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  1. Lol you are so right I have got to do the other side
  2. Spent a few days polishing
  3. @pete and you can see that, ever wonder why the fire barriers don’t work? I walked anyway in the end even though it was a massive part of my business, I have for the record never seen a fire barrier intact apart when we done the FT years ago and the site manager was brilliant and anal.
  4. This drinking at home has got to stop, Sparkles! I ended up asking the wife for her number last night
  5. I still wonder if I was sound of mind when I let you be in charge of my drinking. Btw Kimber’s is so guilty. I know a few Souff Lundon boys who can do some damage for you. Just let me know how much water boarding you need. Can sort testicle electric shocks but need to go to Dartford for that and they’re in tier 3, so maybe Jan
  6. To be honest we should close this thread at 7pm until 10am as the plantiff, will be stumbling around his kitchen pouring gin on the floor and trying cook scotch eggs with a 18mm spanner and a used 1983 cambelt
  7. For a five seater it can officially carry 15 people.
  8. I didn’t know about any of that until I was in the back with you driving
  9. Go along, great bunch even though they’re on the wrong side of the river. We just all want more owners. I have been to a lotus meet in my van
  10. You will be welcomed like a long lost friend, they even let this Souff Lundon lad join in occasionally. Go along
  11. @dr_jayhart all dry sumps are 175k at least Dan E (dry sump owner)
  12. @jep you’re correct but every single day I see The Esprit it makes me smile I think I am 6 years in, I was cutting the hedge today and spent a good deal of that time looking at it. The Amazon delivery driver spent some time explaining how much he loves Lamborghinis
  13. Now I would love an Evora and will have one, one day, but as @Bazza 907 says an Esprit is iconic, mine has been sitting on the drive in the rain, sun etc for the past 6 months, it is usually in the garage but the Elan has been in there at the moment. I use it as daily in the summer only ever let me down once (clutch slave cylinder) apart from that it has been serviced by GST or Sparkles and never had a problem. The worse thing about it is you can pop down the local shop and end up coming back 2 hours later because everyone wants to talk to you.
  14. @CHANGES gas out? What does that mean? Looks stunning I clay bared the wifes BMW today then machine polished it still looks nothing like that
  15. @C8RKH Swamp Donkeys consider that one stolen
  16. And I have to confess it has been sitting out in the rain and wind for 3 weeks with the battery disconnected. Reconnected the battery to move it back in the garage thinking this is never going happen. Started first time took it for a drive to warm through and now back in the garage. left my 2019 Mercedes Vito van for 3 weeks during lockdown and it needed a call out to Merc to come and reset some stuff to get it going. loads of trouble.......... FFS
  17. That is definitely my car now back to the original reg HSC 6X revived by @Bazza 907
  18. Dan E


    That was after the service on the return leg. Sparkles said the smoke was a bit of moisture in the exhaust
  19. I have so stolen that and claimed it was mine
  20. the reputation is nonsense mate, they just need looking after and driving. Awesome car and love the decision making process .
  21. Personally I would give the V8 a wide berth, luckily for me I get @Chillidoggy S4 as part of my inheritance so i am just waiting to take to a trip to Beachy Head with him with a decent head wind. GT3 is the way to go IMHO
  22. @Neal H absolutely spot on, I know this is not going to sound good and I know someone who lost both their mum and dad to COVID but you have to look at the facts 41k people in the uk have died out of 66 million (I think that’s right) it has to stop now and you make your own choices. I don’t drive down Chislehurst high street at 120mph but someone did and they’re now dead along with their passenger. So you can’t control everyone but let’s hope the sensible survive
  23. Excellent the Kent boy has been added. So Dave and Megan thank you so much, both my sausage roll followed by a bacon roll were excellent. I am however having a massive hankering for an S2 JPS now and that will lead to a very expensive divorce! Sparkles the Esprit is running like a dream after you emptied my bank account and pension pot
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