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  1. The police have been brilliant to be fair, they can’t remove the marker because it might not be me but the other ones who done what they done. This is obviously a serious incident. Worse bit was they then said they had to search the van so I have A police van on the drive all the neighbours deciding they got some front garden work to do and I have two coppers pulling the contents of the van out on the drive.
  2. Hold on just looking up the definition of fraudulent advice! You have lawyers right?
  3. No idea on cost as I have only had leather repair done their. Nice chaps to deal with. John give them a call if ok send down to me and I can take them in for you as they are literally at the end of the road where my boy goes to school
  4. Mate if Gerald says it ok that’s good enough for me.
  5. Cass Bros Bromley done Ricks Altair Green Elite interior and it is stunning they have done a couple of leather repairs for me always top work
  6. I had this chat with Gerald at GST he didn’t change my belt as it apparently is in great condition but I am pretty sure he knows where to find them or the equivalent. Give him a call (don’t email he doesn’t do email) he is a lovely chap and I am sure he will help you if he can
  7. To be fair I would but I have had it since new, it is pretty much mint and I had the B service done on Monday last week. The contract is up in March and I can buy it for 9k which seemed a decent deal as it will save me £400 a month. Currently looking a a plate for it C10 NED that should sort it out ?
  8. Well it gets better as they now say that it is unlikely that the other van will be used again and if it is it will most probably be on another set of false plates. Great so can you take the marker off my van then? No Sir. So if anyone wants to ferry some drugs around I have just the vehicle for you.
  9. what is an eco van these days. lease is up in March and i was going to buy it. enlighten me
  10. well they didn't mention kerb crawling so i kept quiet. yes it is a serious nightmare because what happens is the APNR picks the van up then sends it to the local cars the way i understand it. The police have been great to be fair but it would be nice to know what happened and to get the marker off it. You know it might wear a bit thin after a while
  11. So bumbling around this morning after late night at work last night. Wife says there is a police van on the drive! So have look and there they are blocking my drive. 2no officers walk to the door and say are you Daniel Elphick, erm yes, can we come in? I guess so. so they come into the dining room and start asking where I was last night, well I was at work in Lloyd’s in Old Broad Street London, whats this about then, sorry sir we can’t tell you at the moment but there was a serious incident last night involving your van. Really, if you mean buying some diesel and a can of Diet Coke in Tes
  12. Dan E


    Nephew completed it in 3 days! I gave up after sitting up until two in the morning playing the markets then thinking what the f&*k am I doing.
  13. Sam see if the MOT station can help you out. Ask them to ring the owner and explain the situation. Got to be worth a try
  14. I never drink cider unless there is a small wooden hedgehog near it. Oh hold on Or a sex toy on charge, oh hold on again Last time I got that wild there was a Larma lurking but you couldn’t make that up
  15. Same here mate, came in had a glass of wine on a Monday, close enough to the end of sober for October I thought gammon, egg and chips (always a treat) now having another glass of wine, so I feel your pain.
  16. Barry have you retired now then. Note to self: do some chicken sheds
  17. That was absolutely brillaint, never seen that before. Now we know why our cars are so amazing.
  18. go find yourself a "plot" then go and lose it!
  19. Dan E


    Barry don’t put me off I am in the high risk market now! That is a very clever programme they should put in schools. Hold on I need to do a bit more marketing.
  20. Dan E


    Matt there has got to be a story behind that, if you have told it before please send the link if not, let’s hear it. It will get me off that bloody paper clip thing. Thanks bibs not,
  21. Yes or over £5500 a year of taxable income if you need to do it all year 5 days a week.
  22. Done a survey on The Bank of England today, really interesting especially the vaults, 3m thick reinforced concrete walls will 3/4 inch steel plate encasing it. Really hard to work out where you are the bloke showing me around who has been there 8 years got lost, twice! We are not allowed any drawings apart from the basic outline of the building. That should be interesting to price! Seriously amazing building, by the time we had finished we had walk 3.5 miles.
  23. Yep totally agree, had a Sub Mariner for 15 years have worn pretty much every day, including on site and it’s been through 3 full house refurbishments. Still looks great and works fine does need a service though. Only issue is everyone has one. Also an IWC Spitfire which is rarely used but love it and the Date just I have had since I was 21. I really want a Bremont but not yet.
  24. Looked lovely, wife was trying to catch you up, up Logs Hill. We didn’t ?
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