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  1. George brilliant my friend. Really enjoyed that
  2. John shouldn't be a problem getting up to you. I am only about a 700 miles behind you it's been a mad few weeks. Had an interesting drive back from Nottingham on Sat, spent most of the M11 trying to get a Audi R8 out of the way I really needed to be somewhere. I was for the record driving this. We finally got past him only to have a young girl in a Toyota Yaris sitting about 6mm from my bumper. We moved over and spent the next 10 miles pissing ourselves laughing as she tail gated everyone, she was absolutely flying. Not sure how the cat pic got on here. 2hrs 23mins Nottingham to Kent
  3. John have you got any more pics of the S1? How was it in your opinion. Sorry about not replying to your email. I am in the office tomorrow mate will reply then. Should be good for the Scotland bash.
  4. I am really gutted I didn't make this as I just noticed Mr Wadey driving the EXIGE GO car. I haven't seen him in a while and it would have been great to catch up. Looks like a great day out. Jonny your car is wonderful.
  5. David sorry mate I haven't done this yet although I have repaired the doors. Andy that would be a great help
  6. Paul I was tempted, but then realised I didn't have any money! Stunning car assume this is going towards the E type and that is no bad thing. I just need to throw a few parents off Beachy Head and it would be mine ?
  7. Barry, you should have bought a Merc Vito Auto with comfort seats. I am currently in a hotel in Nottingham after driving it for 4 hours in it I swear it is the most comfortable van/car i have ever owned. I got last inline of the last model (just checking I am on topic here aren't I) so was cheaper than a transit. Simon i have sympathy for you, but we are all here to help but we are passionate about our cars, the members on here will help with any problem and a few have leads into the people that can do just that if you are struggling. I think that is their point. No point if you have fal
  8. Chaps, I am going to miss this one which i am genuinely gutted about as we have end of season Rugby dinner for the boys on Sunday. Barrie we will get to meet at some point I am sure. Cheers Danny
  9. Dave if you make Nottingham I am working up there and staying Thursday so if you want a beer..............?
  10. Hi Dean, sorry just got back from rugby tour which I am pleased to report that Bromley RFC won the cup and didn't lose a game. I was intending to start today but most of my blood is currently about 54% proof! Hopefully next weekend mate.
  11. 43 you lucky git. HB birthday
  12. What a bit of history you need to do that barbecue for charity I am there ?
  13. Hold on did I miss something Stuart? Where did that come from?
  14. Dan E

    Is it 2017?

    Laughing, the funny thing was she sent me an email to tell me. I offered Bacs or a guaranteed cheque but no postal order only, surely if you got internet you would have on line banking no? I am going to send her a fax to confirm!
  15. Dan E

    Is it 2017?

    I have dealt with someone who will only accept a postal order. It cost me £6.50 in charges even the bloke in the post office was laughing Any other things this out of date you have had to deal with?
  16. What a fantastic idea. I have an account with them chaps will order some up thanks you
  17. Wow Steve that is gorgeous mate. I need to get detailing just finding the time at the moment, the rugby season finishes this weekend so hopefully some more time.
  18. Steve that car is bloody gorgeous mate
  19. Mike, funny you should say that when I first got my Elise my Niece sat in it and said, "what are they for?" I said they are to wind down the windows!! So she had never been in a car without electric windows!!
  20. Rick you must remember lock in at the pub I had been with new GF about two weeks (not current Mrs E) back to yours that stuff which I now note is 125% ( how can that be) I spent the night back at mine on the toilet floor throwing up. I genuinely have never touched a drop since. Was a very funny night until my legs decided, they would turn remote control independently controlled by that rum. ?
  21. Gus I think I have spotted your problem mate, that is not a JPS Esprit it's a plane! Thank me later!
  22. So Barrie can I just wash the car (2 bucket method) dry off then get polishing (after claying, any tips on this it never done it) I don't need to use the other stuff first? just want to get this right first time round. Saturday is interior (and planting more laurels) then Sunday exterior pending beer intake on Saturday!! Do you boys really drink Rum? I have not touched that since a day around @makkyhhouse 25 years ago when after a session in the pub we went back and he broke out something like a 98% proof bottle of Rum. I was sick so many times I have never touched it since.
  23. Thank God for that I am still recovering from paying for that ?
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