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  1. elite to ressurect

    Welcome and more pictures please I do love an Elite Dan
  2. Rare as hens teeth

    Alan the " oh my" was at Davids current cars, followed by the, " do you wish you still had the Essex" as a serious question. but I don't want 7 Esprits to be honest, it would go in no particular order apart from number one 1) Mine 2) Elan plus 2 3) S1 Esprit 4) S2 Esprit JPS 5) S1 Elise 160 6) Europa 7) 501 Elite in Brown with cream but if I had more days 8) Excel Celebration 9) Essex Esprit 10) Exige S1 11) Evora 410 12) M100 S2
  3. Rare as hens teeth

    Oh my, do you wish you still had the Essex
  4. Definitely Not Looking For M100 S2

    You can't talk me into something I don't want, even if I did want it which I don't, I might buy a 911 😩
  5. Definitely Not Looking For M100 S2

    That is a hateful colour, which is great because the last thing in this world I want is a M100 Elan
  6. Tesco Mobile advice needed

    Tesco or the client?
  7. Tesco Mobile advice needed

    Had a call today about a job. Missed the call, phoned back and got a Tesco mobile answer phone. That's a no go yes?
  8. Teaser

    I love them but I tried to get in one a few years ago and I didn't fit. I don't think I could have driven it and I am only 6, 1
  9. I saw that car, thought it looked absolutely brilliant, the patina and the colour just added to the appeal to me.
  10. Definitely Not Looking For M100 S2

    @ramjet this not wanting stuff is exactly like wanting things without wanting them. So please take this more seriously, why don't you try to not want to buy something then you will feel the enormous pressure I am currently feeling. 😂
  11. Definitely Not Looking For M100 S2

    Dave I can only confirm it is not yellow. Well if it is my life as a Sparky is well and truly .................
  12. Definitely Not Looking For M100 S2

    Now the 2nd picture is exactly the one I am not looking for. 😀 see I can look at it because it's not for sale. i now google" Lotus M100 S2 preferably blue not for sale" results are minimal which is perfect Well not that I google it because I am not looking.
  13. Definitely Not Looking For M100 S2

    @ramjetthis is exactly the help I require, PM sent. @LOTUSMAN33 not helpful.. Now Because I don't want or need a M100 S2 (in blue preferably) then I did look at this which is fine because it is for sale, which as previously mentioned is exactly what I am not looking for. Previous DR owner never floats my boat or the fact that it had the belts done at 55k but that was ten years ago. I have been told by telepathy ( as there is no way I would have called them as I not looking for a M100 S2 preferably in blue as you know) I also found a really lovely pearlescent white one which I can't now find which is no surprise as I am not looking but it was 14k which seems a tad expensive. So happy to hear from anyone who doesn't have a M100 S2 or if you have one that you don't want to sell PM me. Going to explain this new brilliant idea to my wife about shoes later. Thanks for all your help, well apart from Dave obviously.
  14. Definitely Not Looking For M100 S2

    More consistent history, but lower the better as long as it has been used & serviced if you see what i mean, not that I am considering buying one as you know
  15. So now we got that clear and as I am not looking it wouldn't do any harm to my marriage or bank balance if someone told me where I couldn't find a low mileage, low owner model in as near to mint condition as possible. I look forward to hearing from anyone who has or knows of the above car that is definitely not for sale in any shape or form. Would quite like a Blue one though. Dan