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  1. I think the guy mentioned in that article ("The vice president of the Delorean Motor Company in Texas, James Espey") was the guy on BBC Radio Ulster after Big Si & I today. The producer type guy I was chatting to yesterday said that this fella in Texas had bought up all the spare parts he possibly could & was now getting to the stage where he was contemplating starting to build them up from scratch himself. Didn't realise it was quite a serious as that though!
  2. Thanks, I'm not quite the pro as they guys are now but as Bibs is too lazy to get out of bed this early someone had to do it!
  3. heehee, I know & I'm not telling
  4. We had the pleasure of visiting two Irish wolfhounds & a black Labrador yesterday (oh, and their owners) and I've been pleading for a dog since then, Bibs wont give in though, something about it eating the cats? I'm trying for a monkey now
  5. Laura


    It's nice to hear from you, I can only echo the sentiments everyone has already posted. It's good to hear that your dad is recovering and I hope he continues to do so with speed. Aivan parhaiten Jussi we're aivan ajatteleva -lta te & odottaa jotta hiippakunta j
  6. It's never your birthday coming up is it? You should have said something before
  7. Could be that you're not being forwarded to the new domain name, see the details in This thread for all the details of what's been happening if you've not already seen it. Bibs is out enjoying the wine tasting day that was bought for him at the factory day last year so he's not likely to be of any use to anyone today!
  8. Some top advice there, I'll remeber that next time I'm hanging from the bonnet of a car Glad you're ok & not too badly damaged
  9. It's never your birthday coming up is it Kimbers? You should have mentioned something before
  10. Just the 12? Shame there aren't 378 months in a year
  11. I find it sad when you see dead flowers and faded pictures tied to the post. I can appreciate why someone would want to mark the place where a loved one died, and if it brings awareness to other road users of an accident black spot then all the better. When someone does this but doesn't have the respect to go back a week later, tidy the place up and remove dead flowers it somehow seems to take away the thoughtfulness of the flowers being placed there in the first place.
  12. I know the feeling. It's a car-free weekend for me too. get to take my pa out for a nice dinner instead though.
  13. What you really want is a single number apparently. A few weeks ago a new record was made for the worlds most expensive plate ever sold. It was just the number '5' which sold for 25.2 million dirhams (just over
  14. You know I'm so glad I joined the forum. I get signed up for this yesterday afternoon & only find out about it when I look at the forum today
  15. I'd gladly travel to work by public transport if it were possible. As much as I enjoy driving, my journey to work is mainly sitting in traffic for 1-2 hours so if I could sit on a bus/train a read a book or have a bit of a snooze I'd be happy with that. Having looked at tfl's website however it seems my journey would involve: 4 min walk to train station 11 min bus ride 32 min bus ride 32 min tube ride 10 min walk 48 min bus ride Not accounting for the wait times between services that would total 2hrs 13mins, I've not been able to find out the cost of this either. What really sea
  16. Here's a pdf copy of the presentation book that was given to Bigsi showing some pictures of work in progress, before & after shots and the fun that was had. There is also a complete list of all the work that was done to the car on the last few pages. The Presentation I'm afraid converting it to a pdf does degrade the quality of the images a little but it's a huge file otherwise!
  17. Bibs is just on his way to Wales to pick up the smurf man & take him home after getting the news that it's done!!!! Well 99% there at any rate. I understand tyres & an MOT are just about all that's left to do. She starts, moves, stops and everything now! Well done guys what a fantastic effort has been put in by everyone that has worked on the car, donated parts & cash, given their time, driven ridiculous mileage and sent in beer or chocolate brownies for the troops!
  18. These arrived a couple of days ago. Si's front plate has a big crack in it so I thought it would be nice to have a new set with a little customed memento.
  19. Damn, I'm actually going to have to make those cookies now! Thanks Graham, check your pm's. I am going to put together a presentation book to give to Si when he gets his car back. It will be a start to finish progress book explaining what we've all been up to and pictures all the way through the process. If you've taken an pictures at all (no matter how good or bad they are) please make sure they find their way to me so I can make the best possible book I can. Once it's all finished and been presented to Si I'll put it up as a pdf so everyone can have a look through. If anyone
  20. Don't you guys know anything..... Well, kinda
  21. I just saw Gordon's post in the RC plane thread.... Get well soon Fraser, hope you're fighting fit again in no time
  22. Having worked in an incoming call centre for 4 years I'd just like to point out that when you're on to your 50th moron of the day that 1) can't tell you any kind of reference number, name or address etc, 2) doesn't really know why they're calling and 3) just want to have a shout at you 'cause they got out of bed on the wrong side... it's not always the easiest job in the world to do. Have some sympathy for the poor person on the other end of the phone you're about to take your frustration out on. Having said that if one of my team hung up on someone, was rude or out of line I'd have them pu
  23. Actually fact fans.... Although there are no official figures since 2005 there are approximatly 6m muslims in the US making up 2.11% of the population and 1.48m in the UK making up 2.5% of the population so there's not really a massive difference
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