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  1. The GT40 , the JPS the Fly trap however ...........
  2. I still haven’t finished the crane awaiting an Esprit service date! So I can send both together #hint
  3. Didn’t redesign the suspension like Sparkles then? Mainly because that would be weird wouldn’t it I am quoting everything now , the mobile crane is coming up next along with the Esprit
  4. Just to annoy you I am going to quote you sell you my Esprit for £8. I am more into cuddling trees these days
  5. Strange I have been looking at 328 GTS’s today the arse has fallen out of them lately, beautiful machine though and getting into the f&£k me they’re a deal now
  6. @delands how you getting on with it? I sent @Sparky (sparkles) the Land Rover up and he has not stopped moaning about my packing
  7. Just going to bump this thread as I just reread it , happy bank holiday everyone! What a day that was and if Lotus management look at this, then just LOOK! Don’t forget us.
  8. Dan E

    340r Picture Thread

    They all look better showing their scars in my opinion
  9. Dan E

    340r Picture Thread

    41k I am impressed. Today was the perfect day for that car
  10. Dan E

    340r Picture Thread

    @jep and that is why you got to love Lotus, what other company would sign that off, love it. When I picked up my S1 Elise a guy was picking up one of them, stunning thing but it was raining, myself and the missus only ended up with wet knees he must have had a great journey
  11. @Chillidoggy where did you get the labelling done for the air compressor switch, thinking that might work in our new kitchen, thanks
  12. He certainly looks annoyed and can I say somewhat scary
  13. ^^^^^ that being one of them @Bazza 907
  14. A lot of hurdles to cross @Bazza 907 and getting generally hassled by a few good folk on here including the guvnor you can probably guess the other suspects, I’m currently doing man maths excluding the inevitable divorce
  15. I will be there as @Sparky (Sparkles) is threatening to sort out the dry sump next month
  16. This is so calling for you to be reunited when this is all over, how cool would that be.
  17. Ian I am not allowed to quote but have because if this is true it will cost us £15 to deliver the MIL her weekly shop and she is 400m into the zone
  18. I am banned from quoting by the boss, (sorry) but re-read that Barry and tell me that would make sense to anyone ever
  19. Ha I see what you are saying unfortunately the blue can also be a brown. Right tomorrow after I haven’t drunk a bottle of wine I will have a go at explaining it, so maybe it is rocket science it ain’t but totally get where I didn’t explain that correctly
  20. Look at L1 and L2 then we can introduce you to C (common) after that you will wonder why there are any domestic electricians in the country
  21. You are over thinking it, look at the cables marked L1 and L2 firstly, on Barry’s diagram forget what colour at the moment get your head around that then the other bits are simple. Follow them cables first, on the diagram once you get your head round that it is really simple. Honestly happy to help Admittedly capacitive reactance is another thing entirely but wiring a house is less scary than you think. I can do it and I can write and everything not sure about Barry though
  22. that is correct and I am a sparky, don’t be daunted, worry about the brown cable follow that and it ain’t rocket science the rest will make sense I hadnt seen your reply then i was replying to Barry’s and I have lawyers
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