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  1. I find Barry if you stand in front, back or side of car and try to avoid obstructions you will get a much better photo.
  2. Your finally doing some decent lighting for your drive and buying some alloys for the Fiat?
  3. 6fe198a2-56f6-40aa-a4d0-ef3ed6b8b4ad.MP4 Made me happy and made me laugh
  4. You don’t have a dishwasher that is the single most shocking bit of news I have heard this year? Miele is your friend.
  5. Unfortunately he has a thing about number plates being plumb.
  6. Barry do that please, seems like a cheap option rather than building more sq ft
  7. Mike what is the floor to ceiling height in you barn/ garage I am building a new garage in the new year and that is exactly the right set up and same cars I want to use a lift for. This will enable me to get 3no cars in it. Thanks in advance danny
  8. So today my Boy nearly got a level 2 detention (no I know, I thought there was only one level) for ............ not reading his book in form time but reading Classic and Sports Car. He got a high 5 for that one. ???
  9. 24/12/17: 16.42 i want the bag!!
  10. I have no idea what that means, but I guess not the ones you have? Shame mate
  11. No joke mate not sure if that is the same model you got, but I would be getting on eBay if it is. Lego the new Britcoin !
  12. @sparky I just looked at these on eBay some up up for 7k, what the f&£k
  13. Dan E


    Top tip, windscreen iced up, pull the sun visors down to 45 degrees then full heater, you will be surprised at the difference. Dan
  14. I would be up for this but what sort of money are we talking? Got some plans in the back ground so need to conserve some cash. I genuinely don’t have any idea of the cost is it £500, £1000??
  15. “Trace engine noise, change head gasket and rebuild engine” ?
  16. Steve only going on what the chap told me couldn’t get near it because this was in the way. All owned by PNM apparently went there to have a look at an Excel which was a bit rough to be honest. That barn was really damp they will be buggered within a year. How much more does it cost to put then in somewhere dry? There also a really nice Maserati Biturbo, no idea what was under the cover n a dry place. Sacrilege in my world. The burgundy Excel could be for sale apparently
  17. John it is our week of finds these in a damp shed in wales on wed. Apparently the Esprit is a dry sump 1981, I physically couldn’t get to it because of the white one in front. Why a damp barn.
  18. Barry thanks for the PM. A 911 I genuinely am in a bit of shock to be honest mate. Don’t worry it won’t go any further loose lips sinks ships and all that .
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