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  1. Sorry Dave. Bibs happy to mine on the stand give Sparky a chance to do some live mechanic stuff
  2. I will speak to Mr S he might bring on of the Red ones along if not i am sure he will be up for a beer and a curry
  3. To be fair Jacques, I was in Denmark a Month or so ago and it appeared to me that everything cost 250,000gbp ?
  4. Barry so what has it been capped at then? I missed that bit of news.
  5. Dan I didn't realise that. But what pisses me off is I understand APR like I am guessing most people on here but loads of people don't and unfortunately these are targeted at them people. I had this with an apprentice, who just happened to mention he was buying a Peugeot on finance from some 2nd hand dealer I said before you do anything show me the finance agreement. Now this lad is a hard worker, comes from nothing and has shared a bedroom with his brother in a council flat since he was born. Etc, etc. Well it was a disgrace, they knocked off £500 off the asking price then put it back on 6 times on the finance. He didn't have a clue thought he had negotiated a cracking deal. In the end after they kept calling him, I said, take me down there. I rarely lose it with people in cheap suits but that day I did. Do you remember how hard it used to be to a loan and a mortgage? I liked that. It's still happening now, I spend everything I can on a BA Amex card for the air miles pay it off every month. Well if you could see the credit limit now it's a joke I could literally go buy a Evora 410 tomorrow I couldn't afford to pay for it but I could buy it.
  6. There is also a very interesting article in the Sunday Times today about JC's vision of Britain now reflecting back to the 70's if you have the paper read it. It is in main paper and about why it won't work, I remember the 70s and having Sunday dinner without any meat and my parents struggling with their mortgage. Well worth a read
  7. Ian, after another pair of shoes turned up last week, I went and counted 57 pairs. I have 3 pairs of desert boots a couple of pairs of work shoes, 2 pairs of trainers and some steel toe caps for site. Told her if anymore turn up I am going to dig out my Black and white Jam shoes from the loft and wear them everywhere ?
  8. Tell you what Barry you are 100% right on this payday loan stuff, I saw something on the tv the other day and I might bE making this up but the APR was something like 1004%. Now how any Govenment can allow that to happen is beyond me. The people who take out these "loans" have absolutely no idea what they are doing so it needs to be stopped. I hate to think what happens if you miss a payment. In fact I don't think you should be able to get a loan under £1000. The max interest rate needs to be fixed. The fact these companies can afford to advertise on TV tells you something. If I was in power that would be the first thing I would do, then obviously free up the outside lane of the M25 to Lotus owners and people I like only ?
  9. Dave I have never seen one in that colour, it is gorgeous. Need bigger garage and a smaller mortgage, that and Luke's Panther Elite with mine sitting 3 abreast in a garage. Could the world get any better.
  10. i think that is cheap Jonny, surprised not snapped up yet i also want one of them type of number plates and the comps.
  11. Yep agreed Barry, I always suggest going completely over the top with fire alarms. They cost next to nothing really in domestic. The radio linked stuff is also really good these days for retrofit
  12. Lovely. I do love a red leather interior def had a retrim by the looks of it
  13. I love that colour what is it? I thought it was silver when it was in the garage
  14. I got to be honest, not into getting into the argument but I am pleased we have the royal family and funnily enough I saw Queeny Cup Cake the other day in her Roller with full Police escort by the Blackwall Tunnel, stuck in traffic, she was all dressed in blue, I was with one of the apprentices so gave her a wave in the traffic and yes she did wave back ( you know the one) it was genuinely brilliant. Was on the phone to the Missus ( hands free ?) within a minute. I also have a bundle of time for William and Harry they have had a tough time but are true gents. I like Harry having a fag, I know I did, but they make me feel full of that lovely Great Britain feeling. Charles not so sure!
  15. On the SUV do you think this would be fibreglass? That, I think, would put people off.
  16. Dan E

    Lotus Esprit S4(s)

    try @johnpwalsh at Lotus Rescue I know he is away at the moment but returning this weekend I think.
  17. Shouldn't that light be centre of the door? ?
  18. cracked me up I nearly choked on my glass of wine! Need to sober up up and think gearbox
  19. Yes agreed f&?k Poland if you can go to Barbados. ?
  20. Mate I done Auschwitz and Birkenau last year with my wife she didn't want to go either. After we got back she agreed it had to be done and read a couple of books about it. You will shed a tear. kracow is bloody lovely though, if you do go do the free city walk ( which is not free) it's great. after visiting the above we went to a lovely restaurant in old town had the most expensive bottle of red they had ( it's seriously cheap out there) and has a toast to the fact we won. Actually we as normal flew BA and I remember the landing on the way back was the worst I have ever had in high wind. There was lots of screams
  21. Well Mr S I have been lucky to travel a lot ( less than you) and as long as this doesn't stop you sorting my gearbox then I would say the one place that blew me away. Was lake Mackenzie on Frazer Island in Oz. This was 28 years ago so have no idea what it is like now. But Vietnam in the 80s was great when you had to have a Govenment guide.. can you still sort me gearbox ?
  22. So you have washed it 3 times in 30 years. ? Great bit of nostalgia. Enjoyed that Dan
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