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  1. Look at L1 and L2 then we can introduce you to C (common) after that you will wonder why there are any domestic electricians in the country
  2. You are over thinking it, look at the cables marked L1 and L2 firstly, on Barry’s diagram forget what colour at the moment get your head around that then the other bits are simple. Follow them cables first, on the diagram once you get your head round that it is really simple. Honestly happy to help Admittedly capacitive reactance is another thing entirely but wiring a house is less scary than you think. I can do it and I can write and everything not sure about Barry though
  3. that is correct and I am a sparky, don’t be daunted, worry about the brown cable follow that and it ain’t rocket science the rest will make sense I hadnt seen your reply then i was replying to Barry’s and I have lawyers
  4. No idea, stand in a bucket of water when you do it though and nail a copper spike into ground and hold it between your teeth before you start always worked for me
  5. @C8RKH and @KAS-118 black or white please discuss .
  6. @JayTwo good man pleased you enjoyed it, I done something similar on that rear wing and had to do a partial strip down luckily I spotted it pretty quickly. It is an impressive thing I have to say. Thanks for sending it on.
  7. If you got a hour and half spare, Netflix Apex: The Story of The Hypercar is worth a watch, I only got half way through and it does have Chris Harris in it which will put some off. I am so far really impressed with Christian Koenigsegg very clever self taught engineer.
  8. @JNW3 recognise this one by any chance?
  9. Both to your bedroom, no dinner, phones and iPads you leave down here with me
  10. Now you’re talking that is lovely any idea how much?
  11. 1.96 to be exact found another house down it this morning that I didn’t know I owned
  12. Done this today unfortunately we don’t get much passing foot traffic. I think it is an excellent went for hour half walk this afternoon but didn’t see any others more publicity I think it would make the walks all the more interesting. I would have stuck it up the end of the road but it is SORN and I know my luck
  13. Dan E


    Proper cute here is my nephews new kittens doing social distancing IMG_0439.MP4
  14. You won’t believe this when I had our weekly zoom with @Sparky and @JNW3 yesterday that you missed as you was talking to your real mates I was saying I hadn’t heard a thing in nearly 700 hours then went to show them and I had missed a message and as I hadn’t responded they had given it to someone else so now have taken phone off of silent
  15. Is it military grey? My absolute fav colour and Evora model
  16. @JayTwo enjoy mate it took me two weeks! Just do me one favour when you take it apart try to get everything in the right bags and boxes please. There is more on the way if you enjoy that one but they have to go to Sparkles first becuae he can become quite violent
  17. Good stuff, enjoy maybe try not to cram it all into 2 days like Sparkles
  18. Dave just out interest how did you get out?
  19. The Holden and when I had hair
  20. Agree in some ways but the a few mates had the 5GT they were wild things and bloody fast in the day but I have to still say the 309 GTI was sublime but I would also comment that the 106 GTI was the best of the bunch, I seem to remember that a car mag done a real road test between one of them and a Diablo and on real B roads and the lambo could not get away from it. Next Google search 106 GTIs
  21. I love them Dave superb cars bloke around here has a mint 205 19 in grey I always have a chat with him whenever I see him, he did say there was a deal to be done with the Esprit but I just don’t love them that much. The 1.6 was the better car out of the two but the 309 was better than both it really was. I remember doing the fog lights in yellow and had some number plates made up in France so it looked more French, oh to be 20 again probably looked like a right tit
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