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  1. Well that went well opened the garage and it started raining literally at that moment so closed the garage and opened a beer. Job, jobbed ?
  2. Right, will book the osteopath now, hi ho, hi ho off to work.......... cheers chaps sounds just the job job for a bloke with two prolapsed disks
  3. Chaps, before I go and get in the, "ahem" Lotus position what's the bestest way to get to the brake light switch Rick noticed they were not working on the way back yesterday. Many thanks Dan
  4. John trying to make friends on here I see! Always a good way is to tell everyone you have more money than them! Never seen it work before but at least you are trying I guess.
  5. I am blessed really he is 12 and he loves a Lotus. We done our dream garage on the way home. 90% Lotus
  6. Jacques, that Dino absolutely flies, it come past me and i was doing 130mph (sorry 73mph officer) indicated which is a bit optimistic as you know. But you want to talk about hot i have black with black and no air con. Then on the way back with Ricks Elite that thing come past and sounded awesome, my boy was so excited and worryingly now thinks it is the coolest car in the world apart from Barries Essex which he has spent the whole night showing me pictures of !
  7. that last one is now my screen saver. Ricks Elite is unbelievably quick it does have 230bhp mind. Note self take some sun screen next time I look like a tomato Oh and I discovered I dont have any brake lights going to get on that tomorrow any ideas best place to start
  8. Some pics from today, Bibs we all had a great time and a special thanks to @Bazza 907 for the Service Notes and the model which was completely unexpected thank you. Also to Mark at Marells for getting the scratches out of the bonnet!!
  9. Chris, if you get it done by Mark and if you have any complaints whatsoever you pick the restaurant and we will have lunch on me. If not you admit leather interiors rock ?
  10. Anyone want an Esprit cover for free? It Egyptian cotton 2500000000000000 thread from now one
  11. Bibs did he, god bless him it's properly given me the arse all day. Especially as the recycling is in there and I am now drinking beer try to not notice it. Am I on his stand or the TLF? I am so happy I am going to have another beer, honestly he done such an astonishing job I am sort of scared to even touch it in a good way.
  12. Chris, I agree with these chaps, you should really give it a go. The chap I use does mobile service. You won't regret it I promise you. Best money I have spent in a long time until I scratched it. Has pissed me off all day to be honest
  13. Geert, to be fair I will be able to get them out but just really annoying I only put the cover on (the first time ever) as I was in Germany for the week and knew i wouldn't have time to wash it when I got back before the festival. The chap who detailed is sending me the products to use and I am going to be extra careful washing it from now on. I was just gutted this morning should have just left the cover off in hindsight. Dan
  14. Bollocks just took the cover off after getting back from Germany and it looks like there must have been some grit in it, now got some scratches on the bonnet, I am genuinely devastated. I dont have time to look at it now but looks like another trip down to Tonbridge. Bollocks, bollocks, bollocks and of course bollocks.
  15. Changed my mind, sell the Esprit and buy that beautiful vision. Def worth, oh I reckon, 80,000
  16. If I put a deal together I will even let you fit that for me ?
  17. Dave I actually rather like it mate, but an awful lot of effort. Obviously I would agree you should pay 200k if it would get me a roof stereo ?
  18. Dave, i reckon at best it's worth 10k and seriously narrow market, plus all the approval stuff. Build the Esprit and be done with it. Imagine if you can't get it approved then it's worthless apart for a museum maybe. Of not can I have your roof stereo ? Dan
  19. @bibs have you spoke to Mark at Marrells? You might end up with a free space but I said he needs to talk to you first mate.
  20. Dave they have so much money I think 60% of the people do nothing apart from wander around in strange hats. It's a totally different world which I am not sure is great. Still, I have a bit of wood to remember it by.
  21. Chuck Hack or something, I can't really remember sure you can find it on Google. The other one was the Movement Cafe Greenwich, all very odd but good fun at the time.
  22. Now there is a story behind that, I got an email out of the blue from Google, obviously didn't believe it but turned out to be true. Went up to their London office which is trying a little bit too hard, but wifey had dropped me off at the station and I had left my laptop bag in the car. So I had nothing with me not even a pen. Get invited in to a meeting room with at least 20 people all with Macs linking to about 5 screens and I was like what the f&£k. So it turned out I had done an art installation for the Olympics and they had discovered it and I was now in the front line for a Google Plus and Converse installation in Hoxton. I had to borrow a pen and paper, completely out of my depth. So got a designer I know to jump in and we built this "thing" in 6 days for them in Hoxton Gallery and that was the sign outside the front door. Interestingly I never went to a meeting with less than 10 people. Then 2 weeks later ripped it all and stuck it in a skip. Next day they phone and say where is your invoice and it was paid within one hour. Different world! Done a few other jobs in their Campus then never heard a thing from them again. Weird I
  23. Lovely, I prefer the plus 2 to the elan.
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