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  1. So it now turns out I am the only one in my house without COVID! It is a logistical nightmare to be honest. My 16 year old son has absolutely no symptoms and reckons he feels better then ever, in fact I can hear him in the gym at the moment! My wife however is really suffering.
  2. @Clive59 no I know that! I meant “the deniers” not you. Re read my post I was agreeing with you. how things get lost in translation 😀. I was explaining to my 16 year old son today whilst waiting a COVID test in the car today how we we had to chat up girls. He was horrified that you had to phone the house phone and talk to one of the parents 😀
  3. She will be fine, but this has smashed the wind out of her sails and we have been brutally careful. I have known too many people personally who have died of this and that’s why I get the arse with the deniers. Oh and thank you
  4. My wife got tested positive on Tuesday. It is not funny by any stretch of the imagination. She is early 50’s with a spot on BMI and an exercise lunatic.
  5. Is that hiding as in not moved?
  6. I tried to keep up with Sparkles GT3 on the way the 70th at Hethel in a 1981 dry sump and I promise you he was gone. That said my car does not attract flies like his. I think he needs to drive flat out to escape them
  7. Pete his name is Sparkles
  8. And stubborn doesn’t even cover it, when she broke her shoulder after the hip we put in a disabled shower and stairlift, to put the stairlift in they had to remove the handrail on one side. We went to drop off her shopping and she took ages to answer the door so we looked through the letter box and she was walking down the stairs around the stairlift with now only one handrail. FFS
  9. Sorry had to take out the personal details
  10. @Colin P let me see if I can copy and paste my email to Jill at The Sunday Times. They’re all so frustrating, I am off to Switzerland the day after my 85th rave Hi Jill, I am not even sure that you will believe this story but I think this needs to be put out there. So a bit of background, my Mother In Law, is 91 in May, is registered disabled, partially sighted, profoundly deaf and has broken both her hip and shoulder in the last five years, she also had a fall about 2 weeks ago and now has to live upstairs in her house with carers coming in 4 times a day with both myse
  11. You nailed that. Sarah just been talking to her mate who has put her mum into a home a couple of weeks ago and she has been paying £80 a month for BG HomeCare for a 2 bed terrace. You will be see me on Watchdog soon. When I asked the girl on the phone about BG’s SLA terms she didn’t even know what I was talking about
  12. Andy I have and it now has its own folder in my office, that is not even half of it, the most disgraceful service I have ever come across. Jill from The Sunday Times is brilliant so we are going after them in a pincer movement. I have the FCA involved as well. The thing is I love stuff like this I spent 7 Months going after HMRC after they over charged me £1.37 on my VAT bill. I won 😀
  13. The de-seam has probably made it nigh on worthless to people who give a shite about originality including me. I could be wrong though.
  14. Can I suggest you all go and have look at your elderly parents accounts. My 91 year old MIL who is registered disabled, blind, deaf and immobile with carers coming in 4 times a day (nightmare) Her boiler died on Monday with British Gas HomeCare insurance which she has had for over 25 years this year the premium was £824. So phoned them up and got told I need to phone the “local Hero’s” yes me not them. So call them up and get told you can’t book a visit over the phone but only on their website. She doesn’t have the internet (like most) so forgot my phone in the panic to get over there
  15. Dan E


    4.75? Can drop the cash off tomorrow you will need somewhere to dry it
  16. Christ I hope not, that looks like an Evora I have modified. The rear is hideous!!
  17. I had a Boxster when a mate of mine left me in charge of it for six months when he was working in Poland. I drove it twice and used my Mondeo Estate on every other occasion
  18. I had this in the Esprit last year got in couldn't get it in any gear tried several times during the day, i had driven it the day before and it was fine. Eventually I phoned up @Sparky he said ring him back on FaceTime and show him the issue, so I turned the phone to show him the gear lever and it started working and has been fine ever since!!! I think it must have been the linkage got its knickers in a twist, as i say the problem has never returned
  19. I have had a few glasses of wine, @Sparky approved I might add as I only have a drink if he does and it’s not going well to be honest. But............. shouldn’t the rest of the UK have a vote on this as well? Maybe they want independence and maybe we don’t or do, I don’t know, feck it I will just drink some more Sparkles approved wine.
  20. I do not have any problem with people not having the vaccination, we live in a free country, it is your choice. However now knowing 11 people who have died of this ( and yes actually of COVID) through friends and extended family I also don’t want you in the same pub as me when I have had the vaccine. so that in my mind is the choice and obviously if you get it you refuse all treatment. The one thing that really done me was watching the news with nurses saying they had to walk through COVID deniers to get to work.
  21. @red vtec not sure how much you know about kitchens but generally they build the carcasses and buy the doors in, which is why you see the same kitchens on most websites. Matt at Krieder is a lovely bloke and you are looking at maybe 30% tops over say B&Q and these are all German kitchens and amazing quality At worse I have a Howdens account which you’re more than welcome to use
  22. I know the MD of Krieder kitchens top quality German kitchens and obvs a bit more expensive the the ones you have mentioned but not by as much as you would think. He is designing our one at the moment. Happy to do the introduction.
  23. And with less snails
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