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  1. @Kimbers what sort of deal could you do on a EV6? I quite like them but i do between 30 and 35k miles a year which always seems to bugger up any lease deal
  2. to be fair @pete we are actually turning down work at the moment and I am not making that up. I put in a price for a job to lose it last week and we won it. Sparkles I will see on the 16th without my wallet
  3. @C8RKH i am going to have that car off you at some point 😍
  4. same sparkles i was a grammar school pupil and hated it, couldn't wait to get out. never regretted being a spark though.
  5. My usually calm son is doing his A levels at the moment, Business, Economics and Geography not that it matters. He is so stressed which is nothing like him (many on here know him), to be fair he has really put his head down and has been costing us a fortune in tutors for Economics (which obviously he is lucky we are able to do) but WTF, he doesn't want to go to Uni which I totally get and wants to go to work. I am sure he will be fine, but we do still need bricklayers, electricians, ground workers, etc (in fact I was at a site meeting today and the ground workers MD turned up in a new S63 Coupe it was lovely). We need to get this country back and get away from everyone wanting to work in the city or whatever.
  6. @pete i always try to get out of Essex as quickly as possible unfortunately I have a 139 houses and 15 flats to do in Stanford Le Hope
  7. @pete i was at Hilton Moss 2 weeks ago test driving their GT410 sport i got the full tour they had a just removed a gullwing body from it chassis. They do some amazing work, lots of merc's, TVR's and Lotus. I was quite taken by the Noble they had in stock
  8. I do love a Sunseeker 😀
  9. and that Uncle Ian is why we all love you, brilliant 🤩
  10. @Kimbers i always take great joy in knowing that however old i get I am always going to considerably younger than Sparkles aka @Sparky ,Uncle Ian @Chillidoggy and @pete
  11. in a word Dopesick on Disney Plus best thing i have watched in years about the Sackler family and the US opioid problem. Brilliant and shocking in equal measure. Michael Keaton deserves an Oscar for his performance.
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