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  1. It will be Friday and as you know that is bimp leather cat suit and a sheeps head day .
  2. Original dampers are unobtainable apparently have sent Gerald an email for advice for what is best to fit unless anyone on here knows. Them silicon hoses have got to go as well I am sure they are brilliant but they look shite. Window doesnt work and the rattles are doing my head in. Belts need doing and the janspeed exhaust needs to go. Do you think I can crowd fund this @sparky got a certain Altair Green Elite ( yes that one) that needs a couple of bits. BTW did that inspection ever happen?
  3. Would make that trip (Ahem) if some £20 Calis were on offer 😂
  4. I would so have a bit of that. Well I confirm a very famous racing driver that I had never heard of drove it yesterday and said the dampers are f&£ked
  5. We are going to sit in it drinking wine in swimming trunks
  6. I know the chap who owned and sprayed it many years ago he is at the top of his game. It was originally copper fire
  7. Do you know what Stephen I haven’t had a red car since my 309 GTI but that esprit looks spectacular. You must get the Fezza question all the time
  8. Hold on if that is a dry sump I would be interested @Sparky help
  9. Cash? That is so going to be a crack house and you don’t know how happy that would make me 😂
  10. I can tell you that @C8RKH will totally agree with your missus he loves a +2 I just wish he would stop going on about it
  11. Got to admit if the general consensus is The Hall I am all over that especially as Bibs is paying
  12. No but you could give it me and would really be happy and thankful, I promise
  13. @JNW3 just need @Sparky and you to get booked in. Oh another a bottle of wine then.
  14. That so didn’t come up first time So staying Friday or Sat I am all over that for 70 quid
  15. Getting blood out of a stone springs to mind, Rick is up for it, he has aircon and a Bremont. We will sleep in a close by bus stop and set out Casio watches so we wake up on time
  16. Sort of helpful but a clue where you are staying would probably help a little more. Understood that Shan might be worried that Sarah might be doing cambelt changes between starter and main
  17. Me to I have just put my £20 in I must win it as I have never won anything in my life
  18. @Chillidoggy what hotel you in mate I am hoping Shan and Sarah can do a quick A service whilst we are in the bar 👍
  19. I tell you what I am done with working on cars I spent a good 20mins getting hit with either the hood or the hood cover.
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