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  1. I love them but I tried to get in one a few years ago and I didn't fit. I don't think I could have driven it and I am only 6, 1
  2. I saw that car, thought it looked absolutely brilliant, the patina and the colour just added to the appeal to me.
  3. @ramjet this not wanting stuff is exactly like wanting things without wanting them. So please take this more seriously, why don't you try to not want to buy something then you will feel the enormous pressure I am currently feeling. ?
  4. Dave I can only confirm it is not yellow. Well if it is my life as a Sparky is well and truly .................
  5. Now the 2nd picture is exactly the one I am not looking for. ? see I can look at it because it's not for sale. i now google" Lotus M100 S2 preferably blue not for sale" results are minimal which is perfect Well not that I google it because I am not looking.
  6. @ramjetthis is exactly the help I require, PM sent. @LOTUSMAN33 not helpful.. Now Because I don't want or need a M100 S2 (in blue preferably) then I did look at this which is fine because it is for sale, which as previously mentioned is exactly what I am not looking for. Previous DR owner never floats my boat or the fact that it had the belts done at 55k but that was ten years ago. I have been told by telepathy ( as there is no way I would have called them as I not looking for a M100 S2 preferably in blue as you know) I also found a really lovely pearlescent white one which I can't now find which is no surprise as I am not looking but it was 14k which seems a tad expensive. So happy to hear from anyone who doesn't have a M100 S2 or if you have one that you don't want to sell PM me. Going to explain this new brilliant idea to my wife about shoes later. Thanks for all your help, well apart from Dave obviously.
  7. More consistent history, but lower the better as long as it has been used & serviced if you see what i mean, not that I am considering buying one as you know
  8. So now we got that clear and as I am not looking it wouldn't do any harm to my marriage or bank balance if someone told me where I couldn't find a low mileage, low owner model in as near to mint condition as possible. I look forward to hearing from anyone who has or knows of the above car that is definitely not for sale in any shape or form. Would quite like a Blue one though. Dan
  9. Dave any thing you need let me know as you know mine is original 1981 so happy to help. Sadly just went to put the bins out and ended up in the garage for 20 mins.
  10. Definitely plastic mate if this is what you are talking about
  11. My first Lotus was a S1 Elise absolutlely loved that car and used as my daily driver everyday for 3 years apart from a head gasket and steering rack it was perfect, leaked a bit. Still miss it. Then boy came along and it had to go. Took me years to get back into one ( Esprit) and I still want another Elise along with a Europa, M100 S2, Elan plus 2 and an Excel Celebration. Maybe an Elite and a S1 Esprit, I like the S2 as well and then there is the Essex. Also a Evora would be nice and an Exige for playing around. Its ok they are not addictive. I promise. Congrats and this is the place you need to be, so welcome
  12. Darren, I would also recommend once the sills are black (?) and you have the mechanicals done you should speculate some cash and get a full professional detail down the line, worth every penny and a lot cheaper than a respray you won't believe the difference here's mine after that's the original paintwork
  13. What he said, it worth it for the amusing update texts and your knuckles.
  14. Bottom one without a shadow of a doubt.
  15. Looks lovely, first switch is to swap from left to right wing mirror the one in the centre consul is the choke. Get them seals off and it's going to look even better congtaulation by the way ?
  16. Steve really! That scuppers my plan sell the Esprit put a few quid in, then fit it to.............oh hold on
  17. Dave don't worry about the roof radio I found this one at the right money mate
  18. I hate to tell you John it wasn't on the way down there, he does drive it like he stole it though.
  19. Mark can you mail me a copy of that pic please, looks awesome sort a bit 80,s cheers Dan
  20. Dave do the Essex mate you know I will buy it if you ever have to sell it and that was your original plan. Stick to the plan.
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