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  1. Last time I saw wiring like that it was in a chicken shed
  2. Anyone watched The Looming Tower about the CIA and FBI on the run up to 911, based on fact, popped my head.
  3. Going back to the wholesaler on Tuesday assuming it doesn’t get nicked from site this weekend which is a 50/50
  4. Got 250m of 4 core 25mm SWA after I miss heard a phone call would that help?
  5. Is this not the one that has had a crash? Helpful?
  6. @mdavies to be fair I read all of these threads this morning, so being oldish (i have no short term memory) and having spent 10 hours driving to Stockport and back today and not seeing a single Lotus, I started thinking “we” need something! So it wasn’t directed at anything or anyone! Mainly because i didn’t think about the previous posts This, in my opinion, is getting the best, most amazing, blue collar (subjective agreed) engineering company on to the world stage. Anyone ever asks me why Lotus, it’s because they are British, they have always been ahead of the curve with no money and they took on everyone. Win the lottery it would be a S Class Coupe Amg 63 in blue with cream and no blanked off buttons and the rest of the cars would be Lotus. Oh and a Speedster for the wife
  7. I have to say and I am pretty sure I haven’t commented on this thread before, I think a hyper car is the right thing, I am amazed at the amount of people who have absolutely no knowledge of Lotus, the older ones are always surprised that they are still going, the younger lot have no idea who they are. I even talk to “car people” who have never heard of the Evora. Tragically! They need something to get them not only in the motoring press but on the 6 o’clock news, and first ever British electric hyper car surely that will happen? On that note though it must be brilliant and lightweight or lighter than the completion and handle like a Lotus. But I promise you 95% of them know the Bugatti Veyron (Not its heritage though) I have only ever seen one of them on the road going through the Limehouse link many years ago and spending a fair bit of time driving in London you would think I would have seen more. It’s marketing pure and simple and I do believe that Geely do know what they are doing. On the Rimac the only thing I know is it must have a 6 star Euro NCAP rating, it’s certainly where I would want to be rolling down a hill
  8. Are they only £116 I will order one tomorrow
  9. @C8RKH agreed nice looking car especially in that flat grey they do
  10. Thanks Barrie of course I can look after the Essex this year.
  11. I have thrown Mercs away with half that mileage. I have been in that car as it is ex Gerald and can confirm there is absolutely nothing wrong with it and the paint looks cool in my opinion, it wears it scars well.
  12. I would rolling around on the floor with them Marshall’s if that was my car, what a couple of absolute tits
  13. What could possibly go wrong.
  14. And here we have the solution Carbon Black is the blue of carbon paper and also having spent many years in diesels it is lovely to have petrol again, 304bhp it goes like feck. Head up display takes some getting used to but it is actually brilliant. Still can’t work our the self parking so now have a van and a car that have self parking but can’t work either
  15. How much of your electrical work is in Europe mine is 50%
  16. And then chap where would we be. I am genuinely worried about Corbyn and I promise you this is not going to be good for you or me.
  17. and that has been my biggest fear in all of this, Corbyn in power.
  18. Think we all know how that will end up, but worth a watch
  19. Vanya, be careful with the DB7 I looked and nearly bought DB7 Volante 3 years ago, got a bit nervous so got it checked out by a specialist who is a bit of a guru. He found 7k’s worth of work required and he said it was one of the better ones.
  20. I will chuck that in as well but Sparky has borrowed it as apparently he can’t do cambelts without it. No I don’t know why as I have never asked. Something to do with chaffing
  21. Oh yes sorry 435i Gran Coupe the best thing is I am not sure the mother in law will fit in the back
  22. So ended up with a 335i Gran Coupe, in carbon black which is a beautiful colour looks like a nightmare to keep clean though. Pick it up next Sat it does have HUD though which is actually excellent and a lot of toys and on the insistence of @Sparky memory seats. Took a week of negotiating car dealers are no fun these days but we finally got there and I said the deal breaker is I want a full tank of fuel that unbelievably took 10 hours to agree as I don’t think he believed me when I said I will walk without it. So we are finally, bar the van, a petrol household again and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Khan for his ULEZ introduction as it has proved a very cheap fix for this house hold.......not. Oh and anyone thinking why didn’t he buy a 440i well I would have done until I read the new road tax laws which sneaked in, in 2017 for any car costing over 40k new that is a proper piss take.
  23. @Steve V8 maybe reverse engineer out the starter motor and have a crank handle. Me I love it all, in a everyday car I want heated everything including steering wheel, auto everything and a lot of buttons, intelligent lighting systems are brilliant, reversing cameras, head up display, you name it I will have it. Although saying that the Van can apparently park itself but I haven’t used it yet mainly because I can’t work out how to be fair I didn’t spec it as it was dealer stock.
  24. Off topic @lotus-62 but more pictures of that Europa please and what it actually is probably deserves it’s own thread
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