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  1. Tim we need pictures of this. My brain is struggling to picture this machine Cheers Dan
  2. Maybe the transport company their name is on the side of the truck might be worth a go. You are not going forget that are you
  3. Matt all is fair in love and war. I am only in Kent so be good to have a beer sometime. This bond thing is intriguing someone must know I would certainly remember if I was involved.
  4. Matt I nearly bought your dry sump BTW but you got there before me. Chap you bought it off can't remember his name at the moment but seemed like a decent chap.
  5. Steve, I am loving doing this research, I really want the story behind the car and hopefully a few of them will have some pictures. It must have always been a purchase from the heart and it has been around for 35 years. Right let me get off this thread once I have collated it all I will start a new thread about it. I
  6. This is why you have to love this forum this is a brilliant thread. Mike amazing info, I have today managed to get hold of 2no previous owners of my car I have also had a phone conversation with the complete mad man that bought it new. The fact they all want to talk about it shows that these cars get under your skin. once I have all the info and hopefully some period pics I will put it on here if people are interested.
  7. Jonny thanks for doing this, PM me your bank details and I will BAC's to you as soon as you know the cost. As you know I am away from Boxing Day so be good to get the order sorted before Christmas break no problem if not but just don't want to miss this. I am thinking I might get 7 as I might try some new tyres on the back next year after talking to you at Brands.
  8. Excellent, can you put the number straight on the new one
  9. Stuart I can only agree with everything everyone else has said, the business will survive because of you will make sure it does. Look after what really matters now. I really mean that I have been there and got out the other side and found myself in a better place. I found doing the charity stuff really therapeutic, it feels great to give something back. Genuinely my thoughts are with you and your family at this moment. Danny
  10. There are many reasons I pay my £20 a year for this forum, came here found some great people it's a bloody bargain and I got my car but for people who are not members I think it is worth it just because of the button you get below. Let's make Mr B's Christmas and get a lot more full forums members on here then he might let me pick up my umbrella
  11. Stuart, it is a massive task but also a very important one. Can I also vote you for garage of the year award
  12. Have you sold the V8 then or have i missed something? Come on what you bought
  13. Chris I would have loved to but have a long term arranged lads Christmas night out tomorrow, we don't get together that much these days so I didn't want to miss it
  14. Makes me smile every day. Well worth the 35 year wait Also available in white, love my foam gun
  15. Thought was about time I put a picture on here. She's lovely isn't she
  16. Mark, I have sent this off to a friend who is a printer but if you can get them done I am happy to pay towards the cost even if you want to halve the cost. i will let you know how I get on with my chum. Cheers Dan
  17. Jonny can you give me the dimensions of this when you get a chance, no rush. Thanks Danny
  18. Thanks Jonny, I will start a new thread and see who wants some when i get back later.
  19. Stuart, always up for a hospital charity do, I have done my fair share for Kings College after they rebuilt my head. I would be up for coming to that and helping out. Genuine offer Back to the car though, congratulations i genuinely love it, you will need to do a "Woollard" pic on the front bumper when it's finished cheers Dan
  20. happy to deal with this if we can find the file
  21. Stuart, what the...... was it on display and how the hell did you get it out? Would love to come and see it at some point Dan
  22. I never noticed that before in any of your pics, brilliant.
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