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  1. Off topic @lotus-62 but more pictures of that Europa please and what it actually is probably deserves it’s own thread
  2. That car would make me seriously consider selling the TE, the cats and my son for. Looks stunning mate
  3. You want to try to get through airport security with half a metal head. My surgeon Robert Bentley who is a Mr, Mr, Mr ( look it up) still says it won’t set it off but it does every time
  4. she is now not only my fav women in the world but now my fav person. anyway back to Brexit. In fact stick Shan in we will be sorted by midday tomorrow
  5. @Sparky as you know we have a lot of lurve for you down here but you need to understand it is 2019 and we embrace technology in the Souff London overspill. We would also travel the world but it’s that non indexed linked pension and heavily discounted ex BA staff flights prevents us . @Chillidoggy talking of wheels how many you got on the Esprit at the moment? I just checked the van and I have four which are all round and just got me back from Stockport (a little quicker than @Barrykearley would as his van is a little slow)
  6. it looks worse then the cat sick I cleared up this morning.
  7. Yes but have you actually looked at it
  8. @Barrykearley you so don’t know my wife. That is her idea of hell. Thanks to @Neal H I am getting a bit obsessed with the Alfa’s but this has not been run past SWMBO yet
  9. No hope with that one chap. The thing is there really isn’t that much choice for a 4 door saloon them Alfa’s though
  10. James honestly go on Audi approved A4 Avant and not one has memory seats. Barry I was actually sitting in one of them today as one of the dads at rugby is a black cabby, it is actually lovely and the glass roof is cool Neal, I promise I can make any type of man maths work but I am talking myself out of it as then it would be getting into Maserati money with a few more quid and I only drive it at the weekend and my wife has zero interest in cars unless it is a speedster
  11. Loving the Alfa but I can’t get past wanting a Quadrifoglio and I can’t afford one of them i did suggest an Evora IPS but that appears not to be happening
  12. Barry it’s a nightmare, it is a late 2014 so missed the euro 6 by about 6 months! There must be a business in buying these really cheap down here and taking them up north. It will literally be worthless in 2 years and worse it is actually a really car James I really liked the A4 Avant and the virtual cockpit is brilliant, only thing apart from the missus not liking it I could not find one car in the Audi approved with electric memory seats and that is sort of essential when you both drive the car
  13. Alfa good call didn't think of that
  14. So due to the wonderful Mr Khan and the new extended ULEZ in a couple of years which happens to be right at the end of the mother-in-law’s road I need to replace the Wife’s 330d, which buy the way is perfect in every way for her but it doesn’t comply and will be worth about £12 when this comes in. So I had a plan, go petrol maybe hybrid with petrol but def not diesel as I think it will only get worse for them. Yesterday we done the following dealers along with wife response 1. Audi A4 Avant ( no and I definately do not want an estate) 2. Jag XE ( grill to big and its ugly) strangely she liked the Evoke but I don’t do cars like that 3. Merc C and E class ( too bling and I do agree with that which is a shame as I love Mercs although the E63 estate was lovely and S Class Coupe is to die for but that needs a lottery win 4. So back to BMW 440i Gran Coupe which we both liked and has 300 plus bhp, I didn’t mention that btw. So left is Volvo S90 not been to see that yet, any other suggestions are more than welcome, I actually been hankering after a Maserati Ghibli but they are too much money if they are petrol. Budget is 30k
  15. Is that Military grey? Definitely my fave colour, callipers look awesome
  16. It’s DK not BK. What a bit of kit it is although I have no idea how the ICE works it is beyond me completely gonna try and sort out the Apple Car Play tomorrow and try the self parking thing. It is Monumentally fast
  17. @Barrykearley you lose, you bought the wrong van (again)
  18. I actually renewed my subscription today as thought an excellent effort for the first year apart from that bit about the yellow GT3 in the 2nd issue
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