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    I am running a shuttle to the Watford Exotics residence on 25th morning for any Mother or Mother in Laws at a loose end. This is a free service, sign up at
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    I know of 5 people I know this week who have got confirmed Covid, that may rise as there are a few tests awaiting results, first time around during the whole lockdown 2 people. As much as would happily drown Keir Stammer what he said today is correct, you can't trust the public to be sensible (they found 100 odd people in a basement below a hairdressing salon in Soho this week, i mean WTF if just one had it, in there bunch of twunts!!) I have the MIL coming for Christmas Day, she is 91, she is in our support bubble but i am nervous about it, its one f*&king day. I said to her
  3. @mayevora I can confirm that I am absolutely mustard at losing money on cars, the E63 was resoundingly the best at that. I have had less painful kicks in the gentleman vegetable area! Although once and just once I bought a Holden 202 estate ( station wagon?) in Sydney Oz, drove it around pretty much the whole of Australia and sold it for exactly the same money in Perth
  4. Agreed about the driver, the owner however was a really nice, handsome, level headed chap I thought
  5. Dan E


    I only drink Chablis 😠
  6. and we all know who owns 007 don't we the complete and utter git 🙂
  7. Just need to purchase one of these first
  8. Yours is next I can’t look at them swirl marks anymore
  9. If anyone is interested, which I presume that would be absolutely no one as, I guess you actually have a life, this is what I done, the difference is night and day. I do this all by hand as I don’t trust myself with a machine. 1. Wheels first using using Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel which is excellent and contains no acid 2. Ultimate Finish snow foam 3. wash with Valet Pro Advanced Poseidon Car Wash using the 2 bucket method, buckets with grit guards also from Ultimate Finish 4. dry with microfibre towels 5. get the Big Boi heated blower out to get rid of all the exc
  10. Lol you are so right I have got to do the other side 😂
  11. @pete and you can see that, ever wonder why the fire barriers don’t work? I walked anyway in the end even though it was a massive part of my business, I have for the record never seen a fire barrier intact apart when we done the FT years ago and the site manager was brilliant and anal.
  12. This drinking at home has got to stop, Sparkles! I ended up asking the wife for her number last night
  13. I still wonder if I was sound of mind when I let you be in charge of my drinking. Btw Kimber’s is so guilty. I know a few Souff Lundon boys who can do some damage for you. Just let me know how much water boarding you need. Can sort testicle electric shocks but need to go to Dartford for that and they’re in tier 3, so maybe Jan
  14. To be honest we should close this thread at 7pm until 10am as the plantiff, will be stumbling around his kitchen pouring gin on the floor and trying cook scotch eggs with a 18mm spanner and a used 1983 cambelt
  15. For a five seater it can officially carry 15 people.
  16. I didn’t know about any of that until I was in the back with you driving
  17. Go along, great bunch even though they’re on the wrong side of the river. We just all want more owners. I have been to a lotus meet in my van
  18. You will be welcomed like a long lost friend, they even let this Souff Lundon lad join in occasionally. Go along
  19. @dr_jayhart all dry sumps are 175k at least Dan E (dry sump owner)
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