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  1. It is now supporting a TLF sticker you will be pleased to know. Which is black and gold so looks rather good
  2. Yes mate cocked that up on a grand scale didn't I . Good to finally meet albeit briefly I don't think I have ever played second fiddle to a tool kit before shame some f:&ker backed into whilst I was parked up on the way home.
  3. Jonny sorry for not spending a bit more time with you just my boy was itching to have a look round. Thank you it is lovely, gutted yours wasn't there. It was very lucky I could have been a whole worse if I had been 3ft back. i made a few boo boos I parked on the ramp, Bibs called I moved it then Brooke pointed out I had parked in the show and shine. Talk about cause trouble on your first time out. I know I know Rick but his Elite and Fabian's S1 were the cars of the show for me mind you how nice were the Lotus Cortina's
  4. Agreed great day, had a bit of a disaster on the way back stopped in the high street and some twat backed into the side of my car luckily only caught the back bumper f&£King annoying. I don't think he could see it as it is so low but he also didn't bother to turn his head and he did have parking sensors and I really hate him a lot. Going to have get it resprayed. But top day and good to put some faces to names.
  5. Fabian your was the car of the show for me. I loved the button on the gear knob, I was going to have a chat with you but you looked a bit busy with Bibs
  6. Steve, yes Barrie of Essex fame had it restored at GST I think it was there for about a year. It honestly drives I imagine like it was when it was new. I can't stop driving it. i spent 2 hours cleaning it yesterday but a good hour of that was just standing there looking at it. Assuming circumstances don't change I will be keeping it for ever.
  7. jonny I have driven a few and it was a country mile above all of them . I just need to work out how to check the oil. Spoke to Gerald about this so going to give it a go tomorrow. It is very very cool and can you imagine having one in 1981 I would have been 11 and the old man had a brown with gold pin stripe Triiumph 2000 mk2 and 8 track and a neighbour had one it blew my mind. You are more than welcome to have a go at the weekend, I adore your car. If we can meet up that would be great.
  8. Barry, I might just do that banished the Merc to the drive. my garage now has that lovely smell, mind you I just been looking at the panel gaps they are hysterical and I love it even more for it. I saw one of these when I was a boy and I can't believe I have one in my garage. It is certainly a lot less hassle than our new puppy
  9. Jonny, picked up from a slightly gutted looking Brooke today, we came back on the totally traffic free m25 ( when does that happen) with me and my 11 year old boy. Every biker and I mean every single one gave a thumbs up. Loads of smiles from people, it goes like stink. I am totally in love with it tomorrow is give it a wash and start to make the to do list. Oh and I have literally just come out the garage with a glass of wine. Totally up for the picture shoot can pm you my number if you wish. Dave it is gorgeous, it is going no where. Steady improvement and to be honest it doesn't need much you could argue a respray, but it has a lovely patina and I don't know if I want to get rid of that. nice decision to have though isn't it
  10. Cheers Steve, it's a keeper.!! I am intending to spend most of sat night in the garage looking at it. probably with a glass of wine.
  11. Its been a long time coming........ so yes all very exciting!! And for the first time in 22 years I have told my wife before picking up a car so less nervous than usual about bringing it home
  12. As I get (after a lot of fun discussion with BP81) to pick this up. See you all Sunday at Brands Dan
  13. Paul Yes sorry I did, I sent it out yesterday, I should have put that up really but have just returned from holiday so it wasn't in my first thoughts. Danny
  14. GN1 even !!! See i dont read them either!!
  15. Barry, so that will be all Guidance Note books back in the cupboard for another year then ! They are the most pristine books I own and must have had them 10 years. I often find my wife looking at Guidance Note 3 with wonder! ( inside sparky joke) Approved or Domestic? Dan
  16. Why do they bother to lie. Its not like you aren't going to find out. I would have to ring them and wind it up a bit
  17. Hi Does anyone want 1no free ticket to Brands on Sunday 28th, I had 3no but due to new puppy (furry baby) turning up the week before my wife cant go, so it is just me and my boy. Happy to cover the postage just rather it didn't go to waste. I would rather this went to a full forum member if poss even if it is for someone else they know. Bibs I hope you are ok with this, but if it makes you feel better I did purchase a ticket for my 11 year old boy which I found out after I didn't need to pay for, i don't want a refund, it is all for a good cause. Please feel free to PM me and I will pop in the post at the weekend Dan
  18. I reckon that's the one advertised by Peter Whiltshire on esprits4sale I know he had the headrests done as per bond. interesting to find out how much Danny
  19. Dave couldn't agree more, I had this as a Birthday present this year they have all been lovely. Mind you I do tend to wreck the entire kitchen cooking them and use pretty much every pot, pan and utensil. This maybe to do with the fact I cant cook a curry without drinking wine though!! Danny
  20. I agree all that effort for what? Also amazing panel fit on the "355" don't you think. I would eat my right arm for a decent GT40 rep.
  21. A Dino and a 355 they do seem a bit cheap though! What should I look out for? Not sure wheels are OEM on either of them
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