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  1. Geert, to be fair I will be able to get them out but just really annoying I only put the cover on (the first time ever) as I was in Germany for the week and knew i wouldn't have time to wash it when I got back before the festival. The chap who detailed is sending me the products to use and I am going to be extra careful washing it from now on. I was just gutted this morning should have just left the cover off in hindsight. Dan
  2. Bollocks just took the cover off after getting back from Germany and it looks like there must have been some grit in it, now got some scratches on the bonnet, I am genuinely devastated. I dont have time to look at it now but looks like another trip down to Tonbridge. Bollocks, bollocks, bollocks and of course bollocks.
  3. Changed my mind, sell the Esprit and buy that beautiful vision. Def worth, oh I reckon, 80,000
  4. If I put a deal together I will even let you fit that for me ?
  5. Dave I actually rather like it mate, but an awful lot of effort. Obviously I would agree you should pay 200k if it would get me a roof stereo ?
  6. Dave, i reckon at best it's worth 10k and seriously narrow market, plus all the approval stuff. Build the Esprit and be done with it. Imagine if you can't get it approved then it's worthless apart for a museum maybe. Of not can I have your roof stereo ? Dan
  7. @bibs have you spoke to Mark at Marrells? You might end up with a free space but I said he needs to talk to you first mate.
  8. Dave they have so much money I think 60% of the people do nothing apart from wander around in strange hats. It's a totally different world which I am not sure is great. Still, I have a bit of wood to remember it by.
  9. Chuck Hack or something, I can't really remember sure you can find it on Google. The other one was the Movement Cafe Greenwich, all very odd but good fun at the time.
  10. Now there is a story behind that, I got an email out of the blue from Google, obviously didn't believe it but turned out to be true. Went up to their London office which is trying a little bit too hard, but wifey had dropped me off at the station and I had left my laptop bag in the car. So I had nothing with me not even a pen. Get invited in to a meeting room with at least 20 people all with Macs linking to about 5 screens and I was like what the f&£k. So it turned out I had done an art installation for the Olympics and they had discovered it and I was now in the front line for a Goo
  11. Lovely, I prefer the plus 2 to the elan.
  12. 6.20 flight out tomorrow. So tucked up ready for next sat
  13. Jon did you get Barry to put that rear number plate on?
  14. Dan I had full intentions of doing the Goodyear lettering but I am in the office today then, fly out to Germany in the morning till late Thursday so I just don't think I will get the time
  15. Barry it looks better in the flesh I am actually scared to wash it. But watching yesterday about Graham Hill which is helping
  16. It is every women I know fav car, the 356 not the Lotus. That was original and the only porker I will ever own apart from a 928 GTS. Got to say £700 is a lot of money, but I do not regret a penny of it, respray is what 8k so complete deal and I love the fact it is original. I thoroughly recommend Mark and thanks to @Bibs for the recommendation. Best in show for me, MK1 RS2000 which was lovely and a full rally spec Turbo 2 Renault all mastic and plastic windows loved that.
  17. John, I got to say it was £700 but I think he probably should have charged more, it took him 3 full days and the results are beyond belief. Still got the patina which is part of her. I am a simple bloke but I had a tear in my eye when I picked her up. It was honestly that astonishing, the difference. Unfortunately my wife loved this more as you can see! thanks Dave, I am sticking the wife's BM in next month if he can do that with 36 year old paint work then 3 years old should be amazing
  18. Not saying the man has OCD but he repainted the wheel bolts! Great service, lovely chap who really cares about his job.
  19. To be fair the pedals are pretty close together and it is tight down there but I always drive in trainers and have no problem
  20. How tall are you? I am 6 1" and I fit in mine fine.
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