, you will of course be provided with passes to enjoy the show as well. If anyone else doesn't have a suitable car but would still like to help out we will always need volunteers to man to the stand (which mainly involves standing around talking to visitors about Lotuses) and if anyone has any contacts that can help with exhibition equipment, transporting said equipment to & from the show etc we'd love to hear from you. If you can't help in anyway and just want to enjoy a fantastic show TLF are please to say you can get a ticket discount with the following codes: Club Single £16.50 Quote code 2012SC Club Family £35.00 Quote code 2012FC Call or book online 0871 230 1088 (Calls cost 10p per minute plus network extras) Footman James Classic Motor Show tickets also allow FREE entry into the FJ Classic Motorbike Show. Club offers apply to Sat 17th/Sun18th November 2012 only. Club Single ticket offer limited to 2 tickets per member. Club Family ticket admits 2 adults and up to 3 children (5-16yrs) and is limited to one Family Ticket per member. Club single tickets save £5.00 off the Sat/Sun door price. Club Family tickets save up to £39.50! off the Sat/Sun door price compared to buying individually! Offer applies to advance bookings only. If you hand in your ticket stub or voucher to the TLF stand the show we'll also get £1 commission! See website for all information. All bookings are subject to a single transaction fee. Ticket price includes the official showguide to the value of £7.50. All information correct at time of publishing.
  16. Not wishing to sound too soppy I genuinely wouldn't change a thing. Whilst I may have done things differently with the benefit of hindsight I'd hate the thought one little change may not have lead me to be where I am now. Granted I'm not high flying executive millionaire but I'm happy and have the most wonderful people in my life (one in particular ) anyone could ever wish for.
  17. I'm currently picnicking in the Olympic Park (enjoying the free wifi) having watched the swimming this morning and off to the athletics this evening. I have to say it just amazing. The atmosphere is something else, it seems no matter where in the park you are you can hear cheers from the stadium. There's tons of kind, friendly and attentive staff and everything is clean and well kept. Having a great time!
  18. Well it doesn't start until tomorrow so no coverage yet! In the UK it's being covered by channel 4 who have been showing lots of adverts and Paralympic themed shows leading up to the ceremony. They haven't got as many channels as the BBC had covering the Olympics but it stills looks like they're doing a grand job of covering it. I saw in the news this morning more than 100 countries will be showing the Paralympics, more than any previous year. ABC are covering it in Australia, they're the national public broadcaster I gather?
  19. Oh my god, they let gay people like classic cars nowadays?!? Imagine the audacity of someone starting a club full of gay people to enjoy classic cars with out childish remarks about Boxters and imps... then allow straight people to join the club in sort of all accepting non-prejudice way... wont somebody think of the children!
  20. 29 in total plus a special overpriced coin you can buy from the Mint to complete the collection. If she gives up tell her I'll give her a fiver for the lot! :-p
  21. Laura

    Julian Assange

    If the US wanted him you'd think they'd have an easier time getting him extradited from the UK than Sweden no?
  22. Whilst I've never been in to coin collecting I've noticed the 50p piece olypmic collection and decided (a bit too late) to try & gather them all. Anyone else collecting them or eveen noticed them? I've managed to to get the athletics & archery one so far, only 27 left to go!
  23. Somebody left a compact digital camera on the TLF stand, if you think it's your please contact me with the detail of the camera, what pictures you took or suchlike and we'll sort out getting it back to you.
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