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  1. Just about to get on a flight mate. Will take a pic and PM you when I get back next week.
  2. Sparky I got a job for you as well when you got some time
  3. Firstly how good is Sketch Up. Had a bit of a tear up with my Architect after his initial ideas he wanted 48k to do the design!! So stuck myself on a 2 day SU course and after 2 weeks of playing around in the evening i am about 60% there. got a lot to do but had some fun putting the start of the garage and office in the garden. It looks a bit odd as i am on a sloping site but it is right to the millimetre. Now on to landscaping, the drive and bathrooms. One phenomenal bit of software and bit of Lotus art to look at when I am doing a barby
  4. Sparky, how bad was this car, it is a testament to Lotus that it ran at all. I really hope you get it all sorted, following with interest. Took mine out for the first time in two weeks started sort of first time, Esprit and the sun out lovely
  5. Charlie, amazing the noise that car can make staying below 70mph ? More amazing is that it looks like Chris washed his Excel !
  6. Tocus I am pretty sure it is 5.5 litres from empty and Gerald told me that, but one call to him will confirm I might be wrong so please ch ck. For the record it's the one thing that I hate doing as it is so hit and miss. I am more than happy if someone has a technique for this.
  7. Fabian, you don't need to sympathise as you know i love your S1 it doesn't try to be a submarine it just has little touches that make it just so, i am struggling with should i restore mine to mint (excluding an out of my hands transport problem) or leave it with scars it has gathered. i just think they are so rare to the point that apart form TLF meetings i have not seen one on the road for at least 20 years. i think originality is probably king, Saying that Jonny 's car would be in my garage tomorrow if i won the lottery and even then i am not sure he would sell it, but that is Lotus for you
  8. Fabian I am actually really pleased about this to be honest and with Andy all the way. I think even if you find a copper dry sump with comps forget the ski racks and return it to Bond spec but without them bits. Every time i see a DB5 done a bit like Bond i think that is a bit sad. Now your S1 is murder some members of the family gorgeous but it is pretty much standard and i rather like the button on the gear knob. Now saying that as you know i would love a set of Comps but I wouldn't change it to 4 stud so it could always go back to BBS. Just my little bit, not wishing to offend you or anyone else.
  9. George brilliant my friend. Really enjoyed that
  10. John shouldn't be a problem getting up to you. I am only about a 700 miles behind you it's been a mad few weeks. Had an interesting drive back from Nottingham on Sat, spent most of the M11 trying to get a Audi R8 out of the way I really needed to be somewhere. I was for the record driving this. We finally got past him only to have a young girl in a Toyota Yaris sitting about 6mm from my bumper. We moved over and spent the next 10 miles pissing ourselves laughing as she tail gated everyone, she was absolutely flying. Not sure how the cat pic got on here. 2hrs 23mins Nottingham to Kent
  11. John have you got any more pics of the S1? How was it in your opinion. Sorry about not replying to your email. I am in the office tomorrow mate will reply then. Should be good for the Scotland bash.
  12. I am really gutted I didn't make this as I just noticed Mr Wadey driving the EXIGE GO car. I haven't seen him in a while and it would have been great to catch up. Looks like a great day out. Jonny your car is wonderful.
  13. David sorry mate I haven't done this yet although I have repaired the doors. Andy that would be a great help
  14. Paul I was tempted, but then realised I didn't have any money! Stunning car assume this is going towards the E type and that is no bad thing. I just need to throw a few parents off Beachy Head and it would be mine ?
  15. Barry, you should have bought a Merc Vito Auto with comfort seats. I am currently in a hotel in Nottingham after driving it for 4 hours in it I swear it is the most comfortable van/car i have ever owned. I got last inline of the last model (just checking I am on topic here aren't I) so was cheaper than a transit. Simon i have sympathy for you, but we are all here to help but we are passionate about our cars, the members on here will help with any problem and a few have leads into the people that can do just that if you are struggling. I think that is their point. No point if you have fallen out of love with the car. Sell it and be done. For the record I love Merc's as well, both old and new but the problems i have had with some of my Merc's have been incredible to the point of it is actually a joke including rust on a 2 year old car, new gearbox, paint problems etc etc. I have moved to the dark side and bought a BMW 330 X Drive and its been good because i initially hated it but because i now use it just as a car and not a passion I rather like it. It is fast, dull to look at, comfortable and great handling with the AC suspension it is a tool. Now my Esprit, that is something else, I have been caught looking at it in the garage with a glass of wine on a Friday Night ( there is a thread on this somewhere) it makes me smile everytime I take it anywhere, its cool in a way that Ferrari's are not and to be honest it is great to drive. there is always something wrong with it, but it is looked after by a genius and was rebuilt by a chap on here. It has let me down once, clutch slave cylinder, outside someones house. Pretty much the whole street came out and I was given cups of coffee and an offer of dinner by one of the people in the houses where i broke down. you wont get that in any other car and that is Lotus in a nutshell. Right boys like this a lot because you know i am talking the truth. And God Bless You All Ahmen D x
  16. Chaps, I am going to miss this one which i am genuinely gutted about as we have end of season Rugby dinner for the boys on Sunday. Barrie we will get to meet at some point I am sure. Cheers Danny
  17. Dave if you make Nottingham I am working up there and staying Thursday so if you want a beer..............?
  18. Hi Dean, sorry just got back from rugby tour which I am pleased to report that Bromley RFC won the cup and didn't lose a game. I was intending to start today but most of my blood is currently about 54% proof! Hopefully next weekend mate.
  19. 43 you lucky git. HB birthday
  20. What a bit of history you need to do that barbecue for charity I am there ?
  21. Hold on did I miss something Stuart? Where did that come from?
  22. Dan E

    Is it 2017?

    Laughing, the funny thing was she sent me an email to tell me. I offered Bacs or a guaranteed cheque but no postal order only, surely if you got internet you would have on line banking no? I am going to send her a fax to confirm!
  23. Dan E

    Is it 2017?

    I have dealt with someone who will only accept a postal order. It cost me £6.50 in charges even the bloke in the post office was laughing Any other things this out of date you have had to deal with?
  24. What a fantastic idea. I have an account with them chaps will order some up thanks you
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