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  1. Watch Collectors/Fanatics

    Yep agreed I done the work through a company called Signia owned by Peter Cutts who lives in Henley
  2. Watch Collectors/Fanatics

    Just spoke to SWMO and it was The Berkeley
  3. Watch Collectors/Fanatics

    I just checked out your website amazing stuff. I done a few hotel rooms in Knightsbridge with Linley many years ago ( electrics only) I do remember it was a nightmare of about 300 drawings for every item. Pretty sure I never made a penny. I can’t remember what hotel I will have a look back tomorrow and see what one it was. I never met him but I did meet about 2000 other people in every meeting. 😀
  4. Watch Collectors/Fanatics

    Mark I do as well that will be my next watch. That box is an amazing bit of craftsmanship mate. Stunning
  5. What made you happy today?

    Good find John with that front number plate Barry will buy it save him a job of putting it on crooked
  6. Esprit S4S

    You know snow? It’s not like that it is a big fire in the sky makes you warm and not blue
  7. Esprit S4S

    Just so you know that bright stuff is called the sun. It is lovely and warm
  8. Black Evora Chislehurst

    Today about 11.30 going past chislehurst station
  9. Esprit S4S

    @S4S 4 where abouts are you in the world? If you want to get it detailed Bibs recommended Mark at Marrells Detailing to me and his work is outstanding. He done my Esprit which is the original paint work and he has done Ricks Altair Green Elite thoroughly recommend him he does actually have a bad case of OCD which is just what you need in a detailer. Any excuse for a picture
  10. Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    Mark that is lovely, I think that would be my favourite colour apart from black obviously
  11. OMG...what have I done!

    oh jealous, i love that car. Congratulations Sir
  12. Honestly I am not that brave!
  13. Great George, I had the Esprit done before the Festival the results were amazing, problem is I think getting them done is a bit addictive as someone on here knows 😂. I washed the wife’s BMW the other day and for a 2 year old car the paint is actually shite all orange pearl and swirls. These detailers who know their stuff really do make them better than new. I need to book her car in.
  14. If that was me, I would be in ICU right now.
  15. Esprit S4S

    Barry I am guessing that you are not a man with a board on the wall with the outline of the tools on it. Just a wild stab in the dark