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  1. Dan E

    Midlife Crisis!

    Oh that is bloody lovely. Go on Mark
  2. Dan E

    What made you happy today?

    Yep Pete they are that good but also their residuals are so much better so actually on finance they are the better deal. I would have bought the one I have got but I can’t be paying £500 a month to drive into my capital city
  3. Dan E

    What made you happy today?

    Well it’s my 3rd Vito Crew Cab Compact never had one problem with any of them, well one broken bracket on a glove box that is it on this one ( replaced under warranty) apart from that nothing I have never even bothered to check the oil, I have however filled up the screen wash. Everyone drives them and they never, ever go wrong. Always buy an auto with comfort seats. They are the Rolls Royce of vans ride wise. This one is a 119 Cdi Sport, LED Intelligent lights, Heated seats, comfort seats (obviously), Park Assist so can park itself, reversing camera, Audio 40 with Apple car play and DAB, electric everything, in flint grey and hysterically 190bhp and can do 130mph. I haven’t seen it but I have never bought a van I have seen. It is also VAT down so I will get that back and £2 cheaper a month than the last one. I tried every other van but they are brilliant things,
  4. Dan E

    What made you happy today?

    Well due to that complete hunt Khan I have had to get a new van. Spent the last week playing a couple of dealers off against each other and I am guessing they are having a tough time as I got exactly what I wanted with, and I am not making this up a not inconsiderable £7,958.00 off. They both had stock and it is from stock in fact it has more on it than I wanted on it so deal was done. Then this morning I rang the chap and ruined his day by saying I don’t want it until March 1st so it is a 19 plate Cue lots of it can’t be done so I pulled the plug, got a call on the way home and they agreed, oh and forgot to tell you I need it delivered. He agreed to that as well. Happy days
  5. Dan E

    Future of Lotus

    @C8RKH all you are trying to say is keep the bloody DNA and fooking hurrah to that. I could not agree more
  6. What you mean the buses with 6 people on?
  7. And there I was thinking I was special. The Elan passed the MOT with flying colours yesterday only advisory was a g string in the offside brake calliper so thank you x
  8. If this has been talked about before then sorry but I am seriously angry 😡 about this. I live in South East London, truth be told (thanks Nes) actually Kent and travel with essential work equipment into London at least 10 days a month if we are busy that can be 25 days a month and that &*£”! Khan is now bringing in the Ultra Low Emission Zone. My van is 3 years old in March and I was going to buy it, oh but no, I am not now, as it turns out, that it will cost me £24 a day to drive into inner London for 2 years then in 2021 the Ulez is going to include everything within the North and South Circular. Well the £12.50 as not in the CC zone. That means every car/ van I own is subject to this 24hrs a day 365 days a year, including my wife’s 3 year old BMW! Now I am kinda lucky as the van lease is up in 8 weeks so I am having to buy a new Euro 6 compliant one. We always go to the cinema in Greenwich in 2 years we will never go. We done a straw poll on the motorway on the way back from Hertfordshire today and 80% of them vehicles are buggered. Commercials are £100 a day! This is ludicrous, what 7 years ago we were told to drive diesels now this, so I am going to trade a perfectly good van in the next 8 weeks,my wife’s car is worthless in 2 years and the Loti which must have paid their green credentials 20 years ago and their emissions must be in nothing in the real world are not allowed either. This country only has one way of sorting anything, not by forward thinking, but by tax. This will f&£k so many businesses it is beyond a joke, not mine as I was lucky Dan E/taxed rant not even started to be honest ps. Please don’t give me you shouldn’t live in London crap this is real world stuff that is going to bury a lot of businesses and people
  9. Apart from him probably turning up in a mini skirt that is probably the best decision you will make chap
  10. You can buy the vinegar in tescos for 39p Oh and a wet vac
  11. It does smell for day, until it dries, you really need to kill the mould I have 96 surgical masks (don’t ask) so PM me and I will stick a few in the post. It does work I promise you. Fan heaters work but be careful.
  12. The thing is Rick you need to kill the mould, which involves distilled white vinegar in a spray bottle 8 parts vinegar to 2 parts water, tooth brush and a surgical mask. It might seem counterintuitive but spray it on leave for 15mins then get the mould off with tooth brush (using mask as its bad shit) then block the car in, get the heater on open the windows an inch and leave it running until it is dry and take it from me this takes a long time.
  13. So @LJR and @Sparky what’s the Bobby on the Esprit then?
  14. Dan E

    What made you happy today?

    Really, get this I went to Bromley with wife to pick up boys birthday cake for tomorrow took 1 and 1/2 hours absolute bloody nightmare, saw some excellent road rage though to keep me entertained