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  1. Awww, thanks guys. I've been enjoying a lovely lazy day off work and just waiting for my jelly & ice cream to be served
  2. Happy birthday big man, hope you have a cracking day
  3. Not to mention time & effort! I can confirm that hours and hours are spent on this forum pretty much every day. More so around events and when upgrades to the forum are needed. Trust me, you guys get more of his time than I do on occasions
  4. Laura


    Ah ya big girl's (pink) blouse... pull yerself together All the best Tony, get well soon
  5. Ahem, you boys wanna play nice & leave my smalls outta this.... trust me you wont like me when I'm angry
  6. I go through the blackwall tunnel every day (to & from work), to be fair I do it in rush hour and the mere thought of travelling through it any faster than 5mph is laughable. I've noticed they have now put up lots of 30mph lights all the way through one side (I thought it was the Southbound side actually but I'm kind of on autopilot on both journeys) but I haven't noticed any cameras... I guess that's the idea though. I'd be interested to know if this is true for the odd occasion that I travel through it traffic free.
  7. Ah but it was funny though. I have to admit I did find it quite interesting too, I'll still be grumbling about the road works taking so long mind.
  8. That sounds very familiar, thankfully Bibs got handy with the screwdriver and it's hanging on. Good excuse to order take away if you ask me. Who needs traditional Christmas dinner when you can have turkey curry instead
  9. Laura

    Christmas drinks!

    That was a fun evening I think I may have had one too many Baileys so my apologies if I may have talked non-stop
  10. During my 2 hour queue to get through the Blackwall tunnel Friday night some guy actually drove in to me he was so eager to cut in front of me. He only clipped my wing mirror and offered a half-hearted wave of apology but seriously, was that really necessary!?!
  11. Wow, that's amazing. I'm very jealous of the cake making talents! I love baking & icing cakes but I've never managed anything as impressive as these cakes!
  12. I think I probably speak for Mrs Kimbers as well when I say I'm slightly worried
  13. I think it's obvious who is who
  14. I thought I done ok there Having seen some of the organisation that went in behind the scenes I think you guys had every avenue covered. The weekend was almost perfect and I can't see how it could have gone any better. I agree that the hotel wasn't perfect but it was nice enough & it was great that Kimbers organised us the buffet & room for the evening. It would be nice to have had somewhere a little more scenic to park the cars up though. My highlights of the weekend had to be looking out of our hotel room window to see so many Esprits gathered, the mini Europa Hoon on
  15. Thanks, I knew you'd told me your first name at some point.... I just couldn't remember it! I think the auction was fantastic, not sure that Bibs would have been quite as funny if it wasn't for a few pints of Guiness before hand! Bibs & Kimbers both done a fantastic job getting people to part with their hard earned cash with a smile on their faces at the same time!
  16. I'm truely touched to be included in your thanks, my contribution was minimal and the hardwork was all down to Bibs, Kimbers and the Lotus staff. What a fantastic weekend, I couldn't have enjoyed myself more. As I got back in to my little Corsa () at the end of the weekend the first words out of my mouth were "I want a car that goes Vrooom!" It was lovely to meet everyone and sorry to those I told off for trying to talk to Bibs while we were do the registrations and I had my business head on!
  17. Firstly thanks to every single person that donated and massive thanks to Kimbers for sorting out the licence to collect money & putting his hand in his pocket first to buy all those badges, key rings etc to get us started. The total amount raised needs to be confirmed once Kimbers has fished all the 2p's out of the boot of his car & had a count up! Big thanks to our storm troopers for collecting all of that money. The auction of promises was such a great success; Bibs & Kimbers done a great job of making sure everyone dug deep (sometimes without even realising they had placed
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