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  1. Wow Steve that is gorgeous mate. I need to get detailing just finding the time at the moment, the rugby season finishes this weekend so hopefully some more time.
  2. Steve that car is bloody gorgeous mate
  3. Mike, funny you should say that when I first got my Elise my Niece sat in it and said, "what are they for?" I said they are to wind down the windows!! So she had never been in a car without electric windows!!
  4. Rick you must remember lock in at the pub I had been with new GF about two weeks (not current Mrs E) back to yours that stuff which I now note is 125% ( how can that be) I spent the night back at mine on the toilet floor throwing up. I genuinely have never touched a drop since. Was a very funny night until my legs decided, they would turn remote control independently controlled by that rum. ?
  5. Gus I think I have spotted your problem mate, that is not a JPS Esprit it's a plane! Thank me later!
  6. So Barrie can I just wash the car (2 bucket method) dry off then get polishing (after claying, any tips on this it never done it) I don't need to use the other stuff first? just want to get this right first time round. Saturday is interior (and planting more laurels) then Sunday exterior pending beer intake on Saturday!! Do you boys really drink Rum? I have not touched that since a day around @makkyhhouse 25 years ago when after a session in the pub we went back and he broke out something like a 98% proof bottle of Rum. I was sick so many times I have never touched it since.
  7. Thank God for that I am still recovering from paying for that ?
  8. Thanks Mike, yes i know I have been following your thread Anyone got any suggestions for polish, Noted I did ramble on a bit so it probably got lost in my rant!! Ta Danny
  9. Firstly good to meet Andy for the 1st time, that Elise is lovely and Chris for the 2nd time in his Excel complete with deck chairs thats organisation for you. Kimbers, as I was luckily enough to go to old Top Gear and then the new one with Andy & Chris I think the problem is it is completely scripted and I mean to the word. There was a phenomenal amount of retakes. When I went to the old TG it was slightly scripted but most of it was ad libbed. It was also a lot more laid back, i.e you could take photos when not filming, the 3 presenters mixed with the audience during breaks and generally cocked about, it was very funny. At tea break I ended up having a chat with May as he was behind me in the queue. I think i can sum it up by the fact if I could have got another ticket to the old one I would jump at the chance but I wouldn't make the effort for the new one. My wife was gutted though as she loves Jay Kay and he was the guest!! Flew in using helicopter like you do.
  10. Spent Saturday digging out laurels out the garden to replace with ...........more laurels they were looking a bit buggered after neighbour decided she could chop them down without asking, not happy it was also bloody hard work. This was after tree-gate when she decided to cut the whole of her side of every tree we had and now they are falling over. As you can imagine this ended in a heated debate. Sunday, mother in law over for Easter so cooked roast lamb and drunk way to much wine. Today, with hangover decided to clean the BMW for the first time since I have owned it and after putting aforementioned Laurels on the back seat with cream leather. Took me 3 hours it was seriously disgusting now looks lovely, can recommend snow foam, 2 bucket method then more foam and washed off with filtered water and then microfibre towel you get no water marks and compared to a leather it takes about 5mins. Oh and wheel woolies are great so no acid used So then think Esprit needs doing, so follow process above and get that done, couldn't face the interior so will do that next weekend. Needs cleaning and feeding. Noticed it definitely needs a polish so question is what is best for a fibreglass car? Finish car then take out for a quick cruise, ( read go and get some wine it is easter after all) come back cook curry with left over lamb, son hates it, wife eats it then says she feels sick, I thought it was lovely. Defrost a chilli from the freezer for son wife says she is off to bed at 7pm as she feels ill. Get the boys stuff ready for school. He goes back on his X box I am now drinking wine watching Red Bull soap box race on my own. Looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow, Happy Easter everyone ? Dan
  11. Yep been in storage for 20 years, and has definitely had paint at some point. There are a few dings on it as well so this winter it is having engine out back to metal respray. Interestingly the chap who owns it also has a 328 GTS with about 7k miles and he reckons the Dino is nicer to drive, I haven't driven the Dino but sat in it yesterday and the steering wheel is set like a bus. It is a really gorgeous looking thing though
  12. By the way it is not mine. But as you say never a Ferrari it is beautiful thing though
  13. The red one is going in for a bare metal respray at Foskers, it has 14000miles on the clock and obviously removal of the Ferrari badges
  14. Dan E

    Just been caught!

    No definitely me with the wine I was just in there thinking it really is the coolest car ever. In 1981 I would have been twelve when I saw my first one and the old man had a Triumph 2000 in brown it blew my away. It still does do that. apparently my son who is 12 got pulled at school the other day by some older kids saying, " your the one who's Dads got the lambo"
  15. By my wife in the garage looking at my Esprit with a glass of wine. "What you doing" " looking at my car" and she laughed at me!
  16. Sean this is what this forum is all about you might want to speculate £20 to become member. Great work David Heard a joke the other day, my mate David has been the victim of ID theft we now call him Dav!
  17. Lucky you don't live round here mate, that would be in bits in about 10mins. Looks great btw
  18. Mate of mine had one of them and had it wrapped as a partridge !! I got some photos somewhere at Goodwood I will dig them out
  19. Sparky I am up for this next time (the belts not lotus position, oil and stuff) ?
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