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    The Law

    A few more for you (apologies if there's any duplicates) * Lawyer: "Was that the same nose you broke as a child?" * Witness: "I only have one, you know." --------------- * Accused, Defending His Own Case: "Did you get a good look at my face when I took your purse?" The defendant was found guilty and sentenced to ten years in jail. --------------- * Lawyer: "What is your date of birth?" * Witness: "July 15th." * Lawyer: "What year?" * Witness: "Every year." --------------- * Lawyer: "Can you tell us what was stolen from your house?" *
  2. I've recently bought the Sony Ericsson K810i. I'm very pleased with it, the camera is great on it too.
  3. Laura


    Happy Birthday Vicki hope you've had a lovely day
  4. Something on your mind this evening Graham? Oh, and Kimbers Hayden Panettiere turned 18 a couple of weeks ago... closer to your kids age than yours, unlucky mate
  5. I would but since Bibs keeps borrowing my cheerleading outfit it just doesn't quite fit any more
  6. There may be 15 reasons why beer is better than women but there 16 reasons why women are better than beer You can spend all night with women and still find your car keys. A beer won't watch the kids while you go fishing. You can have sex with a woman without cutting your bits in her. You can have the same woman more than once (if you're UP to it). You can have a woman as many times as you want without having to pray to the porcelain goddess. You can have as many women as you want, and still drive safely. A warm woman is more enjoyable than a warm beer. A cold woman is more enjoyable than a
  7. Dave - No probs, your shirts are all sorted. Simon - You haven't specified what name/car you want on yours so you'll get what ever I decide... be nice to me
  8. Just less than 2 weeks to go before the ordering deadline folks, roll up roll up When you place your orders please PLEASE PLEASE remember to put your name (the one you want printed on the shirt) and your car details on the order. Quite a lot of the orders are missing details & it'll save a lot of last minute pm's & guesses as the deadline approaches! Thanks
  9. She's absolutely gorgeous, I'm sure she'll have lots of fun running along the bank while you're fishing. I want a puppy
  10. Haha, no I don't work for Barratts. The company I work for looks after the developments after they've been built so I pick the mess once they've left!
  11. Laura

    New Toy

    It flashes really bright all through the night & makes an unnecessary amount of noise when he gets a message
  12. Ah shucks, thanks guys. I'm actualy the assistant manager but hey lets not quibble over one little word! I'm absolutly over the moon about it. I just can't wait to leave this place now! Mat - This only to keep me going until Bibs get's the business to to stage where I can be a kept woman! Simon - my pay rise wont have kicked in by then so you can buy me a drink to congratulate me
  13. My first car was Bessie, a Fiesta pop plus & I loved her! It was an X ref (old, old style) which made her the same age as me. It cost
  14. Laura

    Bad luck ....

    That is unlucky for you Yasuo, sorry to hear it. There have been lots of postal strikes in the UK recently so deliveries have been delayed in some places. I'd still cancel the payment with your bank if you're able to though.
  15. I thought about this on my journey home from work today. On the main road I use, the inside lane constantly becomes a filter lane on & off the road. I realised that I stayed in the middle (or outside) lane for the entire journey until my slip lane came up. My name's Laura and I.... am a MLM
  16. I've searched the highway code briefly & all I could find on the subject is: but then it does also go on to say.... so lets all be calm and considerate to these mlsfm (I'll let you guess that the extra 's' and 'f' stand for!).
  17. At last a birthday thread I can look at without the fear of half naked ladies, have some half naked men instead...... Happy birthday katie, have a great one
  18. Well he's celebrating in style... off to oversee the delivery of his new SE
  19. Bibs has got a side line going in baby food but I know he doesn't like to talk about it
  20. I'm afraid pit shirt colours are limited to Black/grey, Grey/black, Navy/royal, Red/black, Royal/red or Yellow/black at the moment. At present the only way to get otehr colours is if 50 people all want the same colour & order them today! Stay tuned folks, I'll have a new thread up soon with the options, prices & such like very soon!
  21. I was thinking of pricing them to pay for my drinks but I guess that's a better idea!
  22. How about a polo shirt with the date on and the pit shirt as a generic meet shirt? As the pit shirts are likely to cost
  23. The pit shirts are very smart & would be a very similar design to this Colours will very much depend on what the various suppliers I've contacted can source for us. I would think they will be fairly similar to the polo shirts we had last year. Name & car on one side & the event details & this logo on the other. Once I've got some prices & details I'll post up all the details see if the pit or polo shirts are preferred, prices and such like.
  24. Sounds like you might be viewing the forum within The Lotus forums wesite, I would guess you've probably clicked on the link on the right side of the screen. If you either type in to your browser of link on the link at the bottom of The Lotus forums website (the big graphical one that alternates between here & Elan central) you should get full screen LEF
  25. Blimey, you're all a very interesting bunch. I like to sit on my arse & watch TV.... I can't be the only one?
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