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  1. Gary welcome, emotional episode as always pictures are required as Chris says, how is the car?
  2. Dan E

    RIP Bill Withers

    Love that one, the drummer is a dude
  3. One of my all time favs. Use Me has got to be in my top ten tracks ever RIP
  4. To be fair I put the face on in the dark and that looks better than most of our finished jobs! Normally there would be a client in the background with an axe and swivelling eyes!
  5. That’s that socket outlet I sent my top sparks round to fit wasn’t it, we call him The Invisible Making Good Man and you can see why
  6. Dan E

    VAT Payments

    pete sorry yes 31st March 21. Yes still have to file every quarter, should get a rebate for the next 3 Months at least
  7. Dan E

    VAT Payments

    No chance deferred until Jan 21!!
  8. Yes you can but as we all take dividends it’s between £500 and £750 a Month! You cannot also not do anything that will make any revenue for the company only Admin or say marketing! so say we happen to get a job, we do work for the NHS so a possibility then someone needs to do it but as the only one left then I wouldn’t be able to do it!! I understand people getting the arse with Ltd company directors, taking dividends but we do keep a lot of people employed and do take the risks! There has been many a time in the early years where everyone got paid bar me!!
  9. @Bibs I got to be honest it might only be for the 3 Months though, even though i don't like half of them they do all have families to feed, but it might become impossible, doing cashflow this afternoon! Very scary times.
  10. @pete best one I have seen mate, just about to send that on to a mate, thank you. Had my 2nd webinar with my accountants yesterday, Ltd Company Directors get bugger all which is nice as i still have to pay for an office (working on that), accountant, Accounting Software (to pay the PAYE or employees wont get paid if Furloughed & must submit Vat returns) & other overheads not including the personal ones. We also have to pay any employees then claim it back, as the overheads eat into any cash in the bank, this is going to become an issue as no revenue going in and overheads still going out that cash is going to diminish pretty fast! I have told the employees that i will top them up for 3 months then review. A lot of businesses will not survive this!!
  11. Dan E

    VAT Payments

    I am sure you all know but, If you are VAT registered and you pay by DD, you must cancel the DD otherwise they will take it in April! I never trust them f&*kers so pay mine by BACS. You do NOT have to pay it
  12. Going to start my NHS Volunteer thang today, it’s actually pretty cool you get this app which is linked to maps and you have to push a button saying “ On Duty” I’m practically a Neurosurgeon! Dr Dan E
  13. Amazing how they got one of the outhouses in that clip from that angle!!
  14. I have just Googled "Butchers Margate" and there are loads!! In fact you have more near you than me
  15. Ian have you tried the local butcher? Ours has literally everything apart from dried cure bacon. Ring them up they put it all in a bag and a time to pick it up. I agree there is nothing in the supermarkets and i am not getting up 6am to queue. Worth a try
  16. Dan E


    Stan is getting mega stressed about all this shit p!
  17. Shell is definitely up there and you have pretty much nailed it along with some of the builders
  18. To be fair Andy I am not mate, what I am saying is how does this work? As you know I think the gov are doing a great job what I don’t get is how it works. We keep all the over 70s in and the rest of us but at some point we need to let them out that’s the part I don’t understand. on the plus side I am going back in the share market tomorrow
  19. Anyone got the answer to this? 12 weeks then yeah I think most without the “ we have been through the war” mentality will comply but after that no chance. So what happens when we “release” them they will get it and many will die! anyone see the red dot thing in The Sunday Times today? That will make you think
  20. Dan E


    Neil, he is more Maine Coon then many I have seen. They are the best cats ever after having shorthairs for 20 years and still have two of them would never buy any other cat than a MC
  21. No joke if we don’t find a cure for say a year, then how is this going to work? We can’t keep them locked up I am going fecking mad after 2 weeks. Educate me on this! Am I right? I hope not I am now getting worried as my wife is running out of cupboards to sort out and we ain’t anywhere near 70
  22. Think about it we are flattening the curve by keeping them in, we need to let them out at some point, then what? I have never been very bright but someone needs to ask this question because herd immunity isn’t going to work for them! Happy to be told how this works btw
  23. So when we eventually let the over 70’s out what happens then, just asking?
  24. Dan E

    Self Isolation

    so some good news the oven fan just blew up, ordered part comes tomorrow that’s one job to do, have family pub quiz at 7pm 14 of us! I am hoping everything decides to blow up consistently for the next 3 months. Not the Esprit as Sparkles is in strict isolation doing Lego and gin.
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