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  1. So the Paul Daniels of Esprits @Sparkyhas excelled himself today. Now I wish this wasn’t true and would rather have ended up with a large invoice, but sadly this happened this morning Talking nonsense over text with the Sparkster whilst needing to move the Elan and Esprit out the way to get the van cleaned as it is going back next Friday. Elan starts first time after 3 weeks, go fill her up with some super unleaded £49, happy days. Tell Sparky to place his bets on the Esprit starting after 5 weeks and there is no other way of doing this, so here is how the texts went, word for word. Me: Well that went well nearly fired, now nothing from the starter motor. Literally nothing any ideas Sparky: Lights/wipers working? OK. wiggle the solenoid feed spade Sparky: Tap your heels together 3 times, say “there’s no place like Hethel” Me: Lights ok, where the f&£k is the solenoid feed spade, you should move to Chislehurst Me: You are not going to believe this, it just started, what the fuck. Sparky: It’s the heel clicking. Works every time Me: Properly Laughing Sparky: No charge, great service and a smile at very reasonable rates. Me: The thing is I told Sarah what you said and she said try it and pissed herself laughing as I done exactly that. When it started she was falling around she reckons you might be related to Harry Potter. And Its been fine all day #weirdwatfordmagic
  2. Does it park it’s self? And my Elise
  3. Found a picture of my old MG Midget in the loft at the weekend, thought I would check and hasn't been taxed for 20 years! IMG_1270.HEIC IMG_1270.HEIC
  4. @C8RKHspend my life behind them drives me mad, why doesn’t the one on the inside just pull back a bit. It must be a HGV thing or truck c*+ts as I call them
  5. Military grey all day long, I absolutely love that colour
  6. Dan E

    Partial spot...

    Do you reckon you can get that up and running before you leave
  7. @Barrykearley I am not going to tell you again, you know what to do
  8. Does the Esprit have a handbrake then? If it does I have never used it. Always have left manual cars in gear mainly because my old man (who died when I was 17) told me that’s is what I should do. I have no idea if that is right or wrong btw
  9. Not “THAT” TE engine. You will go to hell my friend
  10. Neil don’t talk to me about being paranoid about strange noises, a year or so ago I pulled up at a set of lights in the TE and seriously shat myself at this buzzing sound, it sounded catastrophic. I sat there thinking this is it and the thick end of 10k, switched the car off still the same sound, looked around and it was someone with a petrol hedge trimmer strangely cutting his hedge. He obviously has never owned a Lotus
  11. @Sparky yes BA, even though their IT dept was so badly managed for years I always fly BA if I have the option mainly for the Tier points and I get in their Lounges. Also with the BA Amex we always get a couple of weekends away with the points a year. @C8RKH agreed on that, them pilots earn their money when it is like that, first time I have ever had an abortive landing in God knows how many flights
  12. Tell you what flying back from Glasgow today was “interesting” now for the record I am not scared of flying and was catching up in “Man in a High Castle” season 3 but the battering we took getting into Gatwick was off the scale and I stopped watching it. Two aborted landings I smashed my head against the window at one point, loads of screaming people, others being sick (including a stewardess) the spark I took has only ever been on a plane twice before he was holding on to the seat in front and declared he is never getting on a plane again like f&*k Hats off to the pilots how they got that bird down I will never know. They did get a round of applause after landing though . Took 7.5 hrs from arriving at Glasgow to get home to Kent. Waze took us through an hour of country lanes which were flooded to miss the motorways which were buggered. Glad to be home and a very nice glass of Chablis
  13. Well just watched it with my son, he is now looking up Jim Clark he is honestly blown away by it, the best TGT since the Lancia rally team one. They should really spend a lot more time on doing stuff like that than cock jokes. I thought Hammond done that with respect and a certain awe, loved it
  14. Now, now ladies, i would like to point out that car is dry as a bone now and fitted with a TLF external cover! New carpets soon (well when it gets warmer as a bit cold at the moment) Anyway back to the thread (V8's are Shite and Anyone with a yellow car has a fixation with fly's & Insects and are normally referred to as "Special" especially if they wear shorts all year round)
  15. Dan E

    Insurance time

    Yes I done even better than that wrapping the 2 cars together then they just pro rata the Esprit in Aug premium also agreed when taking the Elan out. Wifes car had me as main driver only ever had 3 points and that was when I was 19 (ahem @Bibs) no accidents claims etc. As I am now not the main driver I swapped that over to her. Aviva renewal: £740 with me as main Admiral £337. Wife as main This also means I can now pull all my no claims on to the van so hopefully that is going to come down a lot. i reckon I could be saving around £800 a year just by getting off my arse and sorting it. That leaves me just about £111,800 short on an Evora 430.
  16. And the single socket outlet on the extension lead is doing my head in! I await the excuse and it better be a good one
  17. Dan E

    Member Map

    Dear Mr Rottweiler, thank you for your prompt response, that certainly looks like it is located in the nicer part of Margate I assume that is Margate Heights? Could you confirm how far this is from our current odd neighbours? If I hear “when will I, will I be famous” again I may actually have to act, also every time I speak to the wife she is trying to explain Torque to me, which is strange to say the least. Oh and the debts they are secured on my current neighbours house as I like intercepting their post they also keep sending out strange packages full of bomb equipment which is marked as “ Esprit Brake Conversions” I am fairly sure they are members of ISIS i look forward to hearing from you kindest regards Mr D E
  18. Dan E

    Member Map

    Dear Thanet Council. thank you for your message, I have visited your office on many occasions and I still stand by the fact that I would be happy to move from Margate but as I have one child, 4 cars, 3 cats and the current wife, I will need a 17 bedroom house with a 4 car garage, I have never done a days work in my life but I do own a 88inch TV which requires a very big wall and I visited Dreamland in my youth. It’s disappointing really but I would happily move anywhere to get away from my weird neighbours who have a green car that looks like a bit of cheese and his wife, well where do I start, every time I meet her she is talking about “Limited Slip Diff’s” and “ BHP” I think English may not be her first language. Then the husband playing Bros greatest hits on his guitar every night does get a little annoying. So help is required, but please get me out of here, obviously I won’t be paying for any moving costs or anything really but a big house would be lovely yours sincerely MR D. E
  19. Dan E

    Member Map

    Yep I am still in Margate for some reason which is probably worse. Sorry Ian
  20. Oh and @Sparky don’t get too carried away remember I have got to show you how to do the belts on my Dry Sump in the next few months I will bring gin x
  21. Surely it is a get it up and running and worry about cosmetics later. My main concern would be getting it done before Brexit as then we will all be out hunting
  22. @LJR that is so going to be worth the effort, top tip “GIN”
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