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    Maine Coon Neil? Best cat breed ever it’s like having a dog you don’t have to walk.
  2. It just goes to a black screen after the adverts!!
  3. Barrie he is a massive Lotus fan, he is also a pretty clever chap
  4. I paid £1.33 today as everyone was queuing but one pump was only premium so I filled it up there
  5. We are all over this in 2 mins
  6. Dan E

    Self Isolation

    Mark I have absolutely no interest in American cars but that looks awesome, love it
  7. Yes but you cannot claim the 80%.. Personally I have shut the company down. Office shut, it is all shut but have promised to pay the other
  8. So had a webinar with my accountants today and honestly I pay good money for them and they’re top of their game. So on this 80% thing any PAYE employee needs to be “furlough” and this means you have to show that they cannot work during this period and I mean they cannot work for you. Nothing no emails, phone calls etc. No client contact nothing, so be careful, The gov are doing a great job but the engine behind this is trying to catch up, I get that, but make sure you have the paperwork to back this up. The loan scheme is a bit of a no brainer, borrow up to 5mill (up to 45mill turnover) but 250k is available if you have a legitimate business interest free for 12 months over 6 years. Don’t use it then you give it back no fees and non secured. as I say think hard and fast but register you’re interested this week. Personally I am going to ride it out but I am going to forlough a few and top them up for 3 months. No you don’t Barrie because you can only claim if you don’t work and cannot work. A bit sketchy as it is back dated back to 1st March when nobody knew.
  9. You’re 2nd on the list then as offered them now mate. Have you not finished it yet
  10. Martyn, looks great I was clearing out the garage yesterday and found I have 2no brand new gas struts for the boot lid, you can have them for the price of the postage if you want them Danny
  11. Dan E

    TLF Membership

    I was only trying to do exactly the opposite of Boris and cause a peak!
  12. Dan E

    TLF Membership

    @Bibs can you just give these people the figures 1. FFM 2. Gold FFM 3. Visitor's today 4. visitors last month 5. Visitors last year or the best way to show this
  13. Dan E

    TLF Membership

    Everyone who has replied to this thread so far has been a FFM!
  14. Totally agree I would give up drinking if that was the only option
  15. All, and this is because our “leader” will never do it, I actually found out the figures of Full Forum Members on here and everyone else using this forum it was shocking! Actually beyond shocking I pay my £20 every year and it is probably the best £20 I pay for anything every year. So let’s, especially at this time, when we are going to be on here more, just go and sign up it’s less than a decent bottle of wine! Dan E
  16. Yesterday I told my wife not to start panic buying, when I came in last night from my office Andy Carrol was sitting in the dining room!
  17. Now that would help deferring VAT and Corp or even allow you to spread Corp over 12 Months from due date. Where did you read the late payment thing? That will work if they have cash if they don’t then Boris will need to step in and soon. Is that really true, so cancel all car insurance, SORN everything and hire a car! Jaysus that is unbelievable
  18. @Kimbers behind book trade!! Have you ever seen that before? We’re the bids accepted? I am guessing yes, everyone needs cash, we are currently doing a really small job there is literally nothing in it but we eat cash so we need some through the door and soon! It might be a case of shut up shop, take a mortgage holiday ( which I will be really fucked off if that affects my credit rating) sit at home and drink Gin if this goes on for more than say 3 months!
  19. @Vipers ? I drool at all that stuff all the time & his Westfield XI I should probably be worrying about wages and mortgage payments, but that is boring! in all seriousness this is going to devastate businesses, we will be ok for a while but I not talking 6 months without some major reductions in overhead. I will find out the end of the Month as I can see the companies we work for are going to holding on to their cash, so invoices won’t be paid and then all the cash flow predictions will be out the window! Scary, scary times. The Govenment who I think are trying their best but have so much to deal with so quickly should somehow, force/help/cover SME’s outstanding invoices, I am not that clever but their has to be a way. Just thank you’re lucky stars Corbyn didn’t get in because this would look a whole lot worse!
  20. I think there is going to be some massive sales going on in the next week or so! Companies are going to reduce their margins to next to nothing to try to get some cash through the door! Richer Sounds are now offering delivery. As I am on lock down I am going to be looking.
  21. she is 90!! You can spend time on the new patio she has just had laid even though she cant actually get out into the back garden. Wife just informed her she is not coming for Mothers day so she now has the ump!!!
  22. My boys school is shutting tomorrow until further notice!! Sparkles you can always pop down and self isolate with my MIL I will even send you a cab !!!
  23. that is a spectacular colour, love it!!
  24. They are so f&£king annoying, I reckon at best 50% of them will do this! I had to hand the phone over to my wife in the end
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