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  1. Do you need one of these to record a rad?
  2. @JNW3 got us drunk, we were the innocent parties that is how I don’t remember it
  3. I don’t think we had a 5th! Or did we?
  4. Mate of mine was clearing out his Travel Agents and said he had found 3no Goodwood posters and did I want them. Thought that might be cool once new garage is done. Just checked on eBay and they are going for circa £175 a pop
  5. Now I don’t know this as a fact but apparently 2no built and the other one written off. It does look spectacular in the sun, at the moment it is drive artwork. Friday is new battery and a multimeter
  6. So these turn up today, but this is a tale of a Month of Tyres, 2no rears BMW, 2no fronts Van, 2no rears Esprit then when I finally thought that was it, Sunday 6.30pm phone call from son he has just done the front tyre on his bike can I come and pick him up. I like bike tyres they are 11 quid. Now need to work out how to get the Goodyear stickers on these Vredestein, the spare rear wheels back from refurb then mothball the Goodyear’s for shows etc. I am done with tyres now Oh and only done this because I promised @Sparky I would after the 4th bottle of wine.
  7. Dan apparently the only one left in that colour.
  8. Yes fair point George, it’s going for storage awaiting Sparky to finish Christine then he is going to go through it then she will be out for the rest of summer 👍
  9. Dan E

    World Cup

    Just watching this now, they are dirty bar stewards
  10. Trevor it’s definitely won’t be that as I take the front off not for security but because I don’t know how to turn it off and I can’t see the buttons
  11. Good call, thanks for that, I think the battery is buggered though I will keep charging it though and live in hope. I reckon you right I cleaned it last weekend and I bet I have switched something on and not noticed
  12. Yes as above, good fun good to meet Ian and that font of technical knowledge Shan my new favourite women on the planet 😂👍
  13. So after starting 1st every time since I got her I went to drop her over to Rick today to put into storage and battery completely dead 0.7volts. She was fine last week and I have left her for 2 weeks before no problem. So she is on CTEK and we will see what happens.
  14. Could be hacked, put the link up I will have a go,
  15. Easy to sort out tell him you want to go and see it then see what happens. Guaranteed he will be off to Italy tomorrow
  16. @CHANGES this is not only phenomenal work but a great thread to read. God knows how much it costs but whatever it is it is worth it. Right lottery 😂
  17. It will be something to do with powder coating I promise you.
  18. @BibsI am still coming ( I definitely didn’t turn down an all expenses paid trip to Lingfield Races either so that’s good at least the wife will have fun) got to work in London in the morning but should be there on time ish. I will have no time to wash it though sorry Dan
  19. the seller painted the guys TVR Griffith in exchange for rebuilding that engine and I am guessing he had a million quids worth of cars in there and some. If you ever want a painter ..........
  20. Guilty, always good to go for a 20 min drive, then go back passed the hotel you stayed in 😂
  21. John this been 20 mins from my house for years, the engine was rebuilt by a Mercedes F1 mech and guy who Neil bought it from is a sprayer who predominantly restores classic Aston’s and porkers as I am sure Neil will agree the stuff in his workshop was mind blowing. He has has just finished Joanna Lumleys husbands DB5 and the GT40 rep was wonderful
  22. Chance meeting several 1000miles from home, this was 5 mins after realising I was sitting opposite @makkyh cousin which prompted this conversation then the guy sitting next to him said my boss has a TE. What are the odds on that?
  23. Neil, I am still having engine jealousy. Looking forward to the build thread. Amazing what can come out of a stag night in Las Vegas! Dan
  24. Adam good to meet both yourself and Ian I am hoping the pictures will be epic. As for writing it’s easy really S3 TE wins and GT3 comes last. There you go done 😂😳 Danny
  25. Oh yes forgot about that , thanks food was really good as well.
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