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  1. It’s alive what a complete and utter nightmare to change the battery
  2. We need to get us a South Eastern convoy for this one me thinks
  3. @Bibs any chance I can have another 2no tickets for the Sat for my wife and son trying to convince her to bring the the Elan as well not saying I will succeed but I wil try ta Dan E
  4. That X180 is the one I got offered told him he would be lucky to get early 20s shows how much I know
  5. Them hotdog rolls still bloating you out?
  6. Ian just opened first beer you will be please to know 👍
  7. I am for the record only talking about crooked numberplates and how you powdercoat a chicken
  8. He is, I have never seen a bad word about him. It takes me 5 to 6 hour round trip just to drop the car off with getting 3 trains and a tube back then the same when I pick it up that must tell you something
  9. I would wait until Gerald has had a look at it mate, you will then have a definitive answer about what is wrong. You then need to spend the day you pick it up pleading with him to take you on as client. The guy is a genius and a really fair and lovely chap. I only got in there from a chap on here and have never regretted it. Fingers crossed it will be minimal
  10. Holden 202 Estate bought in 1992 bought in Sydney for if I remember correctly 600AUD drove it from Sydney to Cape Tribulation then back down to Townsville, across to Alice Springs, up to Darwin then right back through the centre to Adelaide , back across to Sydney. Across the Nullarbor Plain to Perth, up the West Coast to Monkey Mia and back to Perth where I sold it to another backpacker for 800AUD. We done the water pump about 30Km outside of Alice Springs and as you know its a bit hot in the middle bit and there is nothing there, luckily we had a shite load of water on board we fi
  11. @makkyh fancy the Sat as well?? Sounds like could be a decent Mob attending now on the Sat (well when I say decent ..........)
  12. @bibs I was only doing Sunday but I can’t miss a chat about powder coating and chickens if any left I will do both days
  13. Hold on they are an official dealer? You know where to go next then
  14. Chris no joke firstly get on all the dealer review websites and post that video then I would be straight on to some lawyers. Who the feck are Castle anyway I would also demand your money back and get them to pay for the repairs absolute joke
  15. Excellent pop round and you can show me, probably need to be shown say 4 Times 👍
  16. Other way round in South London 😳
  17. Do you know what Fabian that has got to be worth an email to the Bond franchise Broccoli or whatever they are called
  18. I would be calling my lawyers now, that is a disgrace and bloody dangerous.
  19. Dan E

    World Cup

    Chaps I genuinely think we can win it. So to sum up my day today, it started off with changing the battery in the Elan, which caused a lot of swearing trying to hold up the roof and the roof cover and the fact getting a 13mm socket in there which is just at the right angle to make it f*&kimg awkward. So hot and bothered wife comes out and says, “ Mum (she is 88) has had a fall in the shower” “Ok honey let’s get over there, I will take the van you take the car as one will be easier to get in than the other” tell the current Mrs E to just go, I will lock up the house and se
  20. Ian it looked clean apart from the 16 million insects all over it
  21. Stop talking about the company on the previous night
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