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  1. @Chillidoggy I would but I am currently building an inverted V engine with direct drive out of balsa wood! Luke Good to meet you yesterday, I can’t remember what your name is on here drop me a PM when you get a chance and I will sort out the trip up to Norfolk
  2. I was doubting myself then, you deserve to be a mod for that
  3. I am sure I put wifes BMW but hey I can ask
  4. @Sparky Porsche’s, Subaru’s? the wifes needs a service and the lawn mower could do with a once over.
  5. Dan E

    What made you happy today?

    The fanny/pound ratio discussion today at Biggin Hill, you did have to be there. What made me unhappy is that my son now thinks @Chillidoggy is the funniest man on the planet which very concerning.
  6. I was really looking forward to bringing the missus to meet Shan tomorrow but unfortunately with the mother in law thang that’s not going to happen, she did however come good today after ordering some shoes on my Amazon account by bringing me a beer as I finished cleaning the Esprit. Then she pulled the engine out to check the crank shaft was clean
  7. @Chillidoggy will this trip be with aircon on and a Bremont, I for the record will not be using AC or a Bremont
  8. @Kimbers what an excellent idea, I would suggest that FFMs get priority though you pays your money........ not sure how or who will police this but it’s genius
  9. See if you make a sentence out of the following words “off” “f*&k” 😂
  10. @Chillidoggy that has got to be the most in joke on the forum at least four of us will get it 😂
  11. Sorted thanks to the kind people on here. You are all the bestest x
  12. Well after the day from hell, 5 weeks with the mother in law living with us, get her home yesterday afternoon with care in place, today out for lunch get a call and she has had a fall, she now has no idea who we are just got home from hospital and now can’t get tickets to the Festival. I am done. I am going to sit in the garage with a glass of wine and lick the Esprits windows for a couple of hours
  13. Surely the Esprit is a given, I worry a bit about the SUV it is a big ask to get people out of their Porsche’s, BMWs etc I worry it could end up like that hideous Maserati thing which isn’t selling. I love Maserati btw. Also is it going to be fibre glass I just can’t see the masses having that personally. Now as Kimbers said a MX5 new “cheap Elise” is the way to go. I bloody loved my S1 and I could afford it in my late 20s. It needs to be waterproof and handle. I am always wrong but this SUV needs to be beyond brilliant to compete where as the Esprit needs to be the lotus take on a Ferrari 488 and it needs to be cheaper by a long way. It will always be cooler in my world. My brother in law (488) has one I sat it in the other day and do you know what it is massive and the steering wheel is more complicated than my wife. Keep the Esprit simple, fast, light and handle like nothing else. Also he done 2 track days in the 488 and I am not joking it needs 4 new tyres and front pads. He does not drive it really apart from using it for that purpose which you have to love but what the f*&k is that all about
  14. Dan E

    Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    Not anymore 😂