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  1. I am with Dave on that, good luck mate beautiful car and as everyone always says it’s worth what someone will pay for it, the Esprit market is a bit weird at the moment in my eyes. How Stephens Yellow one hasn’t sold I don’t know then a S1 goes for 105k. Strange.
  2. Ant I promise you, you really do, I hate brick drives but P.O. had one laid really badly weeds and more weeds then some moss with more moss tried everything. Done the side drive bit in about 10mins. It is also just on the wrong side of dangerous which adds to the fun. It will make it more manageable until I pull it up and throw it in a skip then we shall have a party. ? £70 Clarke tools and a bottle of propane best to have a hose handy though
  3. Killing weeds and moss on the drive just got interesting.
  4. Travis, now for a true story, I lived in a flat many, many years ago with the current Mrs E the snow came down and one of them couldn’t get out of the drive way but her Fiat 500 drove straight out
  5. Rick welcome, looks epic as you can see I will approve of the colour ?. What’s wrong with it then the bodywork looks amazing. First thing I would do mate is speculate the £20 membership on here as it gets you the parts manual. Good luck and let’s see the interior then. Dan
  6. Damian, it’s very like getting hold of The A Team. “If no one else can help you and if you can find him, ..........”
  7. Bob smoke wont set off a sprinkler system although someone should tell Hollywood that they are activated by heat. i caught up on this last night, absolutely sickening, i just do not get it and Iris claiming it was one of theirs makes it even worse especially that it doesn't appear to be true.
  8. I done a job at Dyson, the only place where your mobile is taken from you and put in a sealed bag until you leave.
  9. Brake lights fixed and only one call to the Sparkster fixed within 10mins cheers chap. First drive since festival, nice to have a weekend off, now drinking lots of beer as doing sober for Oct which should be in the what made you unhappy today (tomorrow) thread
  10. Now Fabian, that must have been worth the pain up to now. Looks absolutely bloody fantastic congratulations.
  11. Brett, write to the DVLA pay I think it was £5 and say you are trying to find the history of your car. There is a form for it. Then they send you all the V5's then get on Google. I spoke to the lunatic who first owned mine which was interesting he was in a band, complete and utter nutcase and a couple of others. Interesting stuff, wife thought I was a bit weird though ?
  12. Am I still in Margate? ? In fact why am I in Margate? Any ideas?
  13. Welcome and more pictures please I do love an Elite Dan
  14. Alan the " oh my" was at Davids current cars, followed by the, " do you wish you still had the Essex" as a serious question. but I don't want 7 Esprits to be honest, it would go in no particular order apart from number one 1) Mine 2) Elan plus 2 3) S1 Esprit 4) S2 Esprit JPS 5) S1 Elise 160 6) Europa 7) 501 Elite in Brown with cream but if I had more days 8) Excel Celebration 9) Essex Esprit 10) Exige S1 11) Evora 410 12) M100 S2
  15. Oh my, do you wish you still had the Essex
  16. You can't talk me into something I don't want, even if I did want it which I don't, I might buy a 911 ?
  17. That is a hateful colour, which is great because the last thing in this world I want is a M100 Elan
  18. Had a call today about a job. Missed the call, phoned back and got a Tesco mobile answer phone. That's a no go yes?
  19. I love them but I tried to get in one a few years ago and I didn't fit. I don't think I could have driven it and I am only 6, 1
  20. I saw that car, thought it looked absolutely brilliant, the patina and the colour just added to the appeal to me.
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