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  1. Dan E


    My son measured Stan the Maine Coon yesterday stretched out from front paws to the end of his tail 3ft 9inches. A little bit of a shame earlier we had to cut the new extension floor up as one of the builders had managed to screed him under the suspended floor. 😃. Wife was massively stressed
  2. Dan E

    Lotus Emira

    It is what Lotus is all about isn’t it having a small engine and handling like a dream. Funnily enough took the wifes 335i BMW Grand Coupe thing today, mainly because the van was blocked in by the builders, god knows how much that thing weights and what BHP it has, but I needed to get to screwfix (again) before it closed stuck it in sport and you could argue no one needs anything faster than that. I hate BMWs but I have to say it was pretty good apart from you have to push the off button twice to turn it off I mean wtf
  3. Dan E

    Lotus Emira

    I really don’t get this thing about bhp it is madness when you think about it, the only car I have owned and used on the track was my S1 Elise and it was nothing short of perfect with 118bhp. 6 months ago I went out with @Bibs in his Evora I have no idea with the mods he has or what bhp it has but I can tell you that was way quick enough for the road and probably most tracks . When I done the lotus academy I was third quickest on the day, then I went around with Alistair McQueen after he had finished his roll up and honestly I reckon he would put an S1 Elise around any track quicker than I could put a 430bhp Evora around it. Valuable lesson leant. that’s why I will go for the i4 and spend any other money on learning how to drive it quickly, also I like the fact that my esprit is a 4 pot and I think Colin and Mike K would approve
  4. She doesn’t do tents and I don’t have a tent 😂
  5. Totally agree the dark grey didn’t work for me, but what an amazing “adopt Clarkson voice” machineeeee.
  6. @Bazza 907 seriously how good did it look? Sparkles and I spent the whole journey down there not thinking we would love it THEN we saw it………….😍
  7. Killed the lines for me, we had a chat with Mark from Lotus and the marketing dept specified the two colours at FOS. I get that as they need a new audience and some like a subtle shade. I personally just hope by the time they get the 4 pot production going I can have Military Grey with red leather the thing is @Evotion I have had a Lotus for over 20 years ( with a small break) and I love the fact that everyone and I mean everyone from the factory is approachable, normal and actually interested in your view. Did you notice in the Ferrari part it was cordoned off? That is the difference you need to adjust to
  8. The V6 is not even on the radar for me. I love an Amg Merc had a couple and the Esprit is a 4 pot turbo just seems right to me, ahem and it is cheaper
  9. Please let me answer, please let me answer 😀
  10. We did and then ended up talking to a few other lotus owners and the worlds most unlucky esprit owner 😂😂
  11. so this was the spec of the blue one at FOS. I think i would go for 1. Full Black pack 2. Colour brake calipers 3. 20" Wheels, silver 4. KEF Stereo 5. not sure what the packs are all about so would need more info on that, driver pack probably not as this will be a road car unless it sits lower with it then it is a must. Also depends on cost obvs
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