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  1. No yet Mr Walsh watch this space
  2. £212 Vodafone bill from my 12 year old son. Phone gone, severe bollocking given. His bank account raided
  3. Pete, i am trying to guess the trade, so I am guessing glazing? or gigolo ?
  4. these turned up today delivered for free by @Final Edition, cheers Jo, unfortunately I was at work so missed Jo and his copper Esprit wife forgot to tell my boy it was outside, he is not happy.
  5. Pete, I wish that was true, we are a finishing trade which means you are at the end of the line getting paid. I kind of wish I was a hoarding contractor because you get paid at the start of the job when there is money in the job. It works like this and Mr K will back me up on this (again) first 10 application for payments get paid but any extras don't, you take the money because you have to due to cash flow, then you get to application 11 and they don't pay that because they have run out of money. So they say we will put it on the temp supplies on the next job, and it goes on. Be mindful that they keep 5% retention on each project when you work for the big boys 2.5% is paid on practical completion then the other 2.5% in 36 months after that. Then they argue over the extras. Been there seen that and done that. I promise you it isn't an easy ride
  6. It took me years to get the team together I have been through so many especially apprentices. I now do open book with the subbies, we agree my margin any profit over and above that gets split 50/50. I work on you you make me money, you make money. I have tried every other way and it doesn't work. Only my opinion mate
  7. I am very lucky, I rarely get on the tools these days but love it when I do, I don't know about you but I suffer with my hands cramping up these days. The problem is getting some decent young blood who can be arsed to get up and get stuck in. After half my head fell off I got rid of all the shit and have a few decent teams to do it, they stay because no matter what they get paid on time very month before anyone else including me. We should maybe change this to the Dan and Barry thread on the world of sparks in 2017
  8. Love a bit of SY nice and easy to dress, honestly mate I would love doing a week on that job nice and clear site tube, tray and trunking , lovely. I am unfortunately doing a job for one of the banks ( NDA signed so can't name them) on the tightest programme ever, priced it to lose it then it came in. Haven't had a day off for 4 weeks got another 6 weeks to go and I am off on holiday first couple of weeks Aug so hoping the lads keep on top of it. There is chap there who always says about the programme, " well let's work backwards" I am like it really doesn't matter what way you work it will end up at the same point! We are just about on it but it's going to be close, very close. I am going to start doing chicken sheds looks like more fun ?
  9. That mate looks like a dream job. 200m on your own is good going it even looks plumb ?. Assuming you got a bundle of traywork and SWA's to pull in. Make sure the tie wraps are evenly spaced or I am going to be on your case !
  10. Top man, if you want to Pm me your bank details I will BACS it over to you! I don't have PayPal mate.
  11. Barrie yes mate I remember you telling me that and I have the invoice. Jo done me a really good deal on the other set and fancy seeing what they will look like configured how Dave done his but in gold. Probably be a disaster but hey ho ?. I really want to preserve the rear Goodyears as we all know you can't get them anymore and if I swapped just the tyres then I know I would never put them back on but this way I think I might every now and then. Also I can then use the tyre lettering Jonny kindly sorted for us.
  12. Steve I am pretending that won't happen but I absolutely guarantee that is exactly what will happen?. But nice to know I got a set of Goodyears and wheels just in case. Btw does anyone know the gold colour code?
  13. Dave I am going to give it a try, when I say I am, I mean I am going to give a few of them companies a call and see if they can do it. If they don't look great I will lick my wounds and have them just done in gold. Looking forward to how it will drive on new tyres
  14. Steve fair point I just want to keep the tyres on the original, thought I could do something a bit different with the new ones. Obviously want Comps but way too much for me.
  15. i know what you mean I have just looked at my lawn ?Oh well back out the door at 5.30 tomorrow morning. I thought getting older it got easier ?. So that's my plan does anyone have any suggestions of a company who can do this I want to get full detail and the wheels done for the festival. Then just need the Sparkster to sort the oil leak (hint) and I am sorted
  16. Mate I have no time or the patience to do any of this, could a wheel refurb company do this? And I need a burglar protected sticker, @Loose Cannon we discussed that bit a while ago
  17. Dave that's the plan, did you do it or get someone else to do it. I know it is not Comps but loving the compromise (ahem)
  18. No idea how that works in your set up but if you can do that your in the money. Good luck mate.
  19. Mike yes I think it was I will have a look as well. Thank you Got it. This but in gold ?
  20. Can you get it on a separate deed?
  21. Hey all, been having a chat with jo @Final Edition about purchasing his spare BBS wheels so I can put some modern tyres on and keep the Goodyears for special occasions on the original wheels. Deal has been done and he is going to deliver them next week, big love sir ? Now I am fairly sure I saw a pic on here with some BBS painted like Comps, they were black and silver if memory serves. Now I am thinking getting the new wheels done like that but gold and silver. So, good idea, does anyone have that pic and lastly any recommendations who could do it? Thanks in advance Dan
  22. You know I love a smoke detector. Looks great btw. Good effort are you planning to sell it
  23. Ok so missed a light then. That's a worry I can't tell a pipe from a bit of 2.5 t&e! X
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