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  1. Can we see a picture of the front please 😂😂 just to check something
  2. They were built in the same hermetically sealed factory as the NSX if memory serves
  3. Ssssshhhh nothing, say nothing
  4. @LotusFella this is why you are here for a level headed view and some real in depth help so I would take @Barrykearley advice
  5. Matt sorry no help with your issue but what is your garage floor made of? Can’t be tiles otherwise you must have had the worlds strongest tiler. I really like it and as building a garage I am interested thanks in advance Dan
  6. Chap wrote in to Classic and Sportcar this month who worked Delorean and he confirmed the factory never painted a single car, strangely I was only reading that yesterday
  7. @C8RKH new series of Goliath starts on Friday next week. 👍
  8. I do love a NA, especially in that colour. I would be interested in your wheel chap as need to get the 2no rear BBS done to match the fronts so I can save the Goodyear’s Sorry just read that again and you said you have not found when you do please let me know
  9. I am E* which is a worry I thought it was meant to be nice around here
  10. You know nothing has been over looked when you got 30amp connector blocks coming out of the dash
  11. Room, gin and chips then. Been on a few dates like that 😂
  12. Yep agreed, Gerald at GST told me never use the choke and I do exactly as Andy does, never failed although mine is still connected. You just need to heal and toe a bit until it warms up. I do always from cold sit there for 2 to 3 mins to let everything circulate whilst staring at the oil pressure gauge thinking “ please”
  13. @Sparky i can ring them and see if they will do a Monday night deal, ham duck egg and chips and a scotch egg starter with black pudding what’s not to like, I will check gin collection also
  14. @Sparky I will have a look tonight and see what i can find, are you still a tee total vegan? by the way does anyone else fancy a pint, a pie and a bed somewhere near this place on Monday night?
  15. @Sparky done, if your up for it i will have a look and see if i can find somewhere with beer, food and a bed I am thinking tops £50
  16. @C8RKH how about Australia? Oh hold on 😂 sorry back to the topic as it is important
  17. @C8RKH don’t even get me on the last bit, that is so disgusting I cannot even comprehend anyone who would make money out of other people’s death and misery, there are an awful lot of words in the English language but even the “C” word is not adequate. As Barry said above this building fire compartments is great but it only takes one wrong downright, a wrongly sealed fire break and you are truely f&#ked. This is passive fire protection, it will never work in reality. I once had the job of sealing the FT’s computer suite after it had been there for 6 years it took 4 Months and 5 blokes
  18. Artic lorry drivers on the A1, complete and utter beep, beep, beep, beep, beep
  19. Still reckon cheap pub room, pub food and a few beers somewhere close is the way to go on the 18th, anyone? If not I will invite @Bibs he is always up for a beer
  20. I just heard on the news The Met are considering criminal charges against the fire service for the “stay put” this genuinely ridiculous I know two firemen and both have seen and done some horrific things, I couldn’t do it. There is no way they would have said stay put if they didn’t think that the building was meant to be constructed in the correct way. This is down to the council, the spec and building control who signed the work off. The contractors should know better but as @Barrykearley will confirm I don’t think I have ever seen a fire barrier not compromised in 30 years. Spri
  21. George agreed on the 11 I spent a lonely meal for one in Leeds last night with a nice bottle of Chablis reading some chaps build thread of him building one, in fact I was enjoying it so much I ended up the last one in there then got chucked out! It’s a pretty comprehensive kit and having built a 1380 MG Midget into a Safety Fast replica 30 years ago I reckon it is just what I need to get back into spannering. As ever no space and cash are an issue, maybe a trip to Beachy Head with the parents and the mother in law could solve that though 😳
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