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  1. No, no @C8RKH it’s round here I am covering the after debt free party, obvs
  2. Sorry for quoting @Bibs but I think it is justified as it appears that @Sparky has solved the paying back The national debt issue with one Esprit service, which happens to be mine, so please all sit back and relax, I have got it from here
  3. Still on for 3pm pick up tomorrow?
  4. Actually if anyone has access to infected cash, can I BACs you some money and have it. I tend to try to keep most of my cash at the MIL’s so if you can drop it there for me then I can pick it up in a week or two in my Hazmat Suit
  5. There is a £45 limit now so should be fine
  6. Yes the GST recommission is correct, @Chillidoggy your help is always appreciated, along with Sparkles special margin calculator, i thank you both for your help during this stressful time
  7. Blimey it’s a Turbo as well, awesome
  8. Honest I would genuinely like that on canvas, very cool. Why the f&#k does it look like that then? Assume that must mean money off now? From the pictures I can see Trevor obviously broke my washer fluid bottle, if he is that lonely maybe try internet dating I look forward to picking it up tomorrow
  9. @pete stop it I am now getting charged for text updates
  10. Well ok 19k but that needs to be sorted
  11. That will be Arek then, one day I will seek him out and kill him ! How do we (you ) deal with that? Baring in mind we need to keep this service under 18k
  12. This excellent as being old you forgot the sabbath charge was 50% this morning there is a lot to be said for dementia
  13. As you well know Shan knows bugger all about cars , I am looking forward to not only sparkling cam covers done by Sparkles but also the next surcharge this will incur. Apparently there is an Art charge linked with this along with a lot of other levy’s, luckily I am no mug so I will just pay them plus a cash bonus And I blame @Bazza 907
  14. Would you mind, Lotus properly fucked that up everyone knows the engine goes in the front
  15. Oh! Trevor happy to split the lawyers fees Sparkles can we (you) get rid of all that insulation shite in the bonnet where the engine should be
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