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  1. Sorry Bibs that was meant to be a like
  2. I can make Monday but it will be awkward. I do agree if we could get at least a weeks notice it would be good and get the rest of the cars together also. was just thinking if anyone interested getting a cheap pub to stay in, the night before for a couple of pints and a steak and ale pie. Also to get the 300 and an S1 there would be good the weekend will work.
  3. Hi Adam i am pretty sure @Chillidoggy can’t do wed. Thursday is better for me but can do wed. Pending where this is going to be might be good to have an early start to miss the traffic? Or maybe see if you can get anymore interest for next week I can be completely flexible then. Also going to struggle to get the car cleaned for wed as in Birmingham at the moment returning late tomorrow let’s have your thoughts especially on location Danny
  4. 1. Dan E 2. GTK 3. John Walsh 4. Sparky 5. Chillidog 6. SteveV8
  5. Well we should find out in the in depth interview.
  6. Ok so Soup done by @GTK to interview @Barrykearley About powder coating, chickens and never having a clean Esprit
  7. 😂 just vote we will get Soup beyond Rihanna in views
  8. So George if we get this to 10 yes’s it’s got to be game on? So @Sparky, @Chillidoggy, @Bibs, @Steve V8, @Stuart Monumentetc, etc please add as many as poss can I reckon we can get this done and learn about crooked numberplates and chickens what’s not to like so 1. Dan E 2. GTK 3. John Walsh
  9. Let’s put it to the vote 1. Dan E (yes)
  10. George I really think @Barrykearley interview should be next, along with 10mins on powder coating absolutely everything, ever and a short segment on chickens 😜
  11. Dan E


    We let him and both shorthairs out always have but we are the same live in very quiet road in fact one of them has his own chair in one of the neighbours houses! I wouldn’t worry about what the breeders say how will they ever know, oh yes she is properly barking mad but great cats, be warned though ours was a brown tabby he is now black and silver and I think he will end up silver. They really are like dogs
  12. Dan E


    Brent try Wildcoon she is in Wales and is completely mad we got Stanley from her he is also completely mental but very funny. He is asleep in that pic
  13. Nathan when you had your profile pic taken I assume they didn’t keep you on remand your right though Lotus get under your skin and only today I found out Porsche have made tractors, argument finished, well not as I await @C8RKH comments
  14. I can do the 6th if needs be but you would think Absolute would be a bit more proactive on this. Bibs is knee deep in vodka so no help there 😅
  15. Anyone know what is going on with this? The 7th is better for me as I really need to be in Leeds on the 6th. Really need to know when and where to make a plan. I am sure everyone feels the same
  16. I have to say coming back from GST the other week the oh so accurate Esprit fuel gauge decided I had no petrol on the M25 about 25 miles from dartford Tunnel so pulled into slow lane and stuck at about 60mph at one point I had an artic in front, one behind and one over taking in lane two, properly scary, they definately can’t see you in their mirrors in fact 80% of accidents I see are LHD lorries crushing cars
  17. @Barrykearley what do they say about great sparks
  18. @sparky you have a toilet, use it. Bloody mechanics
  19. Dan E

    The Chase

    So you know I am not joking
  20. I kinda agree but when it’s hot a pint of Paul Weller is all I need
  21. Dan E

    The Chase

    Right you won’t believe me.......but check out OddsMonkey I never really took any notice of odds or betting but I am ok at maths so spent a week looking into this then subscribed for 17.99 a month, by the way you are guaranteed to get your first months subscription back in your first deal. I put in a few hundred quid but people start with £50 have a read up and I mean a proper read up and it is (now I know you don’t believe me) a 100% guaranteed return. Took me 3 hours to do the first bet I can now knock out a few in an hour. Absolute joke if you can be arsed Or what Pete sai
  22. Dan E

    The Chase

    Oh 100% that’s right. So anyone Match Bet it is a complete joke for a guaranteed outcome. As I say never bet in my life but someone told me about it, so thought that so can’t be right, well it is and is legal, tax free I won’t tell you what I have made but in 3 Months easy a nice S1 M100. It’s definately better than watching tv
  23. Dan E

    The Chase

    Never seen it mate to be honest.
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