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  1. Someone has been parking a MK1 orange Mexico up the road from me I will get a pic next week. It looks really cool in the middle of all the Euro boxes
  2. I wish I could fill my tanks up that quick
  3. Chaps work/weather pending I will try to make this as well Cheers Danny
  5. Chris i got two tickets through today for the same day so I am going to take my Nephew with me so that should free up 1no of your tickets, still up for meeting up though.
  6. that car is bloody gorgeous, want!!!
  7. @Lotusfab, not sure if this will help you but I just got back from GST (car is flying now) whilst I was up there speaking to Gerald he has a copper Esprit coming in soon complete with ski racks. Might be worth a call for some pictures they might not be correct but you never know
  8. I dont want to push you but...........................YES
  9. Great I had just logged on as well! Thank you thats great. I will take the TE assuming weather is ok should be all sorted as picking up from GST tomorrow after he has blessed it with his magic. Probably best if we meet at Clacket Lane then dont you think? I will buy the beer after
  10. Chris I would be up for that but I am in kent ????
  11. I am liking the first one. Needs to be something kids can understand. I also think there should be one on the 4th plinth. Better than everything else i have ever seen on there
  12. Right you clever chaps my boy has got to design something for the 4th plinth at Trafalgar Square. Now as I am good at cheating I worked out that if i print out a pic of an S1 Esprit he can put it up to the window and sketch round it. Now it has to have a theme so I am thinking some thing along the lines of a big banner above it saying "Buy British James Bond does". Now where i fall down is that is a bit dull for a banner and I have the creative skill of small rose bush. So can any of you clever creative types think of something for this banner. Needs to be year 7 acceptable please remember. Its going in a competition so when we win I will buy the beers . Oh and as is ever with him it needs to be in on Thursday so asap would be good. many thanks Danny
  13. Dan E

    06.27 at GST

    and you know what that means Mr JayEmm
  14. Dan E

    06.27 at GST

    I was a bit early!! Didn't mind I started to catch up on Man in a High Castle Season 2 She is in for a service, belts, MOT and some fettling. Gerald really is a lovely chap, he also has some seriously nice cars. Spent a couple hours having a chat then he dropped me to the station, perfect
  15. Plus one for GST I am going there in the morning. Only problem is I am not sure he is taking on anymore cars but well worth the call.
  16. For me the tartan is beyond cool. Golf GTI mk1 anyone. Esprits are just beautiful I can't think of another car that is exactly what I would have drawn as a kid of a super car. I have no idea on a S1 but mine is really great to drive ok the brakes are a bit telepathy and it really hates the cold but that's part of the fun. You do have the fun of the people who go mad for it then the ones who pretend they can't see it which is even funnier. Such a British thing I remember going to Spain in my Elise when they first come out we got mobbed everywhere
  17. Mark it also comes down to if you can raise one eyebrow. This I believe is actually a legal requirement to owning a S1! Now back to the car, I have owned my S3 for under a year and I have to say I don't think I will ever sell it I took it out today, put some petrol in it had a chat with a fella in a DB7. Went to get some beers had a chat with two chaps. Then went to local shop for the missus had 3 kids on bikes follow me so when I came out of the shop they were all over it with their phones let them all have a sit in it. This is in one round trip of under 3 miles. So you actually don't get anywhere quickly in them. I saw Fabians S1 at brands and it is bloody gorgeous actually better than that to be honest. I would have one if I had the money I still reckon they and the Essex will be 100k in the next 5 years. Get some one on here to have a look at it, not me I would just say buy it, then enjoy it. I have hard some gorgeous cars including classics and nothing and I mean nothing gets close to the attention you get and it is always good. So buy it if it checks out. Oh and get to M&S to get a cardigan asap
  18. Day off today and Monday actually as got to take the car to Gerald. Don't worry back in the mix of blowing shit up on Tuesday
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