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  1. Yep agreed I will see what they say come renewal end of this month
  2. Chris i was thinking 45k but can I replace it for that and I would want to replace it not take the money. @Bazza 907 what do you think, I believe your in the industry? Thanks Dan
  3. Wow is that confirmed? My insurance is up for renewal this month realistically what should I get an agreed value for? I am currently on holiday so can't check but think it is 35k at the moment! I am guessing that's not going to cover it
  4. I think they are out of order. I would pay it with no vat and then have the fight. I don't think there will be one, personally, as you need legally to state you are vat registered even if that is only the number. I don't think they have got a leg to stand on
  5. Well if the company are vat registered they have to charge Vat period unless it's zero rated. But that would also need to be shown on any estimate this can be in the small print.l if not, that is not correct legally IMHO. Straight on to trading standards then pay it without vat and as ever do the lot by email.
  6. Clear sky's now. Yep PM me the number please don't think I can face that again. Puerto Pollensa! Seems lovely, no football kits which is always a plus. First restaurant was great, apartment is on the beach small but clean as, so happy days. Very pretty!
  7. Happy birthday "old" boy from sunny (well a bit cloudy) Spain. Don't worry on the 06.20 plane out promptly fell asleep, unheard of, never sleep on planes especially after turning left! Woken by wife for snoring and dribbling! I have 7 years on you! Best bit to save money unbeknownst to me wifey didn't book private transfer! So got to Spain in 2 hours 5mins, sat on coach for an hour and a quarter then dropped everyone on it off first! It took 3 hours! FFS! Anyway gin and tonic in hand looking at the beach and the sea, lovely, and your still 7 years older than me so happy days ? Must be knackered obviously meant turning right!
  8. She is in good hands I promise you, wait until you see her at the festival. She won't be perfect but she will be the best she can be without a respray and living her 36 years with original pride
  9. As discussed this morning over a cup of tea (no sugar) we have to thank @Bazza 907 and GST for that and now you. It's really nice to have it confirmed as a "good one" took it out for a couple of hours to the Kent country side today on my own. Had a great time apart from a big sideways moment in a big puddle on a blind bend. Caught with luck rather than talent.
  10. Marc that will do it. Alarm or Ridgeback I will take the alarm all day long if I fancied a go. Pete we got burgled about 10 years ago at our last house, they took nothing but the TV and the remote control but done 3k worth of damage getting in through 3 separate listed sash windows. Called the police, didn't turn up just got a crime number. Then 3 weeks later they turned up and I promise you I am not making this up gave me a little chat about being more secure and then gave me a package with a car air fresher with "Safer Bromley" written on it.
  11. Funny you should say that, he asked for half a sugar in his tea and I forgot! I think we will get past it. I did furnish him with a Copenhagen tooth pick though so I live in hope .
  12. You know what it is like on your own house. The blanks are sitting underneath it, I will put them in tomorrow now you know ?
  13. ?, he was doing doughnuts on my drive so I wouldn't be surprised. Just took it out for an hour it is flying. I cant believe I got away with that dis board in that pic.
  14. She is back! Dropped off this morning with no oil leak by The Sparkster. Thank you Sir, although I suspect you enjoyed the drive down ? Now she is awaiting 2 days of detailing on the 21st Aug.
  15. Dave missed all that as just wanted to get home. Missed the lounge as well but I think that is only France side at the moment as they are building it over here currently? Thing is compared to flight and car hire it is cheap oh and them French roads set the cruise at 90mph, everyone moves to the slow lane instantly a real pleasure to drive over there. Do it a fair bit but got on the M20 and the bit with the variable speed cameras the road is f&£ked, bumps and potholes. But drove back this side with a Volvo estate registered in Denmark we were the only two who had any lane discipline lovely drive together and a thumbs up together as I left the motorway 60 odd miles later.
  16. Chris everyone will hate you but it is marvellous. We was laughing on the way through you literally drive pass everyone then get straight on the train. If it wasn't business I might take a view but now not so sure. Not bothered not like your driving my car tomorrow x
  17. Tell you what made me happy today Flexi + on the Euro Tunnel. Drove back from Paris train leaving in 10mins straight past the whole queue then a lovely pretty little French girl. Stopped all the traffic for us and straight on the train. You could feel the daggers ? You pays your money and you take your choice. We definitely wouldn't have got on that train without it. Seriously worth considering if you are going during peak times the same happened this end on the way out.
  18. Permission granted Variable ! Oh and It's registered for Dart Charge so don't worry about that as you come through sideways
  19. Cheers Chris I am going on holiday on Tuesday will worry about it when I get back haven't got the car anyway as @Sparky has stolen it
  20. Chris tried them and the same Also sent out 3 emails to get the new BBS done, nothing back all with pictures and detailed description. Going to try Paint It as someone on here suggested. Note to self: open a wheel refurb company
  21. And 2.8k invoice to them or maybe their insurance. Top result and you got the car you want.
  22. Well in 21 years the only car I have ever told the OH about was the TE I did keep it under wraps and told her in Mexico when she had, had a good few gin and tonics
  23. Perfect this holiday is well needed. Have another beer mate
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