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  1. Helen, tell him nothing! We know, that is all that matters! He will own weapons though as he is from Margate. We will have to rely on intelligence.
  2. Me: Minogue Sparky: Helen Mirren Bibs: Jo Brand Jonathan: Ray Winston just need a script now and some snails
  3. you are after all only human. Just checking are we off topic here!
  4. i will insist that i am played by Minogue
  5. I only talk to you because i am scared of your wife #mainlybecausesheismoreinteresting
  6. I am talking about the hotel/bar afterwards, I looked at the receipt and thought I can't put that through expenses so binned it. Bar snailgate the food was lovely to be fair. Will be arranging another in August, maybe a Corrs concert? On my B/day vaping is allowed in the venue, tis true so you and @Sparky will need to try harder to get thrown out.
  7. @JNW3 help me out here, I got the AA senior TLF members on my case! Funnily enough i was doing my expenses the other day and it turns out gin in whatever that place was is not cheap.
  8. His nephew goes to my sons school, and my osteopath treated him after his plane crash that is no defence
  9. this is where we stayed the evening after the rally! Wasn't that far away
  10. Now called The Forest Experience, I believe. Ross who owns it is a nice guy and they do teach you stuff but the limits are really down to how much bottle you have.
  11. I can help you out here, we done one in Wales which was bloody brilliant for a mates 50th a couple of years ago, all in Full rally spec MK2 escorts, you could drive like a complete loon if you wanted although at some points the sheer drops stopped you also my Nephew who is seriously quick came across a group of cyclists who had ignored all the signs and fences! On the hot lap with the instructor driving a Subaru, they were so on it that the same aforementioned Nephew ended up, well see below it was an absolute pleasure that health and safety was completely out of the window all day. We also ended up the following night stay in a welsh town which was completely bonkers, everyone from 16 to 80 just goes out and gets properly pissed. I don’t have the email on my iPad but I will have a look tomorrow when in the office and send you the itinerary of what we did. Or maybe just look at the side of the car Higgins Rally School! Not sure how I missed that
  12. luckily Esprits have such a good handbrakes isn't it!!
  13. @JNW3 you have broken my Essex @Sparky you better be quick I am on a 10day detox from Wednesday
  14. Just got back from rugby tour, I could do with a RAC recovery truck
  15. Now where to jump in here, so I will make one point only and it is this 1. Why does this country try to change absolutely everything by taxing it! No forward thinking, no initiative, nothing, in fact can anyone (I stand to be corrected here) tell me how any Gov has done it in any other way. 2. Apologises that might have been two points 3. Shit that makes it three 4. I am in trouble here
  16. 2. Dan E @Chillidoggy I shall bring some Hobnobs and my special jeans with extra large titanium rivets then we can both enjoy them sitting on your front wing
  17. I would go but I don't have a Bremont!!
  18. Last time I saw wiring like that it was in a chicken shed
  19. Anyone watched The Looming Tower about the CIA and FBI on the run up to 911, based on fact, popped my head.
  20. Going back to the wholesaler on Tuesday assuming it doesn’t get nicked from site this weekend which is a 50/50
  21. Got 250m of 4 core 25mm SWA after I miss heard a phone call would that help?
  22. Is this not the one that has had a crash? Helpful?
  23. @mdavies to be fair I read all of these threads this morning, so being oldish (i have no short term memory) and having spent 10 hours driving to Stockport and back today and not seeing a single Lotus, I started thinking “we” need something! So it wasn’t directed at anything or anyone! Mainly because i didn’t think about the previous posts This, in my opinion, is getting the best, most amazing, blue collar (subjective agreed) engineering company on to the world stage. Anyone ever asks me why Lotus, it’s because they are British, they have always been ahead of the curve with no money and they took on everyone. Win the lottery it would be a S Class Coupe Amg 63 in blue with cream and no blanked off buttons and the rest of the cars would be Lotus. Oh and a Speedster for the wife
  24. I have to say and I am pretty sure I haven’t commented on this thread before, I think a hyper car is the right thing, I am amazed at the amount of people who have absolutely no knowledge of Lotus, the older ones are always surprised that they are still going, the younger lot have no idea who they are. I even talk to “car people” who have never heard of the Evora. Tragically! They need something to get them not only in the motoring press but on the 6 o’clock news, and first ever British electric hyper car surely that will happen? On that note though it must be brilliant and lightweight or lighter than the completion and handle like a Lotus. But I promise you 95% of them know the Bugatti Veyron (Not its heritage though) I have only ever seen one of them on the road going through the Limehouse link many years ago and spending a fair bit of time driving in London you would think I would have seen more. It’s marketing pure and simple and I do believe that Geely do know what they are doing. On the Rimac the only thing I know is it must have a 6 star Euro NCAP rating, it’s certainly where I would want to be rolling down a hill
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