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  1. Chris, agreed on Man in a High Castle, loved Ray Donovan got me through a good few work flights lately ( the lads now have a saying, "what would Ray Donovan do") Goliath is the best thing I have seen in ages. try Hand of God my wife watched it whilst I was away so I caught up the first series which is excellent. Must do season 2. I was saying the other day I think it is the best £80 I spend all year (apart from the £20 on here) and the next day delivery is brilliant. I really liked Start Up as well, to be fair we don't really watch normal TV anymore apart from the news. Them boys are going to have to up there game or I think they will be gone in 20 years. Apart from The Missing series 2 which was outstanding I can't think what I have actually watched on TV and I am too tight to have Sky ?
  2. +1 for Waze, got me back from NW London to South London in 55 mins on a Friday in rush hour, I have lived in South London all my life and it took me down roads I have never been down. Hasn't missed a speed trap yet. I threw away all our sat navs and even use it in the cars with sat nav. Eats your battery though get a decent charger and a holder from amazon for 8.99. Its up there with the best app I have ever had.
  3. Pete you are spot on there. Out of all my mates only 2no went to Uni and they were very bright and now very successful. The rest of us went to work! Everyone is comfortable now but to be fair they have all worked bloody hard. One who is now very high up in City Bank started off on a YTS another just got a Queens Award for the fastest growing tech company, another is a painter and decorator!
  4. ??????? right we are in. I will ring them tomorrow Come on boys we can do this for the kids. ?
  5. So since Norris and the fact my boy loves GBR anyone got any ideas how this little club can get in it? This happened over dinner tonight I didn't bring it up he did. I unfortunately am not creative but I know a lot on here are. Wonky Lotus number plates maybe ?
  6. I am really pleased you agree, let's hope a few others give it a go. Apparently another is on its way that's going to be a very difficult second album. Get on it chaps, don't blame us two for you going to bed at 6am though. My wife loved it to.
  7. Not a film but I have watched Goliath on Amazon Prime and it is probably the best TV series I have ever seen. Billy Bob Is bloody brilliant playing a washed up lawyer. Make sure you get to the end of episode either 3 or 4 it is a shocker. Truely brilliant. Pretty sure BBT got a well deserved golden globe for it If you haven't seen it, please give it a go it was worth the £80 a year just for that.
  8. Rick, I would honestly stick it on Pistonheads you tend to get more petrol heads over there. Do they have an owners club/forum if so stick it on there as well. I dont think i have ever managed to sell a decent car through AT unfortunately the market for big engined cars is small as i found when I sold my E63 and to be honest I lost my arse on it but it had to go so i took the pain. Just my thoughts. Danny.
  9. Puts my oil leak into perspective. Best of luck my friend someone on here will know the answer keep the faith
  10. Ian that looks bloody lovely, well done mate
  11. I feel yer, its like your here with me!
  12. Gunk comes tomorrow, will get under it this weekend and post pics. How big a job to change drive shaft seals? At the moment if you could see inside my head it would be a cold pint of Old Speckled Hen. Sun and beer are trumping leaking TE
  13. Good plan Stan!! Will go get some gunk then
  14. Mike i thought you got your engine out on your own. Thanks anyway mate.
  15. Chaps (Sparky ) been to the garage and noticed I have got a bit of a leak on the gearbox, I cant workout where it is coming from but it is definitely dripping off the gearbox sump plug. I have attached some pics any ideas, I wont drive it until i know what is going on with this. Thanks for any help Dan
  16. What gets me is what do they think they will achieve, Hitler had a go and we stood together they are never going to win but maybe that is not the point. I actually feel genuinely sorry for the Muslims of this country having this stuff around, pretty much everyone of them i have ever met has been a gentleman. Lets hope this doesn't spark a stupid backlash from the simple people who think this is every Muslim. Strangely i was meant to be going to her concert on Friday at the O2, (no i had never heard of her and still have no idea what she sings) but someone won a box in a charity auction so we are (were) taking the kids
  17. Dan E


    Alan, brilliant, I have had a shit day and that cracked me up
  18. The winter fuel allowance is a complete joke. I had this chat with my Mother the other day and she agrees and has absolutely no need for it. Elton John gets it last time I looked he was definitely comfortable
  19. Mike spot on mate (i gave up after 3 beers btw) it amazes me that anyone can control your life it is yours surely. Now i am a very luck chap i very nearly didn't make it a few years ago, well 8 hours later and it would have all over, but i was 42 with a family, i think, (bit sketchy about that time mainly due to morphine) and the NHS saved my life i know how much it cost to look after me because i now have a beer with my surgeon every now and then, Rob Bentley if you fancy googling him. We have raised a good few quid for Kings but it is a drop in the ocean really, the NHS maybe a lot of things but it is f&*king amazing when you are really are in trouble. I might be making this up but if i was in the USA (which i love btw i got married there) would i still be here? Strangely this happened nearly to the month i cancelled private medical care!
  20. that should say I went to check it out, and the bullet holes are there.
  21. @mpx you are totally right, I have an interesting medical history which means pretty much every time i get a cold I have to bugger off to A&E for a CT scan. During one of these visits I had long chat with an ex GP who now worked there. I asked him why (and i swear on my sons life this is true) he said he was so pissed off (actual words) with looking after people who wanted their life to end or he knew he couldn't really help and not spending time with the ones he could. I was in there about 20 mins and if you know A&E i am sure this would have annoyed you but he was really passionate about this. He also gave me a book to read which i cant remember the title as i am away (sad meal for one and a beer at the moment) but about a Neurosurgeon and the ups and downs which i read and it would be in the top ten books i ever read also bloody interesting. I am having this with my 96 year old Nan, a very clever women worked for "Thatcher" ( don't start) travelled the world to an extent not may of us have. She would beat most of us in a general knowledge quiz, in fact she told me the other day about being on a bus in Blackheath during the war and the Luftwaffer coming from Greenwich Park and they had to duck on the bus. This is backed up by the bullet holes on the statue in Greenwich Park. She never bother to mention that before. I would be on here with title " they f*&king tried to kill me today" No joke wouldn't you, first time its ever been mentioned and I want to check it out. But her eyesight is gone, she cant hear and her back is causing her so much pain, she told the doctors no more treatment and that has been an up hill struggle. Surely its her life, bless her and it will break my heart when she goes but can you imagine struggling to get around and not being able to see (she is registered blind) or hear. Hows that for a rant of a man sitting in a hotel 3 beers in and the only one sitting at a table on his own Dan
  22. 100% behind you Barrie, what is that all about?? Now if they paid you a £1000 or even £500 that would make sense. I never knew this was how it works. What a weird world we live in! Or maybe I am just skint
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