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  1. Right first beer in two weeks so give me a minute to find the issues ?
  2. Happy Birthday Sir, Minion cake? ??
  3. 66% owned by British Car Auctions. Apparently they all go to Auction that’s what the chap told me today.
  4. Well get this, bought a dodgy key off eBay for £8.99 had an offer for £4,875 so thought I will go down there and accept 4.5k as it just needs to go. So turn up with the Fiat 500 at We Buy Any Car go through the paperwork, got away with the dodgy key then he offered me £5,100.01 I nearly ripped his arm off I wanted 5k Private put it up for 5.5k a Month ago and had exactly no calls. Have to say a completely painless experience and the cash is in the bank. I have heard loads of stories about them but have to say I would definitely give them a go again
  5. Agreed but after getting used to the Elan I have to say it makes the Elise look waterproof but my God I don’t think on a country lane that anything and I mean anything could keep up with it. It is completely and utterly mad.
  6. That is absolutely lovely. Now thinking I should have bought it!
  7. Got to say if they bring out an Esprit I am going to have to have one. I have absoutely no plan or money to buy one but I will be one of the first to sign up to buy one and worry about it later.
  8. Barry you could always start working again,just saying
  9. Charles I think I know that car it was at the festival at Brands Hatch it was that nice that myself and @Bazza 907 even discussed it saying what an absolute bargain, congratulations Sir
  10. I don’t accept the new colours, still to this day I have to think about it and I know so do you ?
  11. Remember the brown is live, blue is Neutral then just cut the other one out and scrap it.
  12. Came home after a rubbish day in the freezing wet weather Queues at the dole office long today?
  13. Yes same from over here chum. See you in Feb for project number 2. Out and over
  14. I know where I would go. @Sparky he will probably kill me for this though
  15. Excellent the link doesn’t work
  16. I am not buying anything beacause a) divorce is expensive b) I am skint ? mark totally agree, Clarkson is a journalist when all said and done and in my eyes he is actually a really good one. I remember watching the one about his father in law in the war many years ago which was brilliant. I don’t mind the silly bits but when you actually watch something like that it’s really interesting. My son is now saying Lancia is his favourite car company ever, I shall beat it out of him obviously
  17. i have Been categorically told no more cars until the house is done. So I am categorically not looking at Intergrales at the moment.
  18. I think the Lancia bit of the latest GT is the best thing they have done by a country mile Let’s hope they do some more stuff like this. It is not doing my wanting a Lancia Intergrale much good though.
  19. I nearly bought that white one I think was it long term storage with a dealer interior done by Is it allom and white ( might have spelt that wrong)
  20. No just the standard key as a spare but with transponder in it. £220 to you Sir. I am thinking transponder key without transponder! We have the main key
  21. When we was away my lovely niece is thinking of going Vegan, she is already a vegetarian. My Nephew asked about milk and that is obviously a no no. The he asked her about Breast Milk. ....... stumped. Might be a business idea for someone.
  22. Apparently so! Thanks for killing that post in under an hour ?
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