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  1. @Bibs I am so glad you don’t live near me. Your neighbours must feel like they live in North Korea! Do you tap their phones?
  2. Dan E


    Today’s count 3 mice and a squirrel I am telling you he is FSB trained . He took the squirrel upstairs to show my wife which seemed to go down well!!!
  3. Dan E


    @Spinney hows the local wildlife fairing? I am still wondering if ours was trained by the FSB Cat Section.
  4. Really enjoyed that. That is a wonderful looking machine, love the interior and that rear end has replaced Minogue's in my fav rear end file
  5. There is no point and I think he thinks Ashley is a Twunt I was just amazed he was related, you are never going to get me backing Ashley
  6. @C8RKH off topic but the maxi-facial surgeon who rebuilt my head (amazing and talented bloke who also turned up to my 50th and danced with his wife all night, you can check him out just Google Rob Bentley Kings College) is the brother in law of Mike Ashley! Now back on topic
  7. As I explain to my wife Sparkles said “yes” so it is fine you’re like the man from Delmonte
  8. Easy, if the sun is out as @Sparky will confirm here all bets are off.i say tucking into my second bottle of Chablis. Oh hold on it’s Friday so that is ok, tomorrow is Saturday obvs ok, Sunday cook dinner that is ok also. Monday to Thursday no, unless the sun is out then ask Sparky and yes I do ask him if it is ok and it normally is.
  9. Wing Mirrors , haven’t seen a set of them in years! It’s so uncool it is actually cool Also WTF is it?
  10. Dan E

    Lockdown hair

    Wife has been doing mine on a number two setting and still managed to cut my ear
  11. I have just been watching Sky News, so we have all just spent 3 Months in lockdown and now this, obviously what happened is completely and utterly wrong but what @PaulCP says is 100% correct! I have literally been cringing! Also it was in the USA not here and not by our Police so WTF!
  12. Looks like a bit of @Barrykearley mini trunking though will lend him a square at some point and explain the complexities
  13. This confirms our suspicions @Chillidoggy, @Sparky is a little liar
  14. The GT40 , the JPS the Fly trap however ...........
  15. I still haven’t finished the crane awaiting an Esprit service date! So I can send both together #hint
  16. Didn’t redesign the suspension like Sparkles then? Mainly because that would be weird wouldn’t it I am quoting everything now , the mobile crane is coming up next along with the Esprit
  17. Just to annoy you I am going to quote you sell you my Esprit for £8. I am more into cuddling trees these days
  18. Strange I have been looking at 328 GTS’s today the arse has fallen out of them lately, beautiful machine though and getting into the f&£k me they’re a deal now
  19. @delands how you getting on with it? I sent @Sparky (sparkles) the Land Rover up and he has not stopped moaning about my packing
  20. Just going to bump this thread as I just reread it , happy bank holiday everyone! What a day that was and if Lotus management look at this, then just LOOK! Don’t forget us.
  21. Dan E

    340r Picture Thread

    They all look better showing their scars in my opinion
  22. Dan E

    340r Picture Thread

    41k I am impressed. Today was the perfect day for that car
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