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  1. Engines in though mate so that’s you out 👍
  2. Jonny I don’t think so as I have the high res pics looks like a reflection to me. i haven’t seen it so could be. Agreed on the wing easy fix though
  3. Sparingly I would say but serviced every year. It is coming over next week now from France I honestly thought I had heard the last of it. I will once again try to get a guide on price
  4. Chaps I have just got a load more pics of this car and looks mint thanks Dan
  5. Filip agreed and I for the first time in 25 years am without a Merc, but today on the way to rugby I saw a dark blue with cream S Class coupe my god it looked absolutely stunning
  6. Barry who done your drive I am after something like that x
  7. Kimbers what you definitely don’t want is a leather you need a drying towel, two buckets with grit guards and a set of wheel woolies leathers scratch the hell out of paint work
  8. Martyn sorry mate gonna have to blow this one out got a job come up apologises Dan
  9. Rare! I might be up for a 50/50 did I just say that
  10. Doesn’t that mean you owe me lunch 😂
  11. @Stuart Monument he so needs to buy it. Come on Barry
  12. @sparky you was right found the issue we wasn’t putting Capital letters in. What a couple of doughnuts thanks chum all done
  13. I agree but you can’t finish it unless it is right. I didn’t believe him either to be honest but Tis true and he has done 40 assignments with over 80% so thought a little help would be ok. right sparkster let’s see if your right
  14. Chaps, i have no idea on this for my boys homework. Any help appreciated and an explaination would be good. way way above my pay grade thanks in advance Dan
  15. Panel fit is actually spot on
  16. Andy wow that is one stunning car mate. Let’s hear about the epic journey home
  17. Fabian where exactly is your garage (post code, door number) is it alarmed, lock spec, easy access for a trailer etc. Are you and the wife going out or on holiday anytime soon. just concerned I might add 😜
  18. @Bazza 907 just awaiting order my friend but I believe we might have a Exibition job in Ascot on 26th of this Month which means mad for 2 hours in the morning then laze around for a bit until the end of the day and a mad rush to get it stripped out. So I or one of the lads should be able to deliver your wheels to you 👍 cheers Dan
  19. Fabian that is really annoying, saying that my son ordered my wife’s Mother’s Day card 3 days before the day and it still hasn’t turned up. Got a refund but that’s not really the point isn’t it. Happy to pay will send you a PM mate Dan
  20. Yes please, by the way did you ever get the wheel centre badge I sent you. I sent it the day I got back from Vegas.
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