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  1. And I have to confess it has been sitting out in the rain and wind for 3 weeks with the battery disconnected. Reconnected the battery to move it back in the garage thinking this is never going happen. Started first time took it for a drive to warm through and now back in the garage. left my 2019 Mercedes Vito van for 3 weeks during lockdown and it needed a call out to Merc to come and reset some stuff to get it going. loads of trouble.......... FFS
  2. That is definitely my car now back to the original reg HSC 6X revived by @Bazza 907
  3. Dan E


    That was after the service on the return leg. Sparkles said the smoke was a bit of moisture in the exhaust
  4. I have so stolen that and claimed it was mine
  5. the reputation is nonsense mate, they just need looking after and driving. Awesome car and love the decision making process .
  6. Personally I would give the V8 a wide berth, luckily for me I get @Chillidoggy S4 as part of my inheritance so i am just waiting to take to a trip to Beachy Head with him with a decent head wind. GT3 is the way to go IMHO
  7. @Neal H absolutely spot on, I know this is not going to sound good and I know someone who lost both their mum and dad to COVID but you have to look at the facts 41k people in the uk have died out of 66 million (I think that’s right) it has to stop now and you make your own choices. I don’t drive down Chislehurst high street at 120mph but someone did and they’re now dead along with their passenger. So you can’t control everyone but let’s hope the sensible survive
  8. Excellent the Kent boy has been added. So Dave and Megan thank you so much, both my sausage roll followed by a bacon roll were excellent. I am however having a massive hankering for an S2 JPS now and that will lead to a very expensive divorce! Sparkles the Esprit is running like a dream after you emptied my bank account and pension pot
  9. @ChrisJ totally agree, 41k people have died out of 66 million just do the math. I have a full order book but no one will let us in their buildings the only “company” letting us in from next week is the NHS
  10. @robington I believe comes for free along with the appalling warranty. I am told the best advice is available around 22.30 on a Friday night
  11. That was the one that solved the totally dead Esprit and I have my wife as witness that, that actually happened
  12. Actually I forgot the indicator incident that was solved by text. So four times. I am really not making any of this up. Now we know Chapman died in mysterious circumstances, could it be he lives with his MIL and gin wearing shorts
  13. @Sparky is actually starting to freak me out a bit! So this morning wake up sun is out so I decide to take the TE to the office, dress in full Sergio Tacchini track suit, Borg Elite Trainers, a gold belcher (9 carat) and a wad of 20's. Phone in hand wander out, 5 pumps of the peddle, starts first time, check oil pressure, perfect, leave it for 5mins to warm through, clutch in, select first! Well no I couldn't select any gear at all. Go back in change into jeans and a t'shirt stick a fiver in my pocket and take the van. Arriving at work I text the Watford Exotic Customer Care Line a
  14. Schools are pretty good as well and there are loads of pubs and restaurants. Send me a PM happy to meet up for a beer. During lockdown we frequently got lost in the woods on walks and we have lived here for 35 years. Not sure if you have a boy but Bromley Rugby Club is excellent. a mate of mine owns an estate agents round here so can do the introductions if you want me to and hopefully get in before everyone else, he sold the house next to mine in 2 weeks in lockdown.
  15. They’re a few lotus round here, I lived in Chislehurst for 25 years and moved just up the road to Bickley 10 years ago. In fact when I was in Chislehurst I moved twice in the same road then made it about 750m from there and that placed me a 40sec walk from The Bulls Head (dangerous ). Bickley a lot safer. My boy goes to Ravens Wood school which is excellent, especially for sports . love Greenwich but as you say stupidly expensive and if you want a garage you’re basically f&£ked without a lot of £££££. a mate of mine moved from Greenwich to Bickley about 5 years ago an
  16. @Chalen once you move you will be literally 10 mins from my house
  17. @LOTUSMAN33 it’s got to be M100 hood seals hasn’t it there is a market waiting for them, assuming this all is sorted with @Bibs obvs.
  18. So not got involved in this debate before, but I think the gov have done a decent job of it considering! But I was reading The Sunday Times, oddly on Sunday and ( I don’t know if this is true) but one article said that a total of 37 people under 40 have died without other issues. Where my office is 23 companies have moved out, it is practically empty.
  19. So you done all of them in two days?
  20. At least I get the VAT back, maybe at some point this course could have a “no” in it
  21. I have noticed this drinking course doesn’t have many rules. I have been on it since March, it goes something like this 1. send text, “are we drinking today” 2. “ yes” 3. “What time” 4. “I am on my third” one of the best courses I have ever been on and so far it’s free
  22. Although he will want to kill me @Sparky is your man as I am sure everyone will tell you.
  23. This should be on the unhappy thread but I am on the @Sparky drinking course so can’t be arsed. Does anyone else notice that everyone is driving at 25mph at the moment.
  24. Wayne, can’t comment on the rad but @Sparky fitted the PNM fan upgrade to mine, it did need some modification but I would say it is definitely some of the best money I have spent on the car, so much better than the originals. So if you’re going to the trouble might be worth considering Dan E
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