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  1. Cheers Bibs, dont forget I still got your umbrella mate
  2. Hi Jeroen, have you tried @johnpwalsh of lotus rescue, I know he knows of a couple of LHD S1's. He is currently working away so i am not sure what his internet access is like. Might be worth sending him a PM KR Danny
  3. Done not sure how relevant my car is but hey ho
  4. Yep that was me and Chris, worse still we were there about an hour early so went and had a bite to eat with them boys and one of my clients. There was an awful lot of people turned away, I don't remember that happening the last time I went but thinking about it I might have had priority tickets that time and the missus reckons we definitely went straight to the front of the queue. Chris/Dave I emailed lost in tv and they have offered me 12th April I have gone back and asked if these will be priority awaiting a reply. On the plus side I got to meet Chris and Dave had a very nice bacon and Brie sandwich and got to stroke Chris furry interior more than once !
  5. Dan E

    Water Filter

    So had first go with this today wow makes life so much easier with a black car. Ready for Top Gear on wed now. No water marks at all. Also this pic shows why no one see you in their mirrors look where it sits next to the wife's car!!
  6. Matt what is sitting in my garage is a testimony to your Dad, I will pass it on to my son one day so his legacy will live on.
  7. I normally hate modified cars but I absolutely love your car. I would like that sitting next to the TE in the garage. Met a lovely chap and his wife today in Halfords car park after buying a headlamp for the Wife's Fiat 500. People just love them don't they.
  8. Wow Steve great job and what a garage.
  9. This is driven by one of the boys in the school down the road from me. Very cool.
  10. Andy that is awesome work. Stuff like this amazes a simple sparks like me. So it should amaze Barry as well !!!!!!
  11. When I was backpacking round Oz I had a (I think) a 202 Holden estate . Driving from Darwin the water pump went and we were in the middle of nowhere we kept filling it up, then we run out of water. So feck it we carried on it got so hot and I am not making this up the paint started to bubble on the bonnet! We got to Alice Springs thinking it was shagged. Took it to the local garage he was, " that will be alright mate" changed the pump we then drove it from there to Perth and sold it for more than we bought it for.
  12. Someone has been parking a MK1 orange Mexico up the road from me I will get a pic next week. It looks really cool in the middle of all the Euro boxes
  13. I wish I could fill my tanks up that quick
  14. Chaps work/weather pending I will try to make this as well Cheers Danny
  16. Chris i got two tickets through today for the same day so I am going to take my Nephew with me so that should free up 1no of your tickets, still up for meeting up though.
  17. that car is bloody gorgeous, want!!!
  18. @Lotusfab, not sure if this will help you but I just got back from GST (car is flying now) whilst I was up there speaking to Gerald he has a copper Esprit coming in soon complete with ski racks. Might be worth a call for some pictures they might not be correct but you never know
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