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  1. Sparkles HB chap , I am in Scotland trying to earn the £25 for the dry sump service should be there by Monday might get £35 as I know the engine is coming out.
  2. Blimey 50/50 then! Excellent
  3. So you haven’t ruled it out completely then
  4. So @Chillidoggy and Shan’s birthday card to me there is a little of bit of you need to know here. But properly made me laugh. I don’t have a Bremont or a/c. Much preferred @Sparky missus card which was hand made and not abusive
  5. As you know Mr Lord has always been my favourite
  6. Oh dear! That is one special edition too far for me
  7. @Sparky is your man, but only after he has done my clutch
  8. Oh that is without a shadow of a doubt my favourite current Lotus colour
  9. Please no! I can’t do this for 4 weeks
  10. Yep this is a proper killer bug I haven’t quite gone as far as injuring myself, but you have my sympathies I think I am currently on day 8 and into coughing lots of stuff up (which is surprisingly close to Military Grey) wife is on day 10. get well, we have got to party like it’s 1989 next weekend
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