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  1. I haven’t had my copy yet, but at least you spoiled it for me 😂. You sure it wasn’t hangover order?
  2. the solution they are expensive though
  3. Socks and sandals Rock, you are a fashion icon, don’t let anyone tell you any different
  4. @Barrykearley get on with it you tart, I have spent all day drinking beer in the garden it’s only 5pm must be 6 beers in already curry in the slow cooker.
  5. Yep can confirm that they couldn’t stop calling me when I had my E63 up for sale nice guys though and they offered a decent deal to be fair and I was considering it then a chap turned and bought it.
  6. Especially as the “cheese” is obviously an after thought and puzzle jigsaw or Dewalt!
  7. I work up to this note left by my wife about 5 years ago, just found it looking for pictures of my MG Midget. Got to be the weirdest note ever
  8. Yep ^ what Ian said. Anyone read the Sunday Times (ahem on Sunday) that Tesla’s are no better than any comparable car for the environment. I will dig it out if anyone is interested. Still would like one though
  9. Trevor agreed with the Westfield, have you thought of building one the kit is 11k then you probably got 2k in options then a chrome bumper Midget. Personally once the garage is done that what I think I am going to do (read with a lot of help from Sparky hopefully) I am thinking steel cranked 1380cc A Series, up grade the brakes etc, I done a Midget in my youth and I do remember the parts are very cheap, seem to remember Mini Sport being particularly good suppliers then you get what you want for the same money, IVA is a bit of an issue from what I have been reading but you can get them through
  11. 47 cars for 2 miles I got my passenger to count coming back from Leeds. My beef is not with the overtaking artic it is the guy on the inside, if he slowed to say 45 for say 30 secs it would all be done. But I never see this happen and I mean ever and I don’t understand that this is from a bloke who does 30k a year so I promise you I know
  12. Dan E

    World Cup

    Here we go, beer in hand, day off tomorrow. Come on England! Anyone want to guess what 15 min section the first “quality” comes out of the commentators
  13. This is exactly what I mean, what annoys me is the lorry on the inside could easily slow down a bit to let the other one past but it is like they both sit there with their foot flat to the floor.
  14. I am a very simple electrician but the one on the right looks the more complete car and the lights on the 4C are hideous,, sorry
  15. I can promise you @Barrykearley in 32 years of sparking I have never be in the situation to have to print a label in my case, but write in your case 😂 “egg belts”
  16. That fan wiring I have seen better in chicken sheds
  17. I must admit it would be a good call after spending 45mins in the sun, in traffic on the M25 in a black with black leather no aircon car, it was pretty painful and a tad hot
  18. @Sparky this is exactly the same conversation I had with an ex GP in A&E on one of my frequent trips there due to you know what. He said he stopped being a GP because he spent half of his life looking after people who really shouldn’t be here anyway and the cost was ridiculous so he gave it up.
  19. Neil yours is also not a dry sump so I guessing should be easier
  20. Dan E

    World Cup

    I have yet to get through a match without one of the commentators saying “quality” drives me mad. I now have a £1 bet with my boy each match who can get it within 15mins
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