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  1. If you can lease it through a business it makes sense, there is a guide to what is acceptable on hand back I can’t remember what it is called, google it. I lease all vans as it works and you get the VAT back straight off. I might be stupid but I always buy all the other cars
  2. Good to see you have moved from number plate on a slant to off centre. Progress at least,
  3. I have a mate that owns four travel agencies around here and does very nicely, they are slightly more expensive but they do go the extra mile I use him for all business and personal travel as they do all the hard work. I haven’t been in a Thomas Cook for 20 years and I would just go on the internet but I like the personal service
  4. @Woody sorry mate, GST are the Lotus gurus Gerald the owner was rebuilding a plus 2 when I was last there and it was pretty amazing and stunning that was JPS so I put two and two together and got seventy six
  5. @DaveyT to be fair I actually own the Essex but @JNW3 seems to think that just because he paid for it, it is his
  6. Still makes me laugh, “ can you bring the essex” and you heard , “ can you bring the S1”
  7. which is exactly the spec my wife wants and i mean the exact. A little electric run about for her I like that idea
  8. @Bazza 907
  9. Haven’t smoked a joint in 25 years and I don’t want to put @Sparky out of work, when I say out of work I mean trying to get him to stop drinking gin and to sort my TE and him to do it not wearing shorts which is proving an issue.
  10. George, that is brilliant, I am a quarter of the way through, I think I need to find someone who can sell me a couple of joints, Dark Side of the Moon playing and a very nice Chablis sitting in the sun. I am going to save it for Saturday now. #wheredoyougetajointthesedays i assume Margate @Chillidoggy?
  11. The Spice affect? (Effect) never know which one it is
  12. I am also guessing you didn’t get stabbed, which is always a bonus in Margate
  13. Next on the list a plus 2, congratulations looks lovely.
  14. This was Croatia yacht week which I would imagine is comparable to Margate @Chillidoggy please confirm
  15. Excellent you can come to start in my office on Monday, I have decided beer, sun, sea and gin is where I want to be. I am done with working. See you in the office a 7.30 for a 6 minute handover
  16. @Bibs not this year mate I am at my nephews wedding that weekend!
  17. To be fair Henry I can only agree, I followed you up to the 70th, I have to say you are a lunatic, but it did sound lovely
  18. So off for nephews stag tomorrow, Croatian Yacht week, looks terrifying! They seem to forget I am nearly 50
  19. So I actually said to my son the other day ( mother in the shower) I really want a 410 Sport in Military Grey but I will need to sell the Esprit. Now discussing stuff with a 14 year old is usually a bit meh, he came into the kitchen sat down (Instead of standing there doing his hair and being cocky) and I am quoting, he said, “ you can never sell the Esprit, you promised that to me, sell Mums car”
  20. You got paid your “variation” account on the last job then.
  21. Personally I think the Valkeryie is hideous!
  22. Actually when you put it like that, it does make you think. Personally I love it, bit disappointed all lhd though also will @Sparky be able to fix it!
  23. can we follow the procession online? I wish I had known that earlier I would have jumped on the old rattler up to London. So who owns the yellow cars going on this?
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