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  1. Mate no-one would get in, but if you popped over to France to get some beer you wouldn't get back in either.
  2. But sort of brilliant in another way!! Thats what i have been told so that is what I am going to do. The guy I was meeting who is also a huge petrol head was pissing himself when i told him.
  3. So do you reckon better to do Lakeside? I haven't booked in at Maidstone yet, Lakeside used to look after my Elise (Max if memory serves) I am trying to not spend to much time next week sorting it out so maidstone are nearest but will happily get to lakeside if you guys think that is the better option I have never had it done before to be honest and I know the esprit would scare a few people off.
  4. Now before I get to this, I spend a lot of my life trying to get into car parks for meetings at other companies buildings, it doesn't seem to matter if i am booked in or not it is always a nightmare, the computer says no and all that. But today took the biscuit. So up to Canary Wharf for a meeting at Exchange Tower, basically been there loads of times it is 30mins for vans, 2 hours for cars. Nice day so decide to take the Lotus. Pull up the barrier, go through the usual, "who you visiting", "name" , "Reg Number" etc, so he gives me the ticket 30 mins!!! There I am looking up at him
  5. Ian it is a bloody mile out or am i missing something? iT certainly wasn't like it before I am wondering if the 62 million speed humps round here haven't helped Stand to be corrected btw, think i should get it checked anyway
  6. Rymarsh the centre of the universe. I spoke to Will at Maidstone he can fit me in next week, need to ask the shim question. £140 which i didn't think was too bad. I cant do Kwik Fit they managed to put my 205 GTI exhaust on upside down back in the day
  7. Does anyone have a recommendation for 4 wheel alignment for my TE. I have just got back from London and the offside wheel is noticeably toeing out. I am thinking Maidstone Sports cars but would prefer a recommendation I am in Kent. Also what sort of figure is this likely to be Thanks Danny
  8. Connor you really don't want a worthless roof stereo, wrap it up and send it over here to me. looks like a great project someone has obviously had a go at an Essex Rep, oh and yes roof stereo a very expensive option but as I say they are worthless today. Good luck Danny also well worth joining the forum
  9. Absolutely gorgeous that is next on my list at some point
  10. Brooke that is very lovely but you now got to talk to the "Chaps OBE" at the Aston Martin Forum I shall buy you some adenoids for Christmas
  11. Fabian, hats off to you Sir I changed my wheel centre caps today and indicator lenses which is maybe a level above what you are doing but we all need to stay in our comfort zone i am really enjoying your thread keep it coming my friend, don't paint bronze
  12. Plus 1 on Cass Bros they have fixed a couple of seats for me and they done Rick's Elite which is stunning
  13. I thought this was rather good
  14. Heard this on Jonny Vaughan on X radio the other day, great show if you can catch it. Here are my starters for 10
  15. Tom, I have always wondered, are they still on then with no speed limit displayed? I must have been pretty lucky then!! If the rule of 10% plus 3mph applies you was really very unlucky. I would much prefer they actually fined heavily for bad lane discipline, I have never understood why you would feel safer in the middle lane. It is my pet hate I genuinely see red but have ever been bothered by people driving at 90mph as long as they are doing it safely.
  16. Now that is an excellent idea we are after all, all in this together. I can pop up Monday Jonny I will shout you lunch and everything
  17. Agreed, yours had one previously then? Lets hope we find 2 then.
  18. Yes obviously need to find one first I think it would be a great addition.I just found it in the glove box, so thats the cheap bit sorted Cheers Dan
  19. Want!! Jonny what is in place of where my dash mounted stereo is?? Dave I am hunting with you they really are too cool for school.
  20. Dan E

    B&C Esprit

    Does anyone know what happened to the light blue B&C Esprit at the festival. I was down to have a look at this first but Barrie's (Brooke's) black one came up at the same time and that made the decision for me. Did anyone on here buy it. I have never seen it advertised Dan
  21. I think the Veloce is the answer as make using it pretty easy( I am way off topic here . I need to measure the garage area around the car first and work out the best size. I will need one that the side opens otherwise I don't think i will get the car door open. Right let get back on topic, I would really like an Essex, some Comps and a roof stereo. That one looks to me like a lot of work me, There you go done.
  22. Ian dont start (although you are right) I really don't know if I am cut out for BMW ownership but I have promised I will keep it for at least 3 years. Funnily enough I was reversing out of a space in the TE at Tesco the other day and a "Geezer" in a 330d sped up and blocked me in for no apparent reason.
  23. Dont worry the black one is still getting pampered currently looking at a Carcoon anyone got one, thoughts? Dan
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