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  1. Thanks Barrie, I will order some today
  2. Tocus I am with @bibs you can't run a business on here without at least being a FFM sorry but it just not right.
  3. I do love your interior as you know from my constant stroking ?
  4. Right Chaps, what is the best leather "food" to treat my leather, it is in great condition but looks like it needs feeding I don't need to colour it just keep it supple. Many thanks dan
  5. I do love a red interior.
  6. That's why I haven't got an Audi then. Doh
  7. Ok off to work this morning 7.15am sitting behind an Audi R4 I think, the hatch thing at the lights in Eltham Souf East London innit ! minding my own business in the van not even sure what I was thinking about when all of a sudden the Knob-ox puts his launch control on and fucks off. I was actually laughing. So with my 160bhp diesel van I catch him at the next set of lights I was averaging about 35 mph! So up the inside so I can have a look the guy is on his own and about my age. What the f&/k he does it again. This happened 2 more times. What a complete (learnt this on here) Crunt!
  8. Chaps I need to dive out of this, I have got to go on my boys rugby festival tour, this apparently involves staying in a caravan, dressing up as a clown on sat night, and (how funny) eating cat food out of a nappy! It is with a heavy heart I promise you I would rather be with you guys.
  9. Barry buy an Elite, Excel, Eclat. That's my plan when the new garage is built. Just got to convince Rick his Elite is only worth 5k 5k more than enough for this scrapper
  10. This is obviously a commission based sale
  11. I don't normally wade into this sort of stuff but this is exactly what I think well said that man apologises if been posted before.
  12. Brooke this was the one I was looking at before buying yours I have some pics somewhere. Restored by B&C. Knowing Jamie is on here he offered at a great price but I just couldn't decide If I liked the colour. It was definitely the one at Brands surprised it wasn't sold to be honest.
  13. was that not the one at the festival at £32k? Plate is different though?
  14. Cheers Bibs, dont forget I still got your umbrella mate
  15. Hi Jeroen, have you tried @johnpwalsh of lotus rescue, I know he knows of a couple of LHD S1's. He is currently working away so i am not sure what his internet access is like. Might be worth sending him a PM KR Danny
  16. Done not sure how relevant my car is but hey ho
  17. Yep that was me and Chris, worse still we were there about an hour early so went and had a bite to eat with them boys and one of my clients. There was an awful lot of people turned away, I don't remember that happening the last time I went but thinking about it I might have had priority tickets that time and the missus reckons we definitely went straight to the front of the queue. Chris/Dave I emailed lost in tv and they have offered me 12th April I have gone back and asked if these will be priority awaiting a reply. On the plus side I got to meet Chris and Dave had a very nice bac
  18. Dan E

    Water Filter

    So had first go with this today wow makes life so much easier with a black car. Ready for Top Gear on wed now. No water marks at all. Also this pic shows why no one see you in their mirrors look where it sits next to the wife's car!!
  19. Matt what is sitting in my garage is a testimony to your Dad, I will pass it on to my son one day so his legacy will live on.
  20. I normally hate modified cars but I absolutely love your car. I would like that sitting next to the TE in the garage. Met a lovely chap and his wife today in Halfords car park after buying a headlamp for the Wife's Fiat 500. People just love them don't they.
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