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  1. Sold the Fiat 500 to We Only Stitch you Up a Bit today for a ridiculously good price, I mean as much as I wanted privately. Only thing was forgot the spare key. No worries will bring that and the car back tomorrow. Well for 7 f&#king years that key has sat in the same pot, is it there now of course not. We have pulled the house apart still can’t find it! I use it to move the car about on the drive and used about a week ago. New cat is looking suspicious, I think he won’t look me in the eye.
  2. Yes annoyingly. Have you seen that before? My Newphew had the whole family on that one for an hour or so.
  3. Sent from mCount every " F " in the following text:FINISHED FILES ARE THE RESULT OF YEARS OF SCIENTIFIC STUDY COMBINED WITHTHE EXPERIENCE OF YEARS...Let me know your guesses and I’ll tell you if you’re right..
  4. Agreed also if you have a look at the chicken shed there is not one bit of wiring in it. I am convinced he owns a company called “Taxis to Swimming Pools”
  5. Wow chickens get dining room tables and sofas the world has gone mad
  6. Barry when did you retire then mate? I am putting in 12 hours days and you spend most of the time breaking stuff, what going on?
  7. First Lotus I have seen out in the wild whilst in a Lotus I was in the White Elan
  8. We did agree you got the passenger side didn’t we? And you need to post the picture of the Elite outside Colin’s house
  9. Well I can report not wanting stuff can end up in buying stuff. So this thread was a complete waste of time. Sorry
  10. Bibs let you down last year but will try to make it this year mate, stick me in just depends on work mate
  11. Best post ever! Falling around laughing, brilliant
  12. I have been thinking about this you usually buy a plate to reflect your name or whatever but I think @bibs you might be on to something here just change your name to suit the plate, I shall from now on be known as HSC or full name HSC 6X how much cheaper is that! My wife AV64 XCZ is just off to pick up DK15 XWJ from school
  13. 3 days to go until baby brother turns up, Barry can I borrow your van and terrible camera skills for this? That is beyond lovely
  14. Joe is definitely in the USA I have his email so can get in touch if required. He is a lovely chap and I am sure he will help you out if he can
  15. I keep saying this watch Goliath on Amazon. The single best series ever and there is only one at the moment and another in the pipeline. @C8RKH will Back me up on this. I also love Ray Donavan which I was really surprised my wife did to, but understand if people don’t like it.
  16. malcom happy to bring the black one down be good to get some shots next to Barrie’s Essex especially as he used to own mine Danny
  17. John and to all Happy New Year, I am toughing it out in St Lucia with the whole family! By the way it is called “Old Years Day” out here that’s much better I think and blessed to have 11 members of the family out here ranging from 13 to 75 and we all got in a Suzuki 4x4 the other night to get back to the villa.
  18. Fabian if you find it is in Las Vegas I am going there in about 4 weeks so happy to go and have a look and get the details you need. Dan
  19. Dan E


    I did not set this up this is how I found him the other morning
  20. Thanks Mike I was really just showing Barry that you can have one of these with the engine and gearbox in it!!
  21. Washed, quick drive now tucked up in the garage awaiting her younger brother to turn up in the New Year
  22. Just need to put that engine in then and your done. I had a interesting piss today Merry Christmas for one and all x
  23. I just moved myself from Margate where I have never lived. Was painless no solicitors or estate agents
  24. Stuart you know that is complete nonsense............. oh hold on!
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