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  1. Not sure if this has been done before but let's give it a go. So no more than 8 lines what is the bestest song lyrics to you. Before I start quoting Weller I will start with We're just two lost souls Swimming in a fish bowl, Year after year, Running over the same old ground. And how we foundThe same old fears. Wish you were here.
  2. Stuart i genunely couldn't be happier for you and your family. Great News Danny
  3. Ok to get some perspective here, when your in trouble and I mean real trouble i.e. you have no more than 12 hours to live the NHS is an awesome machine I am a living testament to that. They got me from my local hospital to ICU within an hour and i was in for an 11 hour op 2 hours after that. This included getting a rather talented Neuro Surgeon in and finding my blood which came in on a motorbike. I agree there is waste and the after care once out of ICU is not brilliant but as I say when you are hanging on by a thread be very thankful that it exists. They tell me ICU is the most expensive hotel room in London and I think my family would actually think it is probably the best value. I wouldn't like to think what my surgery and rehabilitation cost but I am thankful that we have this service I truly am. It does need streamlining agreed but I think as most of you know if you are in a Private Hospital and it all goes tits up they ferry you straight to the NHS. What does get your goat though is in Kings ICU you are basically set in groups of 4 beds (I was in bed 13 I am not making that up) the guy to my right had been shot, the lairy little shit opposite had been stabbed and treated the nurses like it was his God given right to be there I didn't get to talk to the other chap as he died the day i woke up. Anyway only my views but had to have my say.
  4. Bibs, he is in the best place for any brain injury. I was in there for 3 months they are the best in the world. Fact My thoughts are with your friend.
  5. Dan E


    Yes still in love with it, it's off to GST end of the month for MOT, annual service and some minor bits. It's been sitting in the garage for a couple of weeks as I have been away going to see if it starts today it really does not like just sitting there
  6. Dan E


    Was it not way over a 100k? Yes compliment, with you two looking after it as an every day car which will probably make it the most reliable Esprit on the planet. We talked about the 430 and neither of you seemed too impressed
  7. Dan E


    I seem to remember you and your OH had done some ridiculous miles in that Esprit as an every day car
  8. Dan E


    Cool now tell me why not a Fezza 430? From your earlier post
  9. Dan E


    Maddy I met you at Brands didn't I we put the 2 cars together?
  10. Dave not sure how you have managed this with out all my help. This is brilliant sorry mate been away with the family for mothers 70th got back today I don't see what I can do to help but getting this together is really interesting it's now about filling the gaps which is a lot easier now. Great work just was telling my jet lagged wife and boy was she interested
  11. I really miss this one. was completely mint still cant really remember why i sold it, I have so better pictures somewhere which i will try to dig out. Bugger! I would also like my MG Midget back 1380 engine, full fibreglass front, no bumpers built as a race rep and thinking about it my first Elise S1.
  12. Gis welcome I should be out in Sing later this year so might look you up. in the mean time though before you paint it white I think it would look a whole lot better with black bumpers and side ducts painted in the same yellow. Dan
  13. John where is that? You know I could be tempted into another
  14. Done the exactly same thing, with my boy. For the record you can get 3 boxes of wine in the boot with a couple of bottle of champers, a crate of Old Speckled Hen in the foot well, a crate of Becks on the lads lap and 2no Christmas cards. Also had a flash (lights ahem) and a thumbs up from a chap in a Coxster to boot. She is now in bed awaiting trip to GST in the New year. God I love that car. Merry Chimble and a Happy New Year to you all.
  15. It's a mushroom had me falling about
  16. Agreed especially the Chinese replacement Lamps. Absolute shite especially the dimmerable ones. I put 6 led down lights in my home office 6 years ago not had a problem with them never changed the lamps from Aurora
  17. As I am sure Mr Kearley will agreed LED's have come on leaps and bounds in the last 5 years when they first come out they were shockingly shite. But now they are superb and with many manufacturers they come with a 7 year guarantee if you buy them in a sealed fitting. As Jay says you want warm white if you want the yellowish lamp as per old lamps (note not bulbs they go in the ground and grow), There is a lot of crap Chinese ones around so be careful with EBay etc try to buy a known make. We don't really install anything else these days. We done a warehouse recently with LED high-bays they were amazing especially compared the old metal halide and they come back on instantly. Can I claim the most off topic of 2016. I never knew that about wind power btw
  18. I agree 20 to 25k pending on spec and condition.
  19. Thanks Jonny just need your bank details and will send over this afternoon for 7 sets
  20. Hopo I actually laughed out loud to that, V. Funny
  21. 1129, black/black full leather, no AirCon BBS built 31/12/81 first reg 04/12/81 and bloody lovely That's mad I got that off of the Dvla doc so registered before it was built is that possible
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