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  1. Got to say I agree Lee i hate paying every invoice ever but the £20 a year for this place is actually a pleasure.
  2. Sorry mate but it has the engine in and is complete not your style
  3. Today got up late and decided to get the two Lotus cleaned and ready for the season, so Elan has sat outside for 3 Months including the snow (sorry @Stuart Monument) and hasn’t been started in 3 weeks, the Esprit has been sitting in the garage for 4 Months with battery conditioner on. The Elan starts first turn of the key so get that out the way, now into garage and the Esprit, third turn of the key she fires up. Was intending to get them both sorted out today but got a bit obsessed with the Elan see pic. Elan is off to Ricks storage for a bit and to get it inside, the Esprit is awaiting a trip to Gerald for service and MOT. Only issue I had was trying to move the Esprit back into the garage wearing wellies, got a massive cramp in the back of my leg I nearly stuck it into the garage wall!
  4. Excellent you can buy me that beer then Mr Kearley
  5. 25. Dan E Turbo Esprit or S2 M100 Actually scrap that it will be M100 as booked GST today for service and MOT and the earliest date I could get was 8th May!
  6. Oh yes your right, maybe shouldn’t have had my first Old Speckled Hen at 3.30 😂
  7. James I have PM you regarding the red SE I know of.
  8. Neil i haven’t even got Skype, to be fair I am now doubting my wife as it was her birthday yesterday so she had a few last night, but I checked the answerphone and nothing on that. She swears it wouldn’t stop until she turned my laptop off. Really wierd Dan
  9. So this is weird, I went to work this morning then apparently my wife had my laptop come on at full blast with a message from someone about one of the Esprits. Now i didn’t know you could make calls like that via a laptop I just got in from work and can’t find out where it would have come from or anything on my laptop. So I guess it is someone from here and also can someone enlighten me about how this could have happened. Remember I am a simple sparks Ta Dan
  10. Chaps, how these things go I have never been offered an Esprit in my life, then I get two in a month. So let me tell you I tried and I mean really tried to sell this to @Barrykearley but he keeps coming up with something called divorce as an excuse 😂 so the back story, was on a stag do in Vegas and got talking to my wife’s cousins best mate ( I know) he is a car sprayer and they work on predominantly classic Aston’s. So he tells me his business partner has a 1984 TE he has no time to restore. So spoke to the chap today, he has had 3no Esprits and currently owns a few cars including a Diablo. To the car and I haven’t seen this but these are the facts, it’s 1984 TE, engine, which is a later HC, this has been completely rebuilt and is crated, and comes with guarantee, 2no gearboxes and a load of spares. It is red with, black half leather, seats are good but it needs new paint and a retrim, it is a rolling chassis but take it that this is as a full resto, he is adamant that it can’t be broken for spares and I tend to agree with that. I am awaiting pictures as it is in storage. So it’s out there for someone I know the figure he needs to get to and it is cheap in my opinion. Anyone up for this he is the 3rd owner. Dan E sorry meant to say it doesn’t have a windscreen
  11. Have replied. Ball in your court mate
  12. Barrie sent you an email to yahoo account this morning regarding this. Let me know if it works for you Dan
  13. Chaps, anyone interested in this car, it’s is from a clients chum. Now I haven’t seen it but apparently from a large collection currently located in France. The car will be back in the country next week and will be avaliable for viewing in Henley. I have been asked to get some offers before it goes to market. I have said, if I am to commit anyone to this it will only be done subject to inspection. Please PM me if interested, I can also get it inspected at cost (if required) Below is the email from my client ( both I nor he are car dealers) and the pictures a full service and cambelt change will be done before purchase at SGT Taplow Lotus Esprit Turbo 2.2 litre. Purchased new from Lotus 01.05.1989 One owner from new. Full documentation with full Lotus service history. Total mileage covered from new to 25.10.2017 is 33,580 miles (verifiable). 5 litres of Waxoil applied when new to chassis and underside metal parts, hence no rust to this day. Brake fluid and coolant replaced every 2 years from new. Opening and/or removable glass roof section Air Conditioning No cracking of gelcoat and paintwork is immaculate and free chips or scratches. Fitted Alarm and Immobilizer, renewed in 2015. Removable glass sun roof. Never been in involved in an accident. Always kept in garage. Just having a final service and cam belt renewal. Undamaged original leather interior and carpets in outstanding condition. Nearly 100% mint condition. Original driver's handbook and Lotus workshop manual Original tool kit in case in perfect condition Detailed handwritten log of everything ever done to the car would be transferred to typed text
  14. that Princess parked behind it shows how mad it was back then to see an Esprit. 1981 I saw one ( the Esprit not the other pile of ........) as I walked to school totally blew me away and from that day it was the only car for me. 36 years later I got one. I do love an Essex
  15. Ok what are the odds on this, so as some of you know I was in Vegas a couple of weeks ago for a wedding of my wife’s cousin. So cousin Jo was marrying a Scottish chap. Off to the stag night and how it is with these things we are on a long table Scots one end and South London on the other, I only know one of these chaps but end up sitting next to a guy called Ollie, we get chatting and obviously the conversation comes around to cars, he loves 911s ( as I was on a stag and didn’t know anyone I let that go) so I mention I am a lotus man. Show a few pictures and then he said my cousin owns a Lotus, now I am interested. He says yep, it’s green. Oh hold on what one is it. Not sure! Pull the phone out and show him @makkyh Elite yep that’s it, how the fuck do you know Rick. So we do a selfie send to Rick who is what the fuck! Now my wife has known Ollies Wife for 30 years and I have known Rick for 20 years and we have never made the connection. So what did we do went and had a beer last friday together so Lotus give you friends.
  16. Dan E

    Snow Day!

    the bottom of that fire resembles your old esprit numberplate go on treat yourself
  17. To our American friends, off topic but out of interest whatever happened to “The Wall” also just coming back from the US and I have spent many times there, this is the only time I have ever felt uncomfortable approaching politics with you guys so I didn’t. I still to have meet one person over here who has a good word to say about him me included. Maybe I will be shot down in flames but he really, really needs to go. I mean what the f&*k is the supposedly most powerful man in the world doing on Twitter.
  18. Dan E

    Snow Day!

    Witnesssd a funny story today, was working in Canary Wharf talking to a warehouse manager who had spent 4 hours getting in from Maidstone, it pretty bad down there and he got in. . So he has an employee who lives in Old Street London who didn’t make it. Now as you know you can get on the tube and it has this small advantage of being underground and is about 15 mins from the place I was in. He kept on texting him, calling him and nothing, then at 13.30 he gets a text saying he had spent the morning trying to get someone to look after his daughter as her school was closed. So he phones the school and it is open! At this point I am laughing saying you need to keep on his case. I am not making this next bit up, he mentions the school being closed and the fella says no it was open but he was snowed in. In Old Street ?????.
  19. Andy, he emailed me back asking for some pictures of the M100, I had already sent the Elite and Esprit ones. Problem I have is it is now getting a little late notice. Both cars need a wash so that would mean taking some time out Wed to do this and I still have no idea what cars if any he wants and no idea of the schedule either.
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