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  1. I am pretty sure I spoke to this guy about 2 years ago and from memory his name is Peter Wiltshire. It was half way through then he said he had an offer from Canada at 200k USD so I bailed out. I will have a check through my emails but I am fairly sure this is that car Dan
  2. Joh tis bollocks, how does that work I thought the minimum wage was £6.70?
  3. Dan E

    The Donald.

    The funniest thing I have seen in a long while enjoy!
  5. John I would think there is a good chance the new owner will end up on here so you hopefully will get your money back Dan
  6. I love that interior. If I had the space that would be in my garage, mind you I am pretty sure that would also lead to a divorce so maybe not!!
  7. Today I am loving my accountants!! Tax rebate on its way, how they managed that I have no idea but it made me very happy. I shall spend most of it at GST no doubt
  8. Dan E


    I got to be honest you know when you sort of know it's not going to startI have used it every week and never left it for this long but what with Christmas, salt on the road, holiday I didn't use it. I am going to send it up to Gerald to get sorted. I was really looking forward to a blast today as well
  9. It all comes down to lawyers to be honest, they have got to decide if driverless cars kill the driver or the kid run out in front of them that will hold it up for years in my opinion.
  10. Dan E


    So after 5 weeks sitting in the garage, today looked like an Esprit day, but alas after connecting the battery she won't bloody start!! Gutted, MOT runs out on Thursday so off to GST for service soon and get her back on the road they really don't like sitting around do they!
  11. Can anyone translate the JPS one please ?
  12. The dreaded VAT makes a huge difference but I have to say that is about the nicest redone interior I have seen not done by Nick Fulcher
  13. Dave that Turbo on their website looks lovely and right to me. is that including vat? Just out of interest
  14. Steve no worries mate, I have had mine up for 3 years no probs. I think they are cheaper at Screwfix I think this is the updated one from mine @£199.99
  15. Steve, try Swann CCTV you can get them from Screwfix (and other places) they always have deals but from memory you can get two cameras, hard drive, they are infra red (they glow red at night) with motion sensors so only record when there is movement. I put them on my house after my wife got a bundle of abuse from a guy selling dish cloths for a stupid amount of money we she refused he started. We live in the world quietest road so it can happen anywhere. It is totally plug and play took me about 4 hours to fit (I am a sparks but it really is easy) mainly due to trying to find a cable route to get one cable over to the garage. You can pick them up for about £200. I have a separate monitor in my home office with it on you can add another 2 cameras at a later date you you want to. You can also download an app so you can see it on the move I never bothered as i thought I dont really want to know if I am sitting on a beach somewhere. Cheers Dan
  16. and not forgetting my favourite Fezza of all time I would mind a Rep either.
  17. Dan E

    Esprit Registry

    I will correct that for you Dave, (which Jonny, myself and NOT Dan started)
  18. Well out of my price range but saw one of these on the road yesterday it was bloody gorgeous
  19. Excellent effort John and doing that towing a trailer can't have been nice
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