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  1. Dan E

    Finally, Dan E's M100

    @Steve V8 any chance of a couple of bottles of that Bacardi mate, is it LSD based?
  2. Dan E

    Finally, Dan E's M100

    Yes all good mate, by the way thanks for making the effort of cleaning it, it is now completely filthy 😂. oh and Coffee Mate is just wrong!
  3. Dan E

    Planning consultant

    You will be fine mate, AONB is no problem when we done the Grade 2* Georgian house I was trying to replace an completely unoriginal Crittall window back to a Georgian Sash window that took 7 Months to get it agreed absolute nightmare and £££££££££ every step of the way red tape. We done it in the end complete refurb but never again
  4. Dan E

    Planning consultant

    Neil listed? Done 2 of them, never ever again last one Grade 2 * listed absolute nightmare. Hows the S3 coming along? DanE
  5. Dan E

    What made you happy today?

    BBC Radio 6 now, 2 hours on Paul Weller by Martin Freeman glass of wine poured best Friday night ever
  6. Dan E

    White s2 waiting its turn @coys in syon park

    Apart from them bloody door speakers 😡
  7. Dan E

    How did you do it?

    In 23 years of being with my missus I have never told her about any car until it was on the drive, still here, still married. Hopefully another “surprise”will be coming soon 😂 Oh but must add she absolutely hated the E63 and I mean hated it. So it only lasted 6months which was a relief as I couldnt afford the petrol anyway
  8. Now you could easily sell it to me but I really wanted one with 546bhp! oh and it to be about 3k. Lovely, lovely machine
  9. George, I read this whole thread from start to finish over the weekend, I am not sure if I am more jealous of your car or your photography skills to be honest.
  10. Dan E

    Famous Elan Owners

    Who me a plus 2 ...........never
  11. Did anyone get a picture of the bashed up Elan @JNW3 do you remember what it was called? I thought that was a very cool car even the ignition was on the boot lid 👍 and this is still my favourite it was absolutely wonderful
  12. Dan E

    Speeding tickets

    Happy to stand corrected on that one
  13. Dan E

    Speeding tickets

    @Bibs what do you know about speeding, oh hold on........
  14. Dan E

    Speeding tickets

    that Nathan I would guess as first offence will be a Speed Awareness course, although someone did tell me the other day you have to declare even them to your insurance company
  15. Dan E

    Back on Track OR Bell and Colvill?

    Ha @TonyKL your just down the road from me I will keep my out