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  1. Jonny is that triangle sticker in the window what I think it is? Danny
  2. Agreed they look sooo good that low when parked and the control panel is just brilliant, I even like the tints and an Essex
  3. Epic congratulations that is real piece of history, can you actually see out of the windscreen?
  4. Go on Barry cheeky Christmas offer
  5. Moxie, I missed this post way back then, but yes it's like picking up a fish now, I am trying now to re-learn this might give you some idea, brains are strange things and yes it hurt a bit
  6. Alan your car looks epic my friend. Done that Spain to France in the Elise many years back with my then future wife, we got mobbed everywhere. The local heros going up the Pyrenees in Renaults should have been driving at Le Mans
  7. That's funny I was having that conversation in the pub the other night, poor people sitting in the first non smoking row! Totally mad when you think about it now. I was in the smokers section back then so wasn't an issue would be now though
  8. Fabian, can't help you with that but I have found a great, reasonable fibreglass manufacturer near me when you need to have them made.
  9. Dan E

    Essex 007

    Mark, just lovely where do you keep finding them?
  10. Lou, that is definitely what they are, exactly the same aperture and fixings, typical Lotus no bloody make or model though. If anyone has any idea I would appreciate it i am not too worried about the sound of them. If not I will go down and see if the guys down the road can find something that will fit. BTW I love that trim on your door thanks once again KR Danny
  11. Brilliant, I did laugh. I will see what his out there Cheers Danny
  12. Thanks Gert, no problem, I am going to take the door cards out again mend the fibreglass then take it to a ICE dealer round here and find out what they have got that will fit without using an angle grinder Really like that bubble insulation where did you get that, seems like a sensible thing to do before i put it all back together Danny
  13. Hi Gert, would you be able to do me a massive favour please, i have been trying to find the spec of the door speakers in my 1981 TE as in the past someone had cut a lump out of the door to fit new speakers I am going to repair this but want to put original speakers back in or the equivalent . I managed to get hold of Andy Graham at Lotus and he tells me although it is the only speakers they don't have any info on they are the same as the S1 and S2. If you do take your door cards off at some point could you please take a picture of them for me. thanks in advance Danny
  14. Bumping this back up to the top, I am going to repair the doors in the next week or so this means I can't put these speakers back in so does anyone actually know what would/should fit? I would really appreciate some help here if possible. Andy, once I get the doors repaired I am going to tidy up the wiring in there it is a bloody mess but I am guessing thats how i came out the factory. Lots of bullet connectors which is just nonsense. Soldering iron and some heat shrink will get that sorted then try to get it into some sort of loom and get the cigarette lighters working, I am still impres
  15. I don't think it left Lotus like that, you can see where it has been cut out to fit the crap speaker. All I need is a speaker that will fit then I can rebuild the fibreglass.
  16. Perfect thank you. Could really do with knowing about the speakers if anyone knows
  17. Thanks Colin I need to find something that will fit I am not too worried about the sound to be honest. How loud can you play pop master . What is so annoying is someone butchered the door to get some crap speakers in. I know a bit about fibreglass as my old man loved a boat so I think I can repair it to put the strength back into it but obviously need to fit a speaker that won't compromise the door. Cheers danny
  18. I don't really do red cars but the Esprit looks wonderful in that colour where did you find it.
  19. Right a bit of an update definitely butchered when fitting the speakers and I now see it actually part of the door, so I think I will have to see how my fibreglassing skills are these days. One question does anybody know what speakers they had originally? Pic below shows the original fixings and speaker cutout or has anyone done an upgrade to the door speakers that didn't require cutting half the door away. Also found a fag butt in the door which made me laugh
  20. Hi all, my passenger door trim was rattling I guessed it was something loose in there. But when I took of the door card I found this, looks like it has been butchered to get the speaker in. Basically the fibreglass now has no strength so is this how they are from the factory? I can believe it can be like that. Next question is the fibreglass part available thank in advance I bloody hate rattles! Sorry upside down
  21. Honestly I just put AC Schnitzer springs on it which is better but I can't get comfortable in it the seats just won't go where I want them and get this it has keyless go, which is frankly pointless but what really does my head in is, to turn it off you have to put your foot on the brake to turn the engine off then take your foot off the brake and push the button again to turn the electrics off. What the f&/k is that all about. I have also promised I won't sell it for 3 years.
  22. Can I add my 330d X Drive? I really don't like it
  23. If I go up there in the van which is not sign written and is a Merc Dualiner so the van with 5 seats and windows I still have the same row. I used to get away with it but they know me now, but new guy I reckon will give me five mins max
  24. Steve GST look after it so it is only for the alignment.
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