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  1. Good man Tony, sorry you had to meet @Bibs I am afraid he comes with the territory! i am working on it!
  2. Ha Tony, missed this post completely, good to have you on board. I can now claim my commission off of @Bibs which will no doubt come in the shape of a pint. speak soon maybe not a funeral again! Dan E
  3. Dan E

    DNA test kits.

    That explains why you always park on the grass outside my house then!!
  4. Colin, Stamp Duty is up there with inheritance tax! How the (enter swear word of choice) did that ever become a thing and who bought it in . I need to look that up sometime
  5. I am pretty sure they’re available, @Sparky might be able to help
  6. I don’t mind waiting as I know it’s a freebie
  7. I would be up for this assuming the Watford Exotics Gin Dept pulls it’s finger out
  8. List: 1. Current Esprit 2. DanE love job but looking toward to it 3. Others
  9. Dan E

    Six Nations 2020

    Scotland could have won that, the fumbled try was a bad mistake and they gave away far too many penalties. I was here routing for them, though. cant wait until tomorrow my son is playing in the Kent semi finals then back for the England game proper Sunday
  10. Maybe take a shower a little more often mate
  11. I will ring St John Ambulance to be on standby then
  12. We just reset circuit breakers theses days!! So my version of this, will be ring you to take the engine out?? I just need to prepare myself for all this
  13. Is this what happens when you retire?? Just out of interest!!
  14. Wow very impressive Mr H, enjoyed that
  15. Quality! Just spat my coffee all over my desk
  16. I believe the founder of The Lotus Forums is fairly local to you, he is worth £101m
  17. So yesterday I was in Edinburgh wife calls and says they’re filming at the end of our road with a “white car like your black thing” now I am thinking this could be anything as she is not good with cars. But ....... so I send over to @Bibs & @Sparky they don’t know it also no MOT since July 2018 oh and got this back off of Bibs Followed by text *you’re
  18. Sparkles HB chap , I am in Scotland trying to earn the £25 for the dry sump service should be there by Monday might get £35 as I know the engine is coming out.
  19. Blimey 50/50 then! Excellent
  20. So you haven’t ruled it out completely then
  21. So @Chillidoggy and Shan’s birthday card to me there is a little of bit of you need to know here. But properly made me laugh. I don’t have a Bremont or a/c. Much preferred @Sparky missus card which was hand made and not abusive
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