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  1. ?, he was doing doughnuts on my drive so I wouldn't be surprised. Just took it out for an hour it is flying. I cant believe I got away with that dis board in that pic.
  2. She is back! Dropped off this morning with no oil leak by The Sparkster. Thank you Sir, although I suspect you enjoyed the drive down ? Now she is awaiting 2 days of detailing on the 21st Aug.
  3. Dave missed all that as just wanted to get home. Missed the lounge as well but I think that is only France side at the moment as they are building it over here currently? Thing is compared to flight and car hire it is cheap oh and them French roads set the cruise at 90mph, everyone moves to the slow lane instantly a real pleasure to drive over there. Do it a fair bit but got on the M20 and the bit with the variable speed cameras the road is f&£ked, bumps and potholes. But drove back this side with a Volvo estate registered in Denmark we were the only two who had any lane discipline lovely
  4. Chris everyone will hate you but it is marvellous. We was laughing on the way through you literally drive pass everyone then get straight on the train. If it wasn't business I might take a view but now not so sure. Not bothered not like your driving my car tomorrow x
  5. Tell you what made me happy today Flexi + on the Euro Tunnel. Drove back from Paris train leaving in 10mins straight past the whole queue then a lovely pretty little French girl. Stopped all the traffic for us and straight on the train. You could feel the daggers ? You pays your money and you take your choice. We definitely wouldn't have got on that train without it. Seriously worth considering if you are going during peak times the same happened this end on the way out.
  6. Permission granted Variable ! Oh and It's registered for Dart Charge so don't worry about that as you come through sideways
  7. Cheers Chris I am going on holiday on Tuesday will worry about it when I get back haven't got the car anyway as @Sparky has stolen it
  8. Chris tried them and the same Also sent out 3 emails to get the new BBS done, nothing back all with pictures and detailed description. Going to try Paint It as someone on here suggested. Note to self: open a wheel refurb company
  9. And 2.8k invoice to them or maybe their insurance. Top result and you got the car you want.
  10. Well in 21 years the only car I have ever told the OH about was the TE I did keep it under wraps and told her in Mexico when she had, had a good few gin and tonics
  11. Perfect this holiday is well needed. Have another beer mate
  12. That's annoying, I haven't got a clue where we are going wife booked it. All I know is i can't wait for a few G&T's and read a few books.
  13. Go on I dare you, but please pick up when I get back from holiday as I would like to be there when your wife sees it
  14. Neil, brilliant news, not being a know it all but they bloody hate them reviews don't they. Works every time.
  15. I did indeed have lunch with Bibs and had 2 beers and he paid, bless him, then he gave me 2no umbrellas for the price of one. Kimbers, he has blanked me so I will have a few beers with people in football kits and pretend I know what they are talking about!!
  16. I will find out where we are actually staying when the missus gets back, better meet up for a beer, be a bit rude not to really
  17. Steve having exactly the same issues In the Vredesteins ordered from Camskill then they said out of stock and refunded me . I haven't ordered yet but Demon Tweeks are saying in stock for them with 5 day delivery. I am away next week so will order when back. please let me know how you get on
  18. Really I am going to Mallorca on Tuesday!!!!!!!
  19. Great and +1 on business travel really, really dull especially the lonely meal for one in a hotel reading TLF on your iPad.
  20. Good man I keep looking at M100's then pretending I am not. Then I rang someone about one and it had gone. So I am still not looking. Which is good, but might have a search later just to look though, even though as previously mentioned I am definitely not looking. good luck Dan
  21. Good to see I am still in Westgate on Sea . Not even that sure where that is !!!
  22. Have you just done an Emu shed and he has seen the wiring ?
  23. Phil go on Shiply package it yourself job done. Cheap as chips
  24. Manufacturer: TVR Type: Motorhome ?
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