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  1. Chris tried them and the same Also sent out 3 emails to get the new BBS done, nothing back all with pictures and detailed description. Going to try Paint It as someone on here suggested. Note to self: open a wheel refurb company
  2. And 2.8k invoice to them or maybe their insurance. Top result and you got the car you want.
  3. Well in 21 years the only car I have ever told the OH about was the TE I did keep it under wraps and told her in Mexico when she had, had a good few gin and tonics
  4. Perfect this holiday is well needed. Have another beer mate
  5. That's annoying, I haven't got a clue where we are going wife booked it. All I know is i can't wait for a few G&T's and read a few books.
  6. Go on I dare you, but please pick up when I get back from holiday as I would like to be there when your wife sees it
  7. Neil, brilliant news, not being a know it all but they bloody hate them reviews don't they. Works every time.
  8. I did indeed have lunch with Bibs and had 2 beers and he paid, bless him, then he gave me 2no umbrellas for the price of one. Kimbers, he has blanked me so I will have a few beers with people in football kits and pretend I know what they are talking about!!
  9. I will find out where we are actually staying when the missus gets back, better meet up for a beer, be a bit rude not to really
  10. Steve having exactly the same issues In the Vredesteins ordered from Camskill then they said out of stock and refunded me . I haven't ordered yet but Demon Tweeks are saying in stock for them with 5 day delivery. I am away next week so will order when back. please let me know how you get on
  11. Really I am going to Mallorca on Tuesday!!!!!!!
  12. Great and +1 on business travel really, really dull especially the lonely meal for one in a hotel reading TLF on your iPad.
  13. Good man I keep looking at M100's then pretending I am not. Then I rang someone about one and it had gone. So I am still not looking. Which is good, but might have a search later just to look though, even though as previously mentioned I am definitely not looking. good luck Dan
  14. Good to see I am still in Westgate on Sea . Not even that sure where that is !!!
  15. Have you just done an Emu shed and he has seen the wiring ?
  16. Phil go on Shiply package it yourself job done. Cheap as chips
  17. Manufacturer: TVR Type: Motorhome ?
  18. Can't afford it mate. It was a monster with a granny flat on the side for him. Decided I will just kick him out whe I have had enough and save some cash ?Also means I get a bigger garage/office separate from the house.
  19. Mark the house is awaiting full refurb just redoing the planning as when we looked at the first lot of plans we got through it was massive and there is only three of us so have shrunk it down considerably, well that and the amount of cash it was going to swallow. The garage becomes a snug with a new garage built separately on the side. Your right though about the gap under the door but I am loathed to do anything about any of it because it's all going to get ripped out soon. It needs to be soon as it is falling apart daily ? Missing my car already only been gone a day
  20. Secure line only from now on. Do I need to plug it in Variable?
  21. Dave, well no the black bike is the boys and the other one is two years old and the wife's and has not moved since purchase apart from when I need to get the lawn mower out. The black one has disappeared to a secret location in Watford for some TLC. I am sorry I can't talk about but it might be near Sparky's but keep that to yourself. TELL NO ONE!
  22. John the belts mention the belts
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