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  1. that Princess parked behind it shows how mad it was back then to see an Esprit. 1981 I saw one ( the Esprit not the other pile of ........) as I walked to school totally blew me away and from that day it was the only car for me. 36 years later I got one. I do love an Essex
  2. Ok what are the odds on this, so as some of you know I was in Vegas a couple of weeks ago for a wedding of my wife’s cousin. So cousin Jo was marrying a Scottish chap. Off to the stag night and how it is with these things we are on a long table Scots one end and South London on the other, I only know one of these chaps but end up sitting next to a guy called Ollie, we get chatting and obviously the conversation comes around to cars, he loves 911s ( as I was on a stag and didn’t know anyone I let that go) so I mention I am a lotus man. Show a few pictures and then he said my cousin
  3. Dan E

    Snow Day!

    the bottom of that fire resembles your old esprit numberplate go on treat yourself
  4. To our American friends, off topic but out of interest whatever happened to “The Wall” also just coming back from the US and I have spent many times there, this is the only time I have ever felt uncomfortable approaching politics with you guys so I didn’t. I still to have meet one person over here who has a good word to say about him me included. Maybe I will be shot down in flames but he really, really needs to go. I mean what the f&*k is the supposedly most powerful man in the world doing on Twitter.
  5. Dan E

    Snow Day!

    Witnesssd a funny story today, was working in Canary Wharf talking to a warehouse manager who had spent 4 hours getting in from Maidstone, it pretty bad down there and he got in. . So he has an employee who lives in Old Street London who didn’t make it. Now as you know you can get on the tube and it has this small advantage of being underground and is about 15 mins from the place I was in. He kept on texting him, calling him and nothing, then at 13.30 he gets a text saying he had spent the morning trying to get someone to look after his daughter as her school was closed. So he phones th
  6. Andy, he emailed me back asking for some pictures of the M100, I had already sent the Elite and Esprit ones. Problem I have is it is now getting a little late notice. Both cars need a wash so that would mean taking some time out Wed to do this and I still have no idea what cars if any he wants and no idea of the schedule either.
  7. Mike I done a 5 year apprenticeship, it’s, ring spanner, socket set, open ended spanner, adjustable spanner, then Gin in that order.
  8. Absolutely wonderful. Just showed my son, he made me laugh and this is what he said, “you need to buy that off of Barrie” see he can’t remember to do his homework but he remembers who owns that car ?
  9. Barry hats off to you mate, I just put the bins out and was absolutely bloody freezing. Did go to Rugby with the roof off today.
  10. Yep same here for Esprit, M100 S2 and Ricks Elite. See you there I guess although not confirmed yet
  11. Dan E

    So Vegas

    The BA Amex is going in the bin @SparkyI am done and that is a very sad I have flown them for 25 years
  12. I think the facts are, I know one person who owns a gun which he uses for clay pigeon shooting and that is it.
  13. Bill i have spent many times in the US and love it I even got married there. ( in fact flew back yesterday) But something has to happen. If you want a shotgun ( I believe you can’t have an automatic weapon) over here the checks are beyond belief they also have to be locked in a secure cabinet. We now have a lot of armed police and I am fine with that, in fact I know one and the training they have to go through is unbelievable. I also bump into a few nutters a week in London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Leeds I don’t want a gun in my house, ever. Why do I ever need a gun apart from on the rang
  14. Was listening to Jonny Vaughan on the way back from the airport yesterday and he came up with an interesting theory. So the 2nd Amendment and The Right To Bare Arms, thats fine but if you want a gun then you have to be ready at a moments notice to go anywhere in the world to fight for your country at a moments notice.
  15. Dan E

    So Vegas

    The trip to the Grand Canyon was amazing, I have only ever driven to it before. They are so running out of water though the it’s 150ft lower than 10years ago. My wife ended up calling it the “shit strip!” I was so pleased to get home. But we went for a wedding and that to be fair was brilliant and Counts Kustoms was also cool. If anyone on here can tell me what I have missed then I would be interested. I really don’t get it. Didn’t help BA ( yes @Sparky) gave us 7 hours notice on the way out that they had cancelled out flight so we had to fly to Dallas first then on to Vegas s
  16. Dan E

    So Vegas

    Now this was my fourth time there and I still don’t get it, it is also amazingly expensive now, two medium Lattes and two bottles of water, 35 dollars please Sir. Bottle of wine in hotel bar, “where are you drinking that Sir” Me: “ well I thought maybe in the bar” Him: “ that’s an 18% surcharge” Then he got the arse with me because I didn’t tip him. You get bored of tipping staff for pouring a drink. i said to SWMBO every single hotel, casino is exactly the same just different shapes of plasterboard. Anyway got to meet this chap at the wedding so at least that solves that mystery
  17. I emailed him earlier saying Rick and I can supply my Esprit, his wonderful Elite which is confirmed ex Hazel and the M100 S2 haven’t heard anything back yet. We are also 20mins from Brands fingers crossed
  18. David you have my sympathy about 5 years ago I bought an ex demo C350 estate I had, had it about 5 days when I parked it in London a chap got out of his car in an opposite side road which was on a hill and left his handbrake off which consequently ended up taking out the side of my car. So neither driver was in the car, then come renewal time I had a £100 uplift. How can that be
  19. No we didn’t meet any of the lads, we might go and do the meet and greet at Danny’s club Vamped later today. The museum is not big but it’s free and the quality of the work is absolutely stunning.
  20. Went there today, if you have any doubts What so ever of the quality of their work it is truely amazing check this out
  21. Barry’s quiet! I reckon another V8 is on its way or he is having himself powder coated Hope his not at the bottom of the fish tank
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