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  1. Maybe a little too far then. Brighton is pretty easy for me. Go buy a Meguiars MT320 in the meantime I promise you will thank me as it’s DA you would struggle to do any damage. I done the wife’s Carbon Black BMW and it looks like new now. I did manage the first application to get polish all over me and covered the van in it which was about 10ft away. have a look on you tube for instructions
  2. We should meet up there Clive. I would suggest the best money you will spend will be on a decent DA polisher though
  3. Do this including some gin it will best the money you spend
  4. Dave, stunning as ever. Can I ask how and where you learnt all of this? I cannot believe how much work goes into prepping before paint. Really interesting stuff so thank you
  5. It’s the only money I have no problem departing with each year even Gold membership is a bloody bargain with the Valet Pro stuff and the certificate.
  6. I just checked and I have spent just under 2k with Ultimate Finish over the last few years. I am an amateur at this stuff. You know DA polisher sort of level. would love to pop down at some point in the Esprit and have a chat , I done that over 7 weeks all by hand before the DA.
  7. Greg, I have to say your Dragons Breath wheel cleaner is without a shadow of a doubt the best wheel cleaner I have used. I have been buying all cleaning products, including yours through Ultimate Finish for years. I got the Gold FFM stuff and it is excellent Happy to sort out an account with you if that is possible
  8. watched Seaspiracy the other night on Netfliks, well worth a watch and seriously worrying. The sea could be completely wiped out of life by 2048, then that is us pretty much finished. And them &*^ts who eat shark fin soup 🤬
  9. Sparkles I have just had a follow up call with @JNW3 we are both surprised, shocked really, that this wasn’t a glovebox related issue, strangely our next suggestion was going to be a internally delaminating turbo hose.
  10. are you calling me out on this? Can you tell Shan I am going to come down and move stuff around in the garage and throw some dust around. But proof is here but I know as a defence lawyer not to show my hand too early
  11. @thebartman I have lawyers, Pro Bono let’s have him. We will take everything bar the Mother in Law
  12. @GTK brilliant as usual, although I must point out I haven’t seen a coal powered jigsaw for ages. Did you get it from The Early Learning Centre?
  13. I bought one last lockdown, then spent two weeks cleaning the Esprit just so you will talk to me at the next meet up!
  14. So it now turns out I am the only one in my house without COVID! It is a logistical nightmare to be honest. My 16 year old son has absolutely no symptoms and reckons he feels better then ever, in fact I can hear him in the gym at the moment! My wife however is really suffering.
  15. @Clive59 no I know that! I meant “the deniers” not you. Re read my post I was agreeing with you. how things get lost in translation 😀. I was explaining to my 16 year old son today whilst waiting a COVID test in the car today how we we had to chat up girls. He was horrified that you had to phone the house phone and talk to one of the parents 😀
  16. She will be fine, but this has smashed the wind out of her sails and we have been brutally careful. I have known too many people personally who have died of this and that’s why I get the arse with the deniers. Oh and thank you
  17. My wife got tested positive on Tuesday. It is not funny by any stretch of the imagination. She is early 50’s with a spot on BMI and an exercise lunatic.
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