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  1. So strange things that have happened to you where the odds are slim. I was just telling Fabian this story on PM, my main problems seems to be with helicopters, so a good few years ago I got a helicopter back from Goodwood with a few mates, pilot Pete Barnes who was a lovely guy then I guess 3 years later I was on Vauxhall Bridge about 5 mins after he crashed into the crane and sadly died. Then my wife booked the Grand Canyon tour for our Vegas trip and 4 hours later one crashed. I am flying on Sunday morning ?
  2. Dan E

    S3 £5400?

    How many more times is that one going to turn up.
  3. Actually looking at it, it’s really not that bad at all. Send me your address I will send it in the post when I get back from the US
  4. I got one Fabian you are more than welcome to it It’s not new though
  5. What like my wife done today. I am all for 165, 9000000000000; 16.
  6. Fabian you might want to check out LONDON Live on at the moment I am not watching it but looking for some old shite to watch and it is about OCD ?
  7. We still got 2 years and 11 Months to go. It’s money in the bank
  8. Most people think my one is a Delorean!
  9. Your not wrong, lucky not a gambler so we have a £200 budget for that when it’s gone it’s gone. Yes haven’t mentioned the crash to the wife!
  10. Yep that works it’s going into storage down at Ricks on Monday so no stress end of March is perfect, thank you. Elvis chapel apparently so not my thing but there you go. We are doing a helicopter trip to Grand Canyon which we booked yesterday then also yesterday one crashed and killed four! Also going to shoot a few guns then win about 15million so should be fine
  11. Will do mate off to Vegas next Sat for a wedding so will have to be when I get back happy to fit in round you Lets see what you are like on FWD?
  12. @C8RKH properly laughing ??
  13. £10 & 3 years from today I will stick it in my diary. Are you brave enough? to mix it up if you make it I will come up and buy you beer and dinner if you fail you come down here and do the same with a crisp tenner in your pocket Done?
  14. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? I have a tenner sitting here that says you are wrong And to make that a fair bet I give you 3 years
  15. Leeds for a 1 hour meeting tomorrow then back! Dan/unhappy
  16. Problem with Lotus is every time I see another I haven’t seen I want it. Shame I am skint.
  17. What’s the tri fuel thing about? It looked cool covered in well used dirt
  18. Tri fuel? Anyone know anything about it. Looked awesome
  19. They alwAys look better without a Q plate and that is really, really lovely
  20. Barry what Stephen says that picture looks awesome in fact I have decided not to look at it as it is making me want one. keep the faith and come on England
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