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  1. Sparkles give me a shout if you struggle with the leads and plugs I can offer much advice!!
  2. Knowing Thanet i have FTFY
  3. If you think about it @pete its a stroke of genius fix the light fitting to the inside of door then it has a double use as both internal and external lighting depending on if it is shut or open, adding lightness and efficiency all in one go.
  4. 🤣 That 100% to regs, tis not a problem
  5. @ChrisJ i don't think anyone is talking about electric heating, what we are saying is there is no point in looking at anyway of saving money until you look at the building fabric.
  6. @ChrisJ you never want to use electric for heating if you can help it, apart from maybe underfloor in bathrooms if they're tiled. What i was trying to put across is there is no point IMHO trying to claw back money installing solar if your house is leaking like a sieve and i can sort of promise you it will be. Buy or hire a thermal imaging camera and some insulating foam and mastic, you will be surprised what you can do. If you have suspended floors you would be better insulating under them than installing solar obvs IMHO
  7. @ChrisJ before you even think about solar, spend money on insulation, windows etc, I had the worlds most uninsulated house, during a complete refurb we have added insulation everywhere, every external wall has 100mm, underfloor 120mm, new windows, roof etc, you will not believe the difference. But, this is the best money you will spend, get a lot of cans of insulating expanding foam (you're going to need to invest in a multi tool to cut it back which are about £150, you don't have to but its a PITA doing it otherwise) and a thermal imaging camera (you can hire them) will save you more money, look after the planet way more than solar. When i done mine even after all the insulation the amount of cold spots you will find will blow your mind, warning it can become rather obsessive. This is a 1960s house and we haven't had the heating on upstairs at all since doing this and rarely have the downstairs heating on apart from the kitchen and utility underfloor heating which warms the whole house.
  8. Kimbers, be very careful with equity release, you may not want to leave your kids anything but with that you may well, easily and very quickly leave them with a massive debt.
  9. If you think about it, it makes total sense for pension planning point of view and frankly 85 is way old enough (sorry again @pete)
  10. So, been looking after the MIL for at least 15 years worse in the last 5 years as she is house bound and 92 so we have to do everything and she has 3 care visits a day, oh and no life, now this brings me on to my solution (sorry @pete) Everyone gets to live to 85 and two days (to get over the hangover of your birthday), then we just take them somewhere nice and give them a very lethal injection with a pleasant Gin and Tonic. You know it is coming you can plan your birthday, live like you want because you know the date your aren't going to be here. This will solve pretty much all the pension schemes and NHS issues. vote for me 🤣
  11. Depends where you want to vent the flue pipe, same place or relocate. Take it from me it isn’t a formality around here
  12. @Bibsgive me a call at some point or we can discuss next week in the pub. I have worked in a few and basically completely refurbished personally one Grade II listed and one Grade II* building, the difference between the two was completely insane. The Grade II* one was an absolute nightmare, same borough, same conservation officer. Be very careful and get to know the conservation officer, intimately in possible 😂 Sorry Barry he is completely right about installing a new flue, been there seen it, felt the pain and done it
  13. I sold my wife's 435 Grand Coupe through Motorway. Absolutely painless experience, they send you a link which shows you what photos to take, then they ring you to discuss history and agree a price, etc. they put it online to 7000 dealers at 10am until 3pm on a certain day. It sold for over the price i had set. 3 days later a bloke turned up (ex manager of the Libertines strangely) , checked it over then waited until the funds were in my account then took it away. 4k more than We Buy Any Car. Obviously you can always say no i thought it was excellent
  14. you say expensive but look! Discount Code for January 2022: PETER HUTCHIN JOINERY LTD: 97.5% off to any TLF Gold Member with extra 1.25% to anybody who's name starts with a "D". If you have sat next to me ever for more than 10 minutes that equates to another 16%. We thank you for your custom. So let me know what you owe me.
  15. Fine and dandy Sparkles, fine and dandy 😂 I have found drinking helps, so thank you for your advice over the years
  16. So last job on the house before christmas I thought i would connect up the entry phone. Please consider that I have run over 2 miles of cable for data, sound, TV, cctv and all that nonsense. This was the final connection for the entry phone screen in the kitchen and that would be the data cupboard finished, the fecking chippies have put a screw through that very last cable. It is a 25m run over 3 finished ceilings, then run externally behind the tongue and groove cladding on the extension and we all know how easy that is to remove!! FFS 🤬 New route required, beer being consumed Oh and the MIL has had another fall and now has an infection so in hospital. Have a great Christmas all 🤣
  17. They're sheep skin covers!! I have other photos but can be never arsed to work out how to compress them or whatever else you need to do 🤣
  18. All, strange things happen to me I go to Vegas for a wedding and get offered an Esprit which @eeyoreish subsequently buys, then last week guy came to fit the electric blinds and his mate has a late Elite he would like to off load. Apparently mechanically perfect, list of some of the work as follows, none of this means much to me to be honest. 1. all bushes 2. fitted coilovers 3. New calipers and disks, brake lines etc 4. All new bearings front and rear 5. New rad and fans 6. Belts and tensioner done 7. New tyres 8. Galvanised chassis Interior not great and paint described as a bit shit. He has apparently spent over 10k on so far. Located in Sevenoaks, Reg No PMY 472W Don't start asking mea load of questions because i just don't know but can put you in touch. I have more pictures looks like black leather interior Dan E
  19. Pete it was an absolute pleasure to meet Sue, enough said! The Hitler and flat floor S1 E type Stories 🤣 i have put aside, in cash £350 for the dressing room fit out including travel The book deal is in the bag
  20. Oh i didn't read that bit of the thread 🤬
  21. A while ago @Bibs popped around in his electric car which got me thinking about the wife's 435i which was doing around 4k a year. So i sat down and done some maths (proper math not man math) and a couple of weeks ago we sold the 435i (via Motorway which is absolutely brilliant sold for asking price in 6 hours) and bought a pre registered i3 with all the bits and pieces on it for 10.5k off list. So our fuel bill will go from £1800 a year to about £180, free tax, no congestion or ULEZ and it is absolutely brilliant. It drives like a rear wheel drive 205 GTi, you can pre condition it from your phone so it is de-misted and warm when you get in it it is also stupid fast from 0 to 30. I have honestly fallen in love with it. I obvs still have the van for any long trips so i don't think you could have one as your only car but for the missus it is perfect. So i never thought i would say it but nothing else makes sense for a run around now.
  22. See you in the Premier Inn bar at what? 3pm?
  23. Mr Lord, have a great one and erm some gin and stuff.
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