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  1. I do not have any problem with people not having the vaccination, we live in a free country, it is your choice. However now knowing 11 people who have died of this ( and yes actually of COVID) through friends and extended family I also don’t want you in the same pub as me when I have had the vaccine. so that in my mind is the choice and obviously if you get it you refuse all treatment. The one thing that really done me was watching the news with nurses saying they had to walk through COVID deniers to get to work.
  2. @red vtec not sure how much you know about kitchens but generally they build the carcasses and buy the doors in, which is why you see the same kitchens on most websites. Matt at Krieder is a lovely bloke and you are looking at maybe 30% tops over say B&Q and these are all German kitchens and amazing quality At worse I have a Howdens account which you’re more than welcome to use
  3. I know the MD of Krieder kitchens top quality German kitchens and obvs a bit more expensive the the ones you have mentioned but not by as much as you would think. He is designing our one at the moment. Happy to do the introduction.
  4. And with less snails
  5. Right give me a minute I am going back through the texts. You have every bit of Lego I own x Arh I read that incorrectly, belated present will be with you on 1st of Feb commissioned by the Snailgate mob.
  6. Hold on Sparkles you told me your birthday was 1st Feb. Oh and fixed that for you
  7. So you haven’t lost anyone to this and you won’t take the vaccine, correct? Laughing emojis do not cut it by the way
  8. @Buddsy I am going to call you out on this. Have you watched the news or known anyone personally that has died of this? I guess not, I have and I can tell you it isn’t pleasant in fact it is tragic. So are you going to have the vaccine?
  9. 450 😍 they’re still cheap guess what I am looking at now
  10. Now there is a brilliant idea. I have been having some texts with a member on here who has lost someone last week to this. My bet is Chris Whitty is probably more qualified than anyone to tell us what to do, so do you know what I am going to follow his advice, not the ones who get their information from the internet. wearing masks is not that difficult is it, if it saves one person out of 60 million then great I will wear one
  11. Is that an SLC or SL in the background? I do love a R107
  12. Dan E


    IMG_0464.MP4 Stan helping today with sons lunch
  13. Best series we have watched in a long time. I spent a lot of time backpacking around the world so I get it.
  14. Well worth having a Google about it. One evil clever bastard.
  15. I know it’s not much of a package. Sorry 😂
  16. He is on 32 million a year with share options and use of the company villa in the South of France
  17. Neil, I personally think they should bring the passport option in. You don’t want a vaccine, fine but you aren’t coming to the pub or restaurant I am going to. I had this with one of my employees who is odd and him and his Dad read shit on the internet too much. I said no vaccine then best you go look for a new job. To be fair I haven’t heard back from him but I mean it.
  18. Serpent, BBC iplayer? Superb TV and a true story. Well worth a watch
  19. @C8RKH 100% correct IMHO. They should definitely vaccinate Diane Abbott though because who wants a world without her in it
  20. Mad that deal started in Las Vegas 😀 Where exactly is the engine?
  21. @eeyoreish I have seen that Jag and it is lovely I tried to convince the wife after meeting you to buy the TE but she wasn’t having any of it. anyway what is happening with the TE I still have dreams about that engine 😀
  22. Andy I just checked and agreed value is 45k, check out Hiscox reviews. Which 5 star I think
  23. Peter Best smashed it for me last year knocked AIB out the park and I checked the T&C’s which were better’agreed value of 40k Cover is by Hiscox which is about the best you can get
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